Flying a Helicopter INVERTED over New York City

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You won’t believe what this Red Bull helicopter pilot did over New York City.

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Aerobatics Red Bull pilot Aaron Fitzgerald took over the open space above the Hudson River in New York to stun onlookers with a wide range of helicopter tricks. Fitzgerald performed the flips, barrel rolls and nose dives in front of the Statue of Liberty, Battery Park and alongside the West Side Highway.

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22 thoughts on “Flying a Helicopter INVERTED over New York City”

  1. For those wondering: "how is upside down flying happening?" This helicopter can do this with the use of a unique titanium rotor making it possible for the insanely talented Fitzgerald to reverse the airflow through the rotor without damaging anything. 🤓

  2. why couldn't tom cruise do this in mission impossible fallout? it would have been better than the stunts we saw. he could have taken training from this fitzgerald guy. anything is possible and tom terrific would have learned this quickly enough for the schedule.

  3. At least when you spend $2 on a red bull you eventually get some level of adrenaline marketing activity. With 5 hour energy or monster…who know where that money goes.

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