Flying School (Swamp Thing) at Cypress Gardens

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Front seat POV on Swamp Thing (now called Flying School) at Legoland Florida (was Cypress Gardens when filmed in 2006). This Vekoma family inverter is fun for all the family.
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4 thoughts on “Flying School (Swamp Thing) at Cypress Gardens”

  1. Those 2 people getting that private train ride, haha, lucky.
    Seems like the perfect coaster to get kids use to hanging ones, cause some of them  I remember being pretty intense, (I'm only going off the ones I rememeber at six flags in Georgia)

  2. Big curves in the big rides are easier for us old folks…little kids' bodies are more agile than ours…rides I did over and over again 50 years ago I can only do once now…the big ones I still can do over and over!

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