Frazier Aviation Inc.

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so let's bounce I'm furry potato and I exercise my rights to protect so what you're gonna see here is a social media challenge that the owner of Fraser aviation did which i think is absolutely ridiculous from a security standpoint considering he is a government contractor with the federal government you will see here that he did a mannequin challenge and put it up on YouTube for the world to see considering he was so security conscious about someone filming the exterior of his building I find it absolutely ridiculous that he would actually film the entirety of his facility from the offices in the interior as well as the warehouse the manufacturing floor and the storage unit all in the name of a social media challenge way to be security conscious there mr. Fraser good on you you we are at 4:45 North Fox at the government contractor Frazier aviation well Frasier Aviation it's engraved in that window there it is Frasier Aviation government contractor that guy Elvis Lee didn't like it [Applause] getting help three potential hostile stop taking pictures in father police [Applause] police response in around [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] before I was rudely interrupted before I was rudely interrupted everyone this is a government contractor obviously the Aviation Department there's no chick right there she just went out she just went inside let's see if they come out now [Applause] let's see who comes running out of the front door everyone [Applause] gotcha [Applause] Virtue's the BMW it is [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] can we help you hi can we help you yeah can you help us there you might help us well I'm asking he helped us I'm not touching him he office can we help you very three hostels you gotta say at least what you're trying to do that's all right you have the right to be recording it so ghost would you let you get us you gotta tell us what you doing what you trying to do [Applause] this is awesome man really famous for what do I get off the deuteron they might have in the red part I'll sample [Applause] I'm good [Applause] in the wrong [Applause] [Applause] he was on it mechanized it'd be nice to be told sleep here in 44 [Applause] forty column estimate [Applause] because sometimes it will have the way they're going you ready I worried breathing laboredly I'm coming my name is Jeff I there any reason you're filming hello no opening this cobbling this not knowing those huh I think it stopped by I like that video too so you can read it it's going on hey we're on camera guys Wow [Applause] the other garden and occurrence winter now he starts in Southeast Arkansas time for Christmas he's on his way through the original use of the word trigger is best explained as something that evokes a memory of a traumatic or negative event which typically causes an individual to panic or become upset we did nothing wrong these are different ever you look at the writers about I don't the respect [Applause] you think we can do to help you [Applause] Boing I did it is that not giving me remember me for a documentary Karianna drove him right SFPD enroute [Applause] all right have a dear song battery [Applause] I think the rides are parking around the corner what which side Oh right here PT's here every marsh ptc – everyone his his hero is here everyone his heroes here to save him to save him to save him everyone his heroes he's gonna go lick their boots real quick oh yeah [Applause] bye-bye you think so slim.i master Hado you're pregnant are you transgendered you're pregnant a gym a sex change you're preg did you the stakes change look at he's praying did everyone see one he's pregnant there was one wearing tight pants the slim pasty I'm you looking slim pants [Applause] well I wish you would I wish you would if you were half the bed you do it I'm said being half a man I'm still more of men than you clown come on take it from me that's what I thought son look at this Punk see bitch made punk bitch made punk talk about talking about he's gonna take my camera from me bitch made Punk see the only one with a half a brain here is this guy telling him telling him to back off he's about the only dude that has a half a brain here come on purple shirt guy you're gonna file charges you're gonna call the feds now you're gonna call the feds you're not gonna call the feds weird where's the FBI there buddy are you gonna call the feds I thought you're calling the feds man hey the 70s called they want that haircut back toughy John Travolta wants that haircut back yeah he recommends you bounce dummies look at all these I educated all these dummies I must have educated half this company they're a bunch of dummies I'm not gonna talk to him though I don't answer questions sir see that see how you handle that that's all you should have done slim it doesn't bother me but I called the cops to save me behind you thank you of course Oh shorty did you learn a lesson about the First Amendment shorty no but seriously sir john travolta wants that haircut back oh my god where's your gold chain sir where's your gold chain you got your sword on button in John Travolta's haircut I just need the chain sir I know the screen is frozen everyone I'll get back to you yeah what yeah when you got two males approaching me aggressively you're a god damn right I'm gonna pull out my pepper spray I wish you would have arrested me thank you you didn't take me away I thought you said he's gonna take me away slim I thought it's gonna be in the bracelet oh man you should do the loose weight challenge well you've already offended me a bunch of times but that's all right don't worry you'll get calls oh man oh man I wish you guys could see this but the stupid throne is frozen take them all inside and cuddle them give them little kisses on their foreheads give them little kisses on their forehead so they feel better oh man these guys are great I can see things going like like chat and all that but like my soul so they don't impede traffic yeah no worries have a good one be safe and there goes okay everyone I love you all remember don't be like these people over here at Frasier whatever they are aerospace be kind to one another later taters

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  1. Red shirt caught leaving :government installation: to put a laptop in the trunk of his BMW…video shows clear security violations if they are contractors. One would hope the " government" is on the way to investigate their suspicious behavior. Further, Mr Bigot is guilty of SEXUAL HARASSMENT during working hours at his place of employment. (They'd better hope nobody finds out).

  2. One of THE best audits I've ever seen. Furry, you are remarkable.
    And the pig HAS to have the attempted contact and last word by telling us 2 year olds to stay out of the driveway.
    They have nothing else. Until we get the national curfew #9PM, we will still be in control, regardless of the outcome.

  3. It's a block away from a brewery, just sayin'.,+San+Fernando,+CA+91340/@34.2827817,-118.4313342,198m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x80c291b726ec384d:0x76c17d72289d24e8!8m2!3d34.2827773!4d-118.4306401

    What would have been rather difficult to figure out for someone is the layout of the building. But Mr. Frazier made sure that everyone on the planet now know it, including entrances, exits, windows, etc. Match that up with the Google Map and there you go. I'm not quite sure what an auditor could do here that would raise some kind of issue……………..

  4. "I'm not scared. I'm not worried about it. I'm not worried about it they already called PD. They are taking too long to show up but im not worried about it. Can someone call the PD back? I'm not even worried."

    "I'd like that video too, so you can uh-err delete it."

  5. I can't tell if that's a guy or a girl. So what! Who cares! Bigots!!!!!!!! I don't care what color you are. What sexual orientation you are. Transitioning or not. You treat me good. I'll treat you better. That guy should be ashamed of himself!!!!

  6. Yea that was beautiful!!!! These fat pussy retards got humiliated! Called their fucking heroes and got nothing but humiliated!!! Fat retard jeff kept trying to hide its pathetic, bulging tits, it couldn't hide that quasi moto/hunchback from 300 face, but it tried a few times to like safely intimidate you because it's a mad at life, homely retard pussy! Hahahaha I cant believe that retard would want to put that fat retard face on the internet forever,it must have genuinely thought that once the pigs arrived, you wouldn't be able to keep the footage but now we all know what a hideous retard pussy it! A shit eating retard!!! Hahaha that fat pussy Frazier is some type of queer pussy if I've ever, and I have ever!!! Hahahahaha RETARD PUSSIES!!!!!!!! YOU BITCHED THE FUCK OUT OF THEM!!! How about that shit eating retard smile on that fat pussies face when it thought those pigs were going to take you away!!!!!????!!!!??? That shit goes in the "retard hall of shame"!!! Its never too late to kick them down the spartan hole! Hahahahahahahaha it thought its master bobby "the gay bar bear" Frazier knows all, so if fat gay Frazier is calling the gubmint,then yooz goin to da cage!!! All that happened is they got cucked, bitched and humiliated by a proud transgender! They act like its something you are ashamed of, and it still hit on you with it's big glazed crossed eyes and retard tongue hanging through its spaced out yellow teeth like one of scars hyena minions!!!!!! Hahaha complimenting you on the way you look in yogas!!!! It had a lust for ya, a lust sum fierce!!!! Hahahahahahahahaha you are a proud transgender lesbian, it is a shameful corpulent closet queer that lives off of a steady diet of Frazier's jizz, and it's own shit, which turns out to be second generation Frazier jizz!!!! Hahahahahahahahahaah it had that gay lil ballsack pillow on its primary chin!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha I'm so happy these things got emasculated and eternally humiliated, and best of all, they have no idea that the best has yet to come!!!! This was just a screening phase to find places and things that need true attention and exploitation!!!!! Cant wait!!!

  7. Jeff has some nice tits!!!! I'd definitely clean all shit from my dick off in that cleavage after I fucked it! I can tell many others there are on my same page, especially by the way you can see all the patches of hair ripped out of its head from getting too rough, and it has that well conditioned and kempt scrotum cushion on its primary chin! Yea that jeffy is a regular old fuck pig! Theres lots of holes on that one to warm and wet it real quick!!! You can tell it gives some good "navel" with that big ole gut with that tight "inny". I'd gut fuck it until it puked!

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  8. This is the beauty of dem gubmint contracts! Once you secure them, you have all the freetime in the world, no longer need to worry about maintaining productivity in order to generate a profit and make your business succeed. Just like how after emancipation, the runaway slave catchers just got stars made of tin pinned to their tits, and no longer had to worry about actually doing a specific task, they got dat gubmint check, and could do as day done pleased, just tasked with keeping a foot on the neck of the recently freed blacks until all that "slavery abolishment" nonsense blew over and they could reclaim their property through raw means, not "internship programs and prison sentences". It just so happened that it never rose again, so they stayed in the ways of gettin dat gubmint check to do as day pleased. No actual goals or results to be achieved, just do as they please at the pace they wish to.

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