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Aviation industry is very much loved one industry in world.Watching flying planes in air is the most beautiful and interesting moment when a human being watches that air plane like air buss, boeing 777, fighter jet planes in blue sky back ground.These moments are very much intrestingly and excitedly watched by flyers of fighter jets especially who have been pilot or aeroplanes or flyers of fighter jets planes like F16. People who have experience of flying in an airplan or flying on a plane fully enjoy this moment of noises produced by the roaring engines of fighter jet planes.
flyers of small aircraft like F16 or f35 love the air craft design,aerodynamic of an air plane. They want to fly a jet which is more aerodynamic and float in the air like an eagle cutting the air with high speed and agility.
There are multiple different types if air craft. the types of their design make them suitable for different environment . like boeing 717 would me more suitable for caring passenger than high speed and more maneuverable stunts. similarly C130 would be more suitable for transportation of heavy machines than F16 or F35.
in the history, from paper air plane to the most most efficient F35 and f22 raptors, making new air pane is always been a competition between different countries. Reducing the air plane price, making better aerobic, making more efficient and safe aeroplane landing, more smart and highly efficient avionics, more thrust producing aeroplan engines, making air plane invisible to radar has always been the prime core choice and effort of all the countries. Because more efficient the airplane would be the more you would get air superiority and more you would get air plane news about your own victory on the enemy.
the very long history of aviation faced a lot of accidents and modified the way they flyes in the sky. They made numerous changes in their aeroplanes.Now from the very long air plane history to the current world of entertainment the Grand theaft 5 has come to the new experience of flying airplane,fighter jet plane and helicopters in air without the experience of aviation industry. you can fly boeing , air bus or a fighter jet like jf17, f16 or f35.
now aeroplane history is on your joystick buttons and you can easily crash a jet,make a collion with another fighter jet.
so enjoy the video ….
gta 5 flyers flying aeroplane in air of gta5.aeroplane flyers and gamers of gta5 loves to see these flying scenes. jet plane flyers used to fly in air at a very high speed like jf17 and f16.aviation flyers should see this video because aeroplane crash landing seen in this video are very much help full for them to prevent aviation mechanic failure .gta 5 aeroplane flyers would austonish when they would see scenes like this.

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