Hear What Our Members Think : Jack’s Flight Club Premium

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We’ve put together some testimonials from our long term members at Jack’s Flight Club to show you what they think to our premium membership

it was a return flight for two people for just about 700 pounds which is pretty much insane Iceland was like the deal of all deals and it was 47 pounds returns I have managed to save over t'ousand pounds and I visited about 15 countries thanks to Jeff see I mean weigh over a thousand on New Zealand alone yeah we reconcile yeah and then I don't know how much flights to Vienna for but there's certainly not usually to peace probably so have a good couple hundred there on the Zanzibar flight alone I probably saved around 400 pounds under 200 cent quit to see my cousins it's that moment of you find something that's so tough too good to be true so amazing that it's just you just you've just got a shout from the rooftops because we would have been able to go to New Zealand don't be able to go to Vienna or anywhere like that without having the cheaper flights which we couldn't afford it but this is just minute so much more impossible once we realized how much we could serve just on the New Zealand below it it was definitely worth looking to become a preview members I think if you wanting to take a few holidays and if you're wanting really good good deals in them you should definitely upgrade to premium especially if you're looking at doing long haul the hundreds of pounds you save easily easily cover their cost of premium premium membership sends you a lot more emails with a lot more deals to loads of different places all over the globe and it helps you with inspiration for travel as well as you know showing you cheap flights with good deals you actually get a list of places that you might have never considered traveling to before if you like going on holiday and who doesn't and if you don't like spending everything cuz not money on flights and who does I really should be signed up for it just just do it just just sign up and go for it you

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