General Aviation In Danger | Diamond DA20 Helsinki Flight

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Flying a Diamond DA20 low-level over Helsinki, Finland from Malmi Airport. See the harbour, islands, ships, take-off and landing from the cockpit. We discuss how the General Aviation industry is in danger in Finland and around the globe. What’s happening to local GA airports, why airports are closing, and why General Aviation is so important to the future of flying and air travel for everyone.

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VERY IMPORTANT: I am a private pilot and am NOT qualified to give flying instruction. This video, like all videos on this channel, has been significantly edited from the original source footage and is provided for entertainment purposes only. Many radio calls and procedures have been omitted. If you have any questions about anything you see or hear, please speak to a Certified Flying Instructor first.

29 thoughts on “General Aviation In Danger | Diamond DA20 Helsinki Flight”

  1. I got out of GA, too costly, too regulated, too 'fuddy duddy'…Flying paramotors now and loving it! No hangar fees, medicals, ridiculous maintenance costs…Aircraft fits in the back of my hatch now. Have never enjoyed flying so much!

  2. I reckon that the wrong airfield is being closed in Helsinki. Their current domestic & international terminal is abysmal. Came through there three years ago at 5 am and the crowds were unbelievable. Ground staff so anal, a large groups of us were held up over their tight rule that said 20 kg per suitcase per pax. As most of us had at least two suitcases, their system refused to recognise that 17 kg in one plus 23 kg in another equated to 40 kg. NO,! Their rule was 20 kg and no variation allowed. Outcome, opened and reorganised luggage, lost luggage, tears and several of our company almost missing the flight. Finally, a senior manager had to become involved to bring some rational in the process. Wonderful, vibrant country, but ground staff and service at the airport, you would have to be joking. Cheers Stefan from OVTraveller

  3. You made a great point Stef, without GA airports there will be no new pilot training with obvious implications for aviation in general now that demand is at its highest and its projected to become even more so.

    Humans act like humans where the greed for the quick profit for a few will create difficulties for millions in the future.

  4. Fortunately general aviation is still very strong in France, many aerodromes with many aeroclubs giving a lot of possibilities. But there is still more work to do to democratize it even more.. come visit in Toulouse 😉

  5. General Aviation is dying because governments are regulating it out of existence. Look at how many laws and regs you have to learn and comply with just to get a private pilot's license. Every single little part on a certified GA plane must be certified and documented. That is why; because it is just too dam expensive to fly.

  6. Nice to see the travel vlogs, they are real quality vlogs. Love to see Helsinki as well, very cool aviation. Really cool to see the da20. It’s so disappointing to GA airports especially with such heritage to be made into houses. Its almost like the government don’t care about the history. Must be tiring to travel so much, shoot videos and edit them, and have to yourself. Anyway keep up the great work!!

  7. It’s sad that GA airports are closing world wide. The classic aviation film “One Six Right” touches on this subject, & tells the story of Chicago’s Meigs field.

  8. Milkshake made a friend how about that great video Steph love watching your videos when they come over my feet I look forward to seeing you travel this is really cool one of these days we're going to have to do a vlog together the mountain biker meets milkshake and Stefan

  9. That was a really great landing…I've been training on the DA20 for 6 months and I still get surprised at how it balloons! Keep it on 60 knots and it settles in by itself. Cross-winds are fun though!

  10. I cannot recommend this enough if you go overseas. Find a local flying club, grab an instructor and an plane and go for a burn around the local area (making the instructor do all the work with radio calls, airspace etc).

  11. Slick little airplane, the 20 is!
    Just keep an eye on the oil pressure! My last DA-20 flight…just after rotation, too late to put 'er back down…total loss of oil pressure. Continued climb to a bit above 1000agl, brought 'er right back in (winds were relatively calm). This particular aircraft ended up getting it's 2nd engine replacement….not good for a fairly new airplane! As I understand it…from the mechs words…this seems to be a fairly common issue.

  12. Love this. A gentle thought of pulling back on the stick. I fly DA40 so can highly relate. If you are in south FLORIDA again come check us out near Boca. Sad to hear of the airport closing. Thanks for sharing.

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