Hans Zimmer – Time (Aviators Remix)

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I think most of you probably know how heavily Hans Zimmer influences my music. So I figured the best way to pay tribute to him would be to remix my favorite piece of his, “Time” from Inception. I turned a moving orchestral epic into a chilling trance song, so it’s an entirely different atmosphere than the original. Hope you enjoy it!

You can get this remix and several others on my new free remix album, ReCharged:

30 thoughts on “Hans Zimmer – Time (Aviators Remix)”

  1. Deli73 (MagicBowTie) I think Aviators, Will Bedford, and Zahqo would probably be my first picks.

    I kind of agree with you. i kinda think is should be Feather VOCALS, Will Bedford, Hans Zimmer, and Aviators, would be my top choices.

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