Hawaii Vacation Connection – Can you really get cheap flights to Hawaii?

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– Many customers ask us if we can get low fares that are advertised specials better seen on airline websites. Today I covered this topic and explain how getting those airfares is about as possible as it is to win the lottery.we also answer lots of questions from Facebook friends. we discussed the sofa bed vs. regular bed controversy.

which is always my mantra right I'm always talking about it as that's the best way to save it that's what I call Aloha spirit the world championship it's 32 miles across the channel from Molokai this or the law on the east side aloha and welcome once again to another episode of the Hawaii vacation connection my name is bruce fisher thanks very much for checking in with us we got a great podcast for you for this friday may thirteen 2011 this is our 350 eighth podcast glad you're here got a lot of ground to cover going to answering podcast listener questions and facebook question are going to talk about a facebook controversy the sofa-bed versus regular bed controversy and will also be going over packages that have been booked in the last 24 to 48 hours so if you're planning a trip to who i stick around for that we go over some pricing before we do anything else let's go right outside take a look at our crater cam it's it's finally clearing up we've had a few days here of rain it was raining and been kind of muggy the last few days but it looks like it is clearing out and the skies are looking beautiful trade winds are slowly creeping back but they haven't been they're not going to be as strong I understand for the next few days as we get in to next week so if you're coming here you're going to have perfectly lovely weather don't worry about it like I said we got a lot of ground to cover this podcast is brought to you by us we're the owners of Hawaii Aloha travel we're in Hawaii Hawaii experts and you can catch us on the web at wwe.com or you can just give us a call that's the best thing to do 1 800 843 877 one well you know let's start off with this this issue that came up on Facebook this week we had a client that called in and got to their condo and this is a condo by the way they picked we didn't pick them for them they wanted to stay there but they were very surprised to see when they were told there were two beds the two beds mint and this is a 1-bedroom condo meant one bed in the you know in the bedroom and then a pullout sofa so they didn't really put it together that the two beds men they had to have a pullout sofa so that brought up the question and I asked some Facebook users which they thought would be better or if they thought a sofa bed under any condition is never as good as a single bed and you know I kind of feel like that I kind of feel like a sofa bed does have some elements of being uncomfortable when you think about it I mean if you have a bad back or you know if you're you know a light sleeper or things like that bother you then you know having a sofa bed i can understand might be an issue or so even if you're handicapped which in this case i understand the woman was a little elderly and and this was a problem for them so it's always good to know what the bedding is now we can get condos with one bedroom that have two beds but they're very hard to come by and across all the islands they're very hard to come by so if you really do have that need we can try and get you it but you might end up paying a little bit more than you expect to for it and it's better if you really need two beds to make sure you know real beds that you get maybe a two-bedroom a two-bedroom will always have enough bedding and you don't have to worry about it so it just brought up the whole topic and what would you say if you were if you had a sofa bed dude you automatically think that it's not as comfortable as a regular bed I think most people say they do we had some comments on our Facebook page as well so get over there and check it out and you might find some fun things there as well so the other thing that came up and it's been kind of frustrating you know a lot of times the airlines what they have is the special deals through special air fares like it recently there was a Hawaiian Airlines you could get for three hundred and thirty-seven dollars round trip but it was for only 24 hours and when you tried to book it it was never available and people can come to us and they're frustrated with that they wonder why we can't get those cheap fares when it was that price for that period of time and you know I just wanted to share with you that the reason for that is is because they only make a limited number of seats available for those special deals and when you do try to go book it you know it's like winning the lottery actually because that's a beauty you have such a long shot at actually getting one of those seats at those cheap prices so my advice is when you see a price like that it looks too good to be true immediately try to book it in some cases it is true people do get those fairs and we have we are on it and if we see them come in we try to get them as well if we have a customer on and especially yelling is always on this cheap fare so if you know always check with us but try your unity especially if you can't get it then try us you know but don't try us first when you see these unbelievably low airfares that are that are obviously an amazing deal you know go ahead and try and book it and then give us a call let us know you got that airfare and we'll do everything else for you because we can still help you plan your hawaii vacation even if you do have those good air fares now another question came in from a facebook user and it was from mike and he said any suggestions about good vegan restaurants on a Wahoo and i went to sacar blackwell she's a vegan she's also a caterer here in town she does some great work d.h catering and she suggested Nikki cafe it's a Vietnamese restaurant all vegan she said the peace cafe in Honolulu also loving hut in kaimuki and she also mentioned that she heard of a new place called the downbeat diner that's another vegan restaurant I don't know about the name downbeat diner but obviously they have upbeat vegan food and that would be she says she didn't try that one yet but she heard that it is very good so hopefully that helps you out and then here's another question this is from Tanya she says this is a silly question but I have to ask and that is I've never been to Hawaii I really want to go what's an alternative if I'm afraid to fly and she lives on the east coast and that's of actually we've gotten that question many many times and really the only way to do it without flying to Hawaii is actually to you have to take a cruise from the west coast to hear so what you'd have to do is either drive fly take a bus take a train get over to the east coast and there are round trip there rapture cruises from both Los Angeles and San Diego so you do that and then you come and then you go home so you can technically do it there's not a lot a lot of linton there's not a lot of land time on those Hawaii cruises but you certainly can do it and it's a great way to do it at least you can see and experience all Hawaii has to offer there's another question here and it came from Renee and she said the last time my husband and I were in Hawaii we did the road to hana which he doesn't recommend by the way and she said regardless we were unable to find a souvenir merchandise similar to the one that says I survived the road to hana ever see those license places i survived that long road that's what she wanted to find it um you know those you could find like I've seen those kind of those signs and those kinds of souvenirs actually at walmart the Walmarts in hawaii have great hawaii on of souvenir sections but also Long's which is the local drugstore here it's also CVS but it's called Long's they have an amazing section but if you're in Hana and you're down in Hana town which is like this little tiny I mean you can close your eyes and you passed it there is sooo Komodos I can't remember the name but it's the only market that's down there they have tons of really interesting souvenir items yelling got these really cool slippahs there once with that said road to Hana I survived or something like that it was it was a cute saying about Hawaii and being in Hana so those are some ideas for you you might want to check online as well I didn't I didn't do that but that's certainly a good question and you want to get great souvenirs when you come to Hawaii another thing that came up on our Facebook page and it kind of ties into this whole thing about flying out here versus you know takings getting here by land or something and that is how to break up the trip if you're traveling and how do you get rid of the jet lag you know for some people a 12-hour flight to Hawaii is the longest flight you're ever going to take how do you deal with it what are some ideas how can you keep yourself occupied and we got some interest the answers from our Facebook users in the first answer like the minute I put the question up was from Hal and he said take an ambien and drink a stiff drink I'm like oh my god and then Becky responded right away and she said well that would be an interesting case study in psychology if they'd ever happened because well you're going to get pretty messed up if you do that but there were lots of great ideas including one which is how come you can't eat meat eating popcorn and you know having like a movie day on the on the plane they don't serve popcorn you know fresh popcorn but that's an interesting idea another woman Amy she had a really good idea she said that she did all her wedding gift thank yous on the flight to Hawaii so you know she killed some time sent out some knife thank you were you would you know you have all this time and she said that it was a great way to get nice notes back to her family and friends and then she had all of the thank you letters postmarked here in Hawaii so they had the Hawaii postmark on it so that's a kind of a cute idea I like that one a lot about drinking take stiff drinks some some people say here they even bring their Nintendo games and they play charades everybody gets drunk and pray charades that's a good one yeah and they say they play brain games as well and a couple people say they brought their kindles and some people commenting isn't it dangerous to mix drugs and alcohol it is and we're not recommending that you actually do that I don't know if I even believe that he actually didn't I'm gonna have to check with him on that one but don't get a hangover and don't be so messed up that when you get here you can't enjoy yourself I guess that's the moral of the story no matter what you do to occupy yourself when you're here in Hawaii a so if you have a question or comment make sure you get it to me Bruce at Hawaii dash Elohim we do this kind of show every Friday and we are trying to get back to our tuesday friday schedule where we bring you the show now is the time in our program would like to go over packages that have a booked in the last 24 to 48 hours so if you're planning a trip to Hawaii listen up here's what things are costing here's a trip it's for two people traveling July fifth to the 14th coming in from Denver doing two islands going to the Big Island and also too kawaii on the Big Island they're going to split their time between the Kona and Hilo side to take advantage of having more time on the Hilo side to do the volcano and also over on Kauai staying at the Aston hot beach resort there in ocean view hotel room turn a package price on that listen this 3690 great deal don't forget small deposit you pay overtime no interest and you get this knocked out you have a great deal they're gonna have a wonderful time we do appreciate your business Mahalo Nui to Brennan and Krista young and too Jessie she's over at extension 42 extension 42 next package is for two people as well they're coming from Dallas going to Honolulu here on the island of Oahu so you'll be staying at the outrigger reef on the beach to travel in June eighth to the 17th kind of a last-minute package here so get the drum roll going actually it's a two island trip they're going to be also going over to Maui staying at the royal lahaina so from the 8th to the 17th total package price 4333 two islands great package last minute as well she did a nice job on this one congratulations to Caillat overextension 31 she's the agent that put that went together and I want to welcome to our Ohana Brian and maja Walker thank you so much for being part of our Hana we appreciate you picking us and choosing a y el Ojo travel we know that there are a lot of choices well that's going to do it don't forget to tune in next week in the meantime please go to our blog it's right on our homepage we put content up there for you every day check out our videos and our podcast page where you see back episodes of this and if that's not enough for you we do have an iphone app check it out it's called Hawaii Aloha two words and in there you find all of our content all the stuff we do here is all in your and also Facebook and Twitter we're there to check us out and keep in touch and interact with us we'd love to hear from you that's going to do it my beautiful wife Nellie in all of us here at why you travel the same wha two

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