Half a Century of Military Aviation by my Dad

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A photo history of my fathers 53 year career in Military Aviation. He worked on each type of aircraft featured in this video. During his carrer he served with such noted units as the 498TH FIS, the Geiger Tigers, VF-121, The Pacemakers, and the 366TH TFW, The Gunfighters. He worked on projects from such greats as Howard Hughes, Jack Northrop and Kelly Johnson. Dad was assigned with the first Air Force wings of the F-104 starfighter, the F-4 Phantom II and the C-5A Galaxy. He worked for a time at the Lockheed Skunk Works in Plamdale, Ca. He was involved in several secret opertions which he never told us any details of. He worked in the weapons development program for the world first air-to-air guided missile, the AIM- 9 Sidewinder at China Lake Naval Ordenance Test Center. He served with the 366TFW, The Gunfighters in the Viet Nam war. He also was involved in programs for the A-5 Vigilante, the KC-135RE (re-engine project), and the KC-10 Extender. He worked on flight test programs for the F-104, the F-4 Phantom II and the C-17. His final project was the C-17 Globemaster III, the worlds premiere military heavy transport and which will provide service to America and her allies for decades to come. So he served in a period of history in which man progressed from sub-sonic propeller aircraft with visually sighted guns only, to a time of BYR (Beyond Visual Range) engagements in supersonic jets using guided air-to-air weapons.
Dad was promoted into Gods Air Force in 2004.
He is now operating under radio silence.
Here’s to you dad.

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  1. My hat's off to your Dad! He's yet another reason of why this country is so strong. I appreciate everybody who has an AF background, like my Father, as well. He inspired me to join the USAF, and I/ we, share our Father's love for all things aviation. I hope yours is still around, as well.

  2. * to answer you question my Father worked and flew for North American Aviation since 1956 until his death before that he worked and flew with Cecile Underwood, James Sells Sr and Howard Huges and a sparrow (bird) wing design is used as you know and sparrows like earwigg insects (bugs) to feed

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