Foghorn | World of Warships News: 0.8.1 PTS1, Radar and Flooding, Aviation Collection, Shards Change

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00:10 Intro, 0.8.0
00:39 PTS 0.8.1 Intro, RN CVs
01:03 Daily shipments
01:17 Fly Strike Win
01:45 Air supply containers, Naval Aviation Collection, RN alternative camos
02:11 Open all containers button
02:24 London port winter
02:38 Flooding changes
03:26 Radar UI changes
03:55 Radar mechanics change
04:59 Port UI improvements
05:21 Russian BBs
05:50 Shards Map Overhaul
06:23 Hotfix
06:42 1000 sub giveaway


everything in this four corners from dev posts in the public test and subject to change including potential release dates today we don't talk about carriers well mostly greetings I am stats and this is foghorn I read things so you don't have to it's been an extremely eventful week with the hotfix to zero eight zero which has seen some balance changes to a a damaged over time and wargaming indefinitely homing in on the right balance for AAA and much more quickly than I'd anticipated so good job Ouija cc's get to peek behind the curtain and let me assure you that they have been working very hard this week indeed pts around one four update zero eight one went live on Thursday zero eight one we'll give early access to the British carrier line you may have seen me testing on Twitch but they aren't quite ready for testing on pts yet so pts contains the Associated aviation event an updated London port but no carriers as yet my experiment to be available for test on pts next weekend daily shipments will return in eight one with a few goodies to collect just for logging in including some premium time and some containers from the aviation event these new containers look quite unusual and will see a couple of those being opened shortly the fly strike and wind directives continue an eighth one with the now familiar format of daily missions and a weekly Hall of Fame rewards include to temporary currencies for ins and crowns these will allow early access to the British carrier line but exactly how hasn't been shown in the arsenal yet no doubt you'll be able to exchange them for researchable ships instead of grinding them and maybe I'm guessing a freemium carrier but don't quote me on that the air supply containers look really unusual and contain items from the new naval aviation collection this collection contains naval aviation themed items and the rewards are alternative camo schemes for British and Commonwealth ships the colour scheme is not to my taste but it's nice to have a choice it will also give you the ability to mount two flags on British carriers container opening has also had an update got lots of containers at once well now you can open them all with one click and a nice summary as shown of everything you got and you simply mouse over for more information the London port has had a winter makeover for the naval aviation event to celebrate the release of the British carriers and as a London and myself this snowy scene makes a nice change from the usual constant grey drizzle 0-8 one will see a change to the way of flooding works ships will now have to flooding zones fore and aft and up to two floods can run simultaneously floods will do overall less damage and be far more similar to fires if you're not sure how to use the damage control party under the new scheme my advice would be to treat fires and floods as the same if you wouldn't press repair for one fire don't press repair with one flood letting a flood run now is far less dangerous however because players are likely to let a flood or run flooding damage dealt will be globally higher so this isn't necessarily the nerf to torpedoes that it first appears to be four full facts and figures see the relevant dev post on the warships Facebook page radar and hydroacoustics search will see a UI change in 81 now when a friendly ship uses one of those consumables an automatic chat message appears an icon appears over the ship and a swoosh goes out over the water to show the extent of the range this is a really nice update but I fed back to wargaming that I prefer if the symbols stayed over the ship for the entire duration if you're looking the other way it can take a few moments to work out who radar from the chat messages radar itself is also changing in a few ways six second period is being introduced during which only the radar in ship can see enemies lit up by radar with friendlies only able to see the position on the mini-map after those six seconds everyone can see the ship normally this six second timer is held for every individual enemy ship and resets if they leave the radar and enter again the idea is that when raid art you have six seconds to take defensive measures to compensate for the change in whole team duration shorter radars are being increased by five seconds so this does not include the American high tier radar for example radar range is also being simplified with Russian eleven point seven kilometer radar being increased to around twelve kilometers and American heavy cruiser radar being increased to around ten kilometers American light cruisers and a few other ships are unaffected by the range change check-in port after the update if you're not sure of the new ranges for your ships the port interface has been particularly laggy since update eight zero hit and wargaming have made some updates which should help it behave more smoothly we've been asked to test this in pts but because pts is generally faster than the live service it's honestly very difficult to tell if there's been an improvement but hopefully it will help when the update goes live the Russian battleships have been released for preview – super testers and CCS on pts we're not allowed to show any game footage but several CCS have produced import content regarding their stats and armor layouts as there's already some great content out there I won't cover the russian bb's just yet instead I recommend jingles a 30 minute run-through on his YouTube channel the ship certainly have some interesting characteristics and as a battleship lover I can't wait to play them finally the shards map is seeing a major redesign with a more symmetrical island layout the northern sea cap is fairly similar but the amb caps are radically different to the live version of the map tight channels have been opened up and more cover has been introduced in the maps Center this change is so radical that this will probably play like an entirely new map however I do quite like the layout and a couple of games on pts make me think this should be a good map for all ship classes with ample opportunity to position that your ship to maximize his strengths don't forget there will be another hot fix to 8-0 in a couple of days to address some ships specific a a balancing you can still reset commanders and demount modules for free until early on Monday so make sure you make the most of that there'll be another free reset period in a few weeks as well that's it from for corn for now you may notice that I'm extremely close to you 1,000 YouTube subscribers when I hit 1000 I'll be doing a giveaway on my next stream or possibly on my discord so do come and join the stats folk links in the description until then take care of each other and I'll speak to you very soon

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  1. This video saved me almost 9mins of my life to do with as i want… quick concise info all rolled into one video of only 7mins…. love some other CCs, but constant 12-16min videos on things like this wear me down…. great job!!

    Have you thought of reading children's stories?? Great voice! Haha… as i listened to "google" tell some bedtime stories (I usually read them, but tried something different last night), I told my girls that I knew of a voice much better suited to tell us the story of the princess and the pea!!!! Cheers!

  2. London still looks totally shit and you can't zoom out properly like in every other port.

    Pls give us Portsmouth or any number of the more relevant UK locations which have space and naval infrastructure.

  3. who is getting drunk!! wows was something before 0.8.0 nightmare patch and now everything looks broken ( CVs , DDs, Spotting mechanics , captain skills …) all this mess need the gut to ROLL BACK to one of those of good versions of wows not to add more SHITfix and sadly most of CCs still licking developers asses telling them everything is fine NO IT IS NOT

  4. I still remain of the idea that instead of these new radar mechanics would have been easier to 1) have the MM split as evenly as possible the radar ships between the teams; 2) shave off a few seconds off of Russian and US CL (so that if you want long duration you are forced to invest in the special module) 3) nerf heavily the US CA radars (or even better completely remove them)

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