GTA San Andreas – Walkthrough – Pilot School #7 – Destroy Targets (HD)

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Flying School Guide / Walkthrough Video in High Definition

Pilot School (Learning to Fly) Objective No. 007

Location: Verdant Meadows, Bone County

Objective Name:
– Destroy Targets
– Détruire des cibles (Français)
– Ziele zerstören (Deutsch)
– Distruggere bersagli (Italiano)
– Destruir objetivos (Español)

Overall Score: 100% (Gold) ===================================

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27 thoughts on “GTA San Andreas – Walkthrough – Pilot School #7 – Destroy Targets (HD)”

  1. I keep pressing LCTRL to try and fire the machine guns but it doesn't work? And when I try redefining it to another key it still doesn't work? This game just seems determined to keep me from using the guns! Help please!

  2. All you need to beat this bullshit test is just land the heli 90° on the runway, fucking hell took me to realized after wasted 2 hours on this bullshit.

  3. For anyone that doesn't know always use the machine gun LCTRL on PC because what the game doesnt tell you is that it auto locks on the nearest target for you so you don't have to aim as long as they are in your field of view

  4. Guys I finally get the trick, there is 2 things you should do, first your time should be 80 second or lower, second and the most problemed one is position, it is not important you should be middle of circle, if 70 percent of helicopter will be inside of red circle it is enough, the important thing about position is, you have to start landing beginning of the landing road like plane, you cant enter the circle, middle of the landing road, you should start landing and getting lower beggining of the landing road

  5. I actually like these challenges lol. yes they are fucking hard and so annoying to beat but damn does it feel so good when you get that 100 percent!

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