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the world's largest plane in gta5 I am looking forward to flying this guy's it's fair to say that this is going to be so much fun and I've actually done a size comparison few guys can see exactly how big this plane is the Luxor jet doesn't even look like a plane when you compare it to this vehicle right here guys I mean look at this it doesn't even take off the nozzle at the start of the plane so it's fair to say this is going to be crazy I don't even know how we're going to fly this thing but we're going to give this a go it takes up half of the airport look at the jet down there guys it barely even compares I reckon I could fit at least what we thinking like a hundred of them yeah we could probably fit a hundred of those jets on top of that plane guys in fact I might try that out in today's episode we even have this passenger jet over here this is just a normal 747 which is the second largest plane in this game if we compare that plane to this jet again it barely even compares you could probably fit what we think in like 20 of those planes on the Jets and the description of this plane also saves that it's too heavy to even take off with this plane it's gonna be interesting it's gonna be difficult oh my goodness guys this is huge everything about this plane has been enlarged look we have the entire back part of this cargo plane how many vehicles do you think we could fit into this this thing is an illusion this is a vehicle compared to the back of this cargo plane the vehicle looks like a toy car okay you can fit way more than 50 vehicles in the back of this guys you could probably fit a thousand easily guys and that would only take up like the floor of this plane and this isn't an illusion by the way if I just drag this vehicle outside no it's a normal size how did someone even create this I know what you guys are thinking of when am I going to fly this plane yes I will fly this plane I'm going to give this a go don't judge me if I miss terrible pilot we're in the vehicle I think I believe so what does it look like in first person this is gonna be interesting I can't even see through the window I can just about reach up the steering wheel but I can't even look through the window unfortunately this will be a bumpy ride because they cannot actually look through the windows but either way enjoy the refreshments right this is gonna be awesome I'm curious to see what we look like in the front of this plane whereabouts are we okay there we are there we are guys um yeah this plane is huge fair to say we are not going to land this thing so when I said I could reach up that steering wheel I've really miscalculated that we're going to have to jump and then use our entire bodyweight to turn the steering wheel every time you want to turn this plane where's the lever as well how do we even take off with this right so the levers are over there as well so Franklin you're going to have to get a bit creative with this I don't know how we're going to fly this plane but you're going to have to get creative and this actually makes everyone look tiny but I promise you guys this is an illusion the plane is just that big we're going to need some crazy camera in order to get this working I've set my field of view to just about get the wings in let's keep working with this fairly certain we'll figure something out guys yeah I've come to a conclusion that no camera mod is actually big enough to even get the entire plane in view I'm removing the camera and we're just going to just use the normal view we're not even able to get the entire plane in this so this is gonna make for a very interesting episode but it just shows the sheer size of this plane oh boy guys alright so we're going backwards I just need to go backwards a little bit so we're able to get just enough speed to take off with this plane I can just imagine Franklin jumping all over the place trying to control this plane you've got this Franklin I believe in you alright so let's just take off somehow are you ready for this Franklin I'm going to do my best to take off you better be ready for this buddy you better be ready for this I'm trying I'm trying my best come on yo dude I think we're actually taking off with this we've taken off I was told you can't even fly this plane we've done the impossible guys we have done the impossible look how big this is I mean it looks smaller in the sky now we see all of this but if I go into cinematic view can we see the entire plane oh gosh no no no no no no put the wheels in put the wheels in there yeah we can't see the entire plane no don't flip the plane look at the shadow of this plane you would think it's doomsday if you're down there guys all right we have another jets are they gonna go into us oh they oh geez they went through us they just went straight through the plane I actually thought they were so far ahead they wouldn't go into it I'm recording all of this I'm gonna showcase some clips and rocks tired a toast now we're gonna try and land this plane flying this plane is extremely difficult to do so let's try and land this plane oh don't don't no come on come on go back up go back up is the wing in the ground snow the wing isn't in the ground yet we're good because the plane is so big the wrong would return the wind just pushes into the plane and stops us from leveling out guys but we're flying this plane we are flying this plane guys and I think I think that deserves a like because this plane is huge and very difficult to fly anyway guys I'm going to try and land this plane if we do actually successfully land this plane and you guys have to subscribe the channel ok we're getting very close to three million subscribers and that's the goal we're going for so if you guys haven't yet subscribed make sure you press that subscribe button if we do land the plane I think the angle here isn't good we're not getting a good angle here guys bring out the wheels this is gonna be so difficult no way are we going to land this no way no way dude look at the angle we've got hold up come on come on all right level out level out somehow somehow level out come on come on Franklin just land the plane come on come on this is so tense right right no no oh dudes we're going off the edge oh we landed we learned it I mean that kind of counts that kind of counts I guess we have technically landed the plane what on Franklin rather the pause to you buddy he does not look entertained no way all right so let's do some more experiments with this guy's I can actually pick this up I think probably gonna level this out somehow yeah that kind of works I guess Oh No okay okay I don't know what's happened now but yep something something's broken I know some of you are probably thinking this and I think it's a great idea how many vehicles do you think were able to stack on top of this plane I did actually give you guys some estimates of my own but we're going to use Luxe's to start things off I think if we used actual cars right actually I'm going to use actual cars I think we'll actually run out of vehicles before we're able to find out the answer but let's give this a go guys actual vehicles and they genuinely do look like Tweedles in this right so if you want to have some fun if you want to interact with this video then just comment right now how many vehicles you think we're going to be able to store inside this plane I think finally planned route 500 vehicles is that too low byte 500 probably a thousand I'm going to say 500 though let's see the width of this plane will hold about 16 vehicles let's find out how many vehicles will fill up the entire length of this plane we'll keep it at that will just say this space could probably hold another 200 vehicles but for now we'll keep it like this guys I've done a line going all the way across the cargo plane this toe is up to 70 vehicles minus 2 because 2 other vehicles are placed down prior to this we have 68 vehicles 14 of which are placed across the width of this plane if you're about to do some maths I promise you it'll be over soon so we have 54 vehicles x 14 which works out to about 750 six vehicles guys seven hundred and fifty-six vehicles guys can be fit across the entire of this cargo plane and that's just lining the floor of this plane so that was pretty much bang in the middle of my 500 to 1,000 estimates so if you guys were correct with that if you got like 750 or even better 756 give yourself a pat on the back guys but anywhere from 750 to 1,000 is pretty accurate I mean I don't really know the exact answer that was just an approximate guess but that shows how big this plane is we have to parachute from the plane that's how big this plane is guys all right I want to get inside one of these vehicles actually let's just go inside this one we're actually inside a vehicle in the plane this is no illusion this is real and then if we just fly outside this plane with this vehicle it's a normal vehicle again this is no illusion this is no illusion that's how big this plane is guys it is huge do we even try and put planes on top of this yeah let's give it a go let's put seven four sevens on top of this plane just to work out how many will actually fit on top of this plane guys I'm going to say 50 25 747 jets can be added on the top of this plane guys we could probably add one or two extra planes for approximately twenty five planes guys one of the planes are actually falling off over there I think it's being held on by that building anyway guys I'm ending the video here but if you did enjoy the video be sure to drop a like on it and of course guys recommend you press that subscribe button just below this video so you don't miss out on some stuff like this on a daily basis and if you want to see me do anything else in GTA 5 comments your idea in the comments below and never know guys your idea might make it into another video anyway guys thanks for watching my name is Nord and I will see you guys next time

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