Flight Training. Intro to Communications.

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A short 60 mile flight introducing communications to student pilots.

all right everybody were day five or day six being home here going around the world no jet lag anymore so we ready to go flying I'd like to today I think what we're gonna do is we're gonna talk about the kind of upcoming shoot that I'm doing about communications because that seems to be the biggest thing that people comment on is how terrified they are talking on the radio and it's really you know obviously I did all the time but once you get used to what you can expect the controller to say and what you're supposed to say it's just like having a conversation what your neighbor so it's it's real simple stuff so I think what we're gonna do today is we're gonna leave Boeing Field and we're gonna head up to Anacortes 7 for the Anacortes Washington it's like 60 miles north where it's I think it's called 7 for Sierra is the identifier for the airport so I've got it on for flight over here you can see right here Anacortes 7 for Sierra so what we can do is kind of cool at for flight I'm going to show you a bunch of different stuff today but with that we got 7 4 see area click on more I'm gonna push direct to boom see that line right there I can push this little button up here and then a tree centers down here so a couple things going on today going out of here a little bit when do you take it off to fire out the pepper a perfect over here I see this all dot right here TFR it's called a TFR temporary flight restrictions so there's a baseball game going on down there and ever since 9/11 you know ever since 9/11 they don't like you flying in TFRs unless you have permission to fly it there's an agreement with Boeing Field in the stadium because it's so close it's usually they'll give you a discreet transponder code and again all this phraseology yes I will explain it that's what I'm doing for the next five days is shooting this communications video and how that whole thing works so within by the time I'm done hopefully you'll completely understand how the whole thing works I think you where it's really pretty straightforward so anyhow before we get going quick shout out this morning I was I was feeling a little sluggish so I stopped by this coffee joint and these two nice people inside made me a fine cup and it's called West Seattle grounds and we're actually flying right over it so West Seattle grounds it's on what the hell is that called it's on it's on Instagram I'm not an instagramer so I don't know if you can say hello or not but apparently it is wsg coffee and West Seattle grounds at wst coffee so if you're sitting over in Iraq and feel like saying hello to those guys they make a fine cup and it certainly perked me up so anyhow going out of here we might be able to might be able to point that out you know let's see the first time going yeah and I'll kind of explain just roughly as we go kind of what's happening but I'm not gonna get in a super detail his first plate I want to show you the different types of airspace you're gonna deal with going up here right now a Boeing field it's called class and delt aerospace and again the whole airspace thing is kind of a different video but but I will explain how that works throughout this series so it's probably gonna be I don't know maybe an hour and a half long video by the time I get down to that but and you know we just fired up to plan and Ernie check the weather called flight service and asked him what the weather was gonna do and I looked at for flight to to see what the ceilings invisibility were but before we get going we have to get the altimeter setting it'd be nice to know what time give me your callsign one more time I don't have the clearance yet you nice to know which way the winds are blowing and the velocity of the winds you know is that one knot or significant or not since I'm gonna be gusting going under I'm looking at the wind sock and Ike tell us pretty good breeze today so but right now we're gonna listen to a desync all datus automatic terminal information service doing another dial reading for what matter dew point guide our hope f3000 LS relay what full rate approaching you well I think at the party for thing left for rate alright I want to pull up leave our aircrafts a direction to play someplace purty need to see that cos we're here for my traffic above you on not a sermon where they operate on a socialite out of service well I read that culture instruction I was contacted information wiki a whiskey it changes weather at 55 past the hour okay so what I got what I got out of that is the altimeter setting three triple zero one four and you set this in this little tiny window you're three zero zero zero the Windsor 190 at nine so they're gonna be taking off on runway one four and again we'll get into that whole thing about how you listen to eat us how you determine what the winds are and if you don't see anybody taking off you're like oh I don't know which way they're going you can pretty much get an idea by listen the ATIS will tell you what the runway with the active runway is but there's some other weather weather information service is called a sauce and a wasps and they will not really tell you what runways and use they are they gonna give you is the the weather at the airport but an ATIS there's a guy in the tower that does that like I said every 55 minutes past the hour unless the weather change is something significant a lot of times it might just be a runway changer going the other direction but sometimes the significant weather Hong Kong what's always significant weather this time here it's nasty so anyway let me give these guys a call because it's information whiskey I'm gonna tell them that we have whiskey and that we're we're northwest bound and I'm gonna tell them that I want what's known as a right downwind departure and again we'll get into the the meat potatoes of all that stuff as we go along but right now it's going to kind of have you go along in a flight see what some of the different types of airspace are so again this class Delta Boeing tower I'm on the ground frequency right now there's a ground controller you got to talk to you to get up to the runway and then there's a tower controller for the takeoff portion so any other call sign on this nine four two and echo and it's a Cessna Skyhawk so here's what it boy ground sky Hawk 914 ICO South West parking northwest bound with a whiskey I mean – at the same time November pull persons bacterium on grant acted a signature be off that block signature be alpha full force your conviction that haven't done problem either grab calling our thinkin that's me yeah at sky Hawk 942 and ago South West parking northwest bound with a whiskey for another fortune when that go gonna ground you said you're in southwest particle that's per number to one echo thanks for anyone for a Bravo five or Bravo for taxi via Bravo five to twenty bike ok wonderful right I'll take Bravo for four to an item number to an echo thanks bro before that before alright so clear to the right clear to the left always looking around talk about that in another video and the taxiways clear so this particular out here what that when Rafael petite okay you told me to taxi Bravo so everybody going to Kenmore arrow that the southeast corner the whole Airport diagram thing and now to look at an airport diagram and then looking at where you're parked on the airport and have a great idea before I even talk to the ground control or what taxiway he's gonna tell you to use to get to the runway so that's a biggie again there I thought the tango and they give you with your technically taxi via you know ekam I don't know if you can more so so that's just really a standard thing of what happens when you're a to an echo for your Northwest departs are you looking for a left downwind or write down one today I'll take a write down like bird just got doing I go tell my chilling that go you're too close then write down when I deploy 100 feet over there Brewer east of it good okay so basically what you saying is what I like to take off and go to the left and depart take off turn left left downwind departure or takeoff and turn right and go right downwind at this Airport when you do a right downwind departure because there's a airspace called Class B Bravo for B for big jets and I'm looking at airplanes right now they're going in a SeaTac Airport and you cannot fly into that airspace not without permission and so going out of here they want you to remain clear and below of that airspace so that's why he kind of friendly they gave me a friendly reminder that it's a at or below a and our feet on that side the other side of the airport when you take off and you're going downwind again we'll explain what that all that means but it's a thousand feet on that's that side if you do that left turn if it's the right turn it's eight hundred feet so again I wanted to go right downwind because we're gonna go fly by the coffee joint so alrighty so I'm coming down here to Bravo four and again before we take off I'm gonna do a run-up just to make sure the engines in good shape already did the pre-flight inspection which is the outside walk around and everything was attached so everything's good you can see here well thrown up to Bravo for runway one for our that's one for right and three to tell me is three to the left so one for right so one that we're gonna be using that's the one who goes south down all right so the run-up 1,500 rpm Magneto jet carburetor eject I mean RJ that all checks out really nice flight control check there we go flight controls check the doors are locked all that's good the fuels on both under shrimp selectors good but again remember checklist everybody that's a biggie I do it in the triple 7 I still do it in this you just have to might forget something man what if I forgot the fuel selector what if I had it turned off and I took off usually I'd have like five minutes of gas 300 feet the engine probably quit so anyhow cabin doors when to latch seatbelts are good flight Charles they check flight instruments ices have set mixture is set trim tabs are good fuel selector valve is on both mags check car B check the suction gate and check engine instruments check I mean your throttle lights check and radios they're good and going a transponder so I switched and going to our Scott nine four two and echo Bravo four ready for departure Northwest battle that's an under port to an echo Boeing tower makes closin right downwind departure runway one full right at Bravo for Eclipse for takeoff when two one zero at one one one for enter Bravo floral clear for takeoff for the right closing departure downwind departure sky – I know alright clear down there getting clear for takeoff just make sure that no one's landing I mean everyone's human here you know I don't see anybody their landing lights are on strobes John whenever you enter the runway make sure your lights are on and then line up with the center line which is the white straw and here we go I had the power look at the V rpm game just to make sure comes up kind of a windy one out here that's crazy that little crab I had into the the right downwind departure that selects a technology director their own one Nagappa made a right turn be still slowly climbing see an airplane right in front of us install the bug guys on the window you can see that guy going in to see chance okay so do now getting out of here I saw them constantly I'm gonna maintain this frequency Boeing tower frequency there's any traffic that's inbound they'll call that traffic out to me don't tell me that they're in down and they'll tell that guy likewise and I'm now bound and in what else so coming down the TFR blowing karagöz were here so all as well there once we get out here able to climb up sources 10,000 I have to either be below 1,800 see my little airplane right there about 10,000 feet not be in that class problem everything Joey left her left alpha for across from Monroe I'm gonna come to ground I don't fly medevac you don't want to go to 87 a Mike we're going one for left over the option 20 went through all right this is West Seattle up here where Captain Scott at the to one echo of traffic team West Point inbound on the io f AP no 2200 welcome to Traverse doctor hey so see how that worked you know me there's traffic in down that's way so here's West Seattle of divine and out of I'm gonna climb up to about just under 1,500 you know I want to climb up to the age again still monitoring the tower frequency you know until we're out of his area okay so let's make a turn this is West Seattle a Hillman that coffee joint he's right in front of us here it is right here Wesley up here zero zero at one time only one little right clear to land that's one eight zero at 8:05 thank you for the but one all right you go yeah stop I say a little okay they're really nice Becca's applying things I'm going outbound I'm get up to age another beef right so I'm only going to climb to 15-under again the reasons I don't want to go right up to 1800 nodularity beuliss and it's gonna just shove you right up to right into that class bravo airspace it's in this class Delta that we just left that's Boeing Field right that's their type of airspace is called class Delta you kind of Class A is the stuff that's high-altitude for astronauts they're flying up there that's all about 18 you know wherever there's big airplane and so these Charlie there's a corporate aircraft you know you got me for big jets Seifer corporate aircraft Andy get a mix of everything in general aviation was what I'm in but I knew and you're also gonna get things so that's what class Adelphia less deltas typically around an airport nests so again you know when we're gonna get I'm gonna get into that whole thing we're dealing with airports with control towers but there's also you know the airports that don't have control I'm gonna explain both completely in a way that I can hopefully I'm over understanding that airspace by the way that the controller was talking about that's over there right here see that see that – seven I can see him on my iPad which is really cool something called EDSP it's basically signal generator and by airplane all the other airplanes have to have it by 2020 but it basically shows my tail number my altitude and all that stuff well it students a signal in the grounds also GPS I'm in also I can tell that guys got it Hubbard's urges so all right so let me push that button better us again so I got a guy 500 feet above me he's right there you see the beauty of 80s it's fantastic here the whole idea is you're still supposed to look outside I mean we're visual if our flight rule so at 70 Mike my only one for left cleared for the is where VFR you're supposed to be looking out the window but this thing is nice a TSP is nice automated independent surveillance broad and again it's an aviation thing and you know basically you know tells other airplanes arriving at by this little signal that it generates in this tiny little box down here called the transponders my character processor above our found from Uganda with so anyhow our newest or just head northbound and we're gonna go see how much of it hit one we have from day one for level think that groundwork for click on it so again down here this 3,000 cents one throw out if I'm above 10,000 feet like with people in power enclosures 9,000 arithmetic got 1/5 staying out of that last Bravo we're staying out one more round to go there like that throw away 1/4 right and then also you know again there's a lot of difference free and they can see you how to learn you learn is you go longer to video one of them is how long do you need to listen to this tower controller 4050 miles take in here him anymore you know what they do proper over when you leave the briefings you take gusting one five you know if you charge of provides an experiment off the Boeing plant at or below a hundred feet long letting approved if you'd like to change we're gonna go by they built a 747 there myself and kind of a tea party here I just want to listen to or apart during today's excited Michael as well as his frequency here there's anybody they built one three two I said 139 see we're at terms in this one right so got some clouds at if you son this where I get to go to 25 and again another thing as you go along with the communications one thing just a monitor that they loved one or Maya you're born with a control tower to rely on are one fault our birthright normally one fits great they're delayed win one and that's it was completely terrible oh maybe three four thousand feet just even hear what's going on in the Mather thank right close traffic oh right now that I have made a radio call to blowing Terran told them that I wanted to frequency it's called flight following a lot going towards my own yak that a nine or a broken ankle that know if I don't want down there aren't a million airplanes out here until the night that it's also dependent the controllers in the Seattle area can get pretty busy you know during the morning today and evening rush and a lot of times if you asked for flight following and basically what that's asking is you're asking for the controller's help the guide of the radar screen in front of you're asking for its health so look out tell them look out Hannah Bravo singular 12 ethic at night and everything did great Burn Notice I use it as awfully like a cute little it was sometimes and rollers number Disney vs Italian great and when he tells you that he's not a bullet just delayed personally but you don't it just it's nothing personal but they have one to one where the where they turned the final date parameters party so you can hear this I'm still as though he holds off our right side over there about and again whatever 99 miles so coming and now on this class bravo airspace you can see the other seven and a five so if I'm below five thousand feet or above 7000 feet I can planet you can see how the farther away from the SeaTac main airport there the higher you can go you can see why it's big jets coming in and descending down in there so so now what we do have coming up ahead of us is a Naval Air Station right well guess what good lies out there if it hit the hot button item right now I say yeah that's right look the great all the thinking so because we got f-18s going out of there it's kind of nice to know I wonder where they're at right and good idea but the other thing is there's this airspace in its class Charlie airspace and again around class Charlie yours makes Bravo again big airplanes and a lot of it has to do with the amount of traffic coming in and out of there the size of the airplanes so you know any big Airport is Class B so this is a Class C it's called would be Naval Air Station and there's a break let's see that I'm looking for the chart is right here contact would be approached within 20 nautical miles on what 20.7 saw dialing 1 to 0.7 and so when we're up the road away look I don't push out this button right here told me right where I'm at yet you can see right here this is my pink that pink line right there but you can see this circle up here that's would be Zaire space and I'm gonna have to give my call I can build below for their airspace you can see the numbers here I could go above 4,000 feet or below their no 150 my 3.32 for that I'm down here scheduling around you know lagoas water ring well I don't like I don't like being low and over the water you know you should quit that's one thing but if I have one can ever to them you're not worrying about the phraseology and talk that he's control it was a little crooked it might been relatively painful again once you know exactly what you're supposed to say is it's really you don't think I want to talk on this controller don't fly along and think man I don't want to talk to those guys because I don't know what they're gonna tell me just take the proactive attitude of I know what to say how many different things they can tell you right it's not like there's a hundred different things they can tell you basically it's you yes or a No and we want to apply to the air space yes or no the changes of little though with the different types of airspace class Bravo has always got to be him yes yes you're welcome in our face the rest of these guys it's a little bit for a little bit find a different about a little less stringent it's class Bravo yeah you still have to make me call you can't just fly through the classroom the sea-air-space your class in the ears – one hour and a half he's been approved coming up – Whitney I'm gonna switch the free 301 to 0.7 like we saw on the screen over there it's an hour on one 20.7 we are right about 20 miles south so that's kind of when they wanted a call so again there's a couple of different techniques on how to call my radio phraseology is really brief because I have done this a few times you know and I don't like to tie up the radio so I don't get on and say a whole lot of stuff and I'll get into that of what my way is and what other ways are that I've heard basically you just don't want to tie up a radio frequency because this guy might be giving an approach clearance to an airport or you know talking to somebody that's on the approach in value might be talking to an f-18 is separating weather traffic so when you switch the frequency I'm on 1 to 0.7 when you start to switch over to that frequency you don't want to just immediately push your microphone button and start talking you might have blocked control our talking to an airplane or an airplane type in the controller so when you change the frequency give it a second you know everyone talking make the call so all these guys seven it's called woody approach there would be approached sky Hawk 9 for joining them 9 4 2 1 echo from should be elsewhere 3 zeroes three triple zero about 15 southeast to Anacortes at 2.5 – an echo squad 0 for 6 zero four six teams back to any of them you're 16 all right that 0 for 6 – gonna have a video oh right a little box down here and when I convert our contact with the air park 5 miles north 2,500 in that position checks doing it so what what just happened there was I'm flying I'm trying to get into his airspace right class Charlie airspace so I just called him up you heard what I said you know what your prospective 942 an echo and it varies controller to controller appear but instead getting on the radio and reading on this dissertation of where I'm out Alton I'm at how far away I'm at all that sort of thing because I don't know if he's busy or not I'm just gonna call about and he wasn't busy so he's able to call me back if he was busy he might have said you know stag to an echo or he could have said you know we're being clear the airspace you know I'm trying to go through his airspace but got ahold of guy you saw that was well he gave me that he said squawk zero four six two right so I dialed down zero four six two four kitchen thing in this four digit box that I have down here and it showed up on his radar so he said radar contact and then rent my position back which is what I was just over and so I basically said yeah that's where I'm at by the radiology position checks so again the different the differences in Delta Charlie starting to kind of get an indication that Bravo is the big guy where the big jets go right so you just have to really you just don't want to mess around their airspace but you don't want a mess around at this type of airspace either or Charlie or Class Delta because unless you basically have an intubation to go into it vacations were having talked to him we'll get into that whole thing about what's from what the requirements are to be able to go into it you just don't fly into their airspace and don't think that you can build days people used to just turn their transponder and that's that four-digit code it shows up on their on their radar turn it off don't turn it off and try and fly through there is me cool atolls you got f18 going back to you know and you want to have this transponder on number one it's illegal to turn it on and wiser there are space without listing journey trouble so anyhow right now we are currently 20 miles from Anacortes we got some rain over here because it's a gin in the last week it's been super sunny but I was too jet-lagged to fly until I went in the head myself a coffee today and what Seattle grounds coffee super-nice people and it's been open for I guess about eight months I just went there after a six mile walk and I was like hungry and a thirst and so I found it the other day after this big walk and I was like wow it's pretty tasty coffee nice people go back and you know we have Starbucks obviously started in Seattle and West Seattle grounds did too so I don't know all right so we had a little rain charity make five five would be perfectly alphabets ring shows eight thousand airplanes here's me this green circle and there he is Mike lighting this now current duty runway two five one one six zero add seven feeling broken I've got a dick that glide thing off it drives me involved you can see this traffic over here plus 16 November 9 5 5 a 9 to 5 for Charlie 1700 feet above me he's over there you can look all you on you've never seen ones guys all right a little bit of rain okay or fighting three five zero vectors for traffic okay three buddies right all right well see how that works see not only am i I'm in his airspace he's got somebody out here he doesn't want me getting here so he gave me a heading to fly you can see that these guys and sometimes they'll give you an altitude you know May so it's all out you know it's amazing which is fine because I don't want to go that way take a rain shower but again you know if you're flying along here and the guy tells you to fly a heading that would take you in a rain shower you can't see you don't tell him unable this dual 180 you know say don't you can do a 180 but don't you're not an instrument flight plan you know star rating even if the evidence for really good evidence per 5 5 to 10 of maintains a ticket battle you don't have a clearance to fly in you know you just don't have it mr. McClaren so you just can't go pop into the cloud and don't let it control or steer you into a cloud you know that's that just not the way it works at all so we're coming up to uh kind of where we're at we're about to I don't know 50 miles somewhere right now our destination and our destination threatens the edge of this geyser space so we're going in accordance to the frequency is 1 to 8 to 5 let's got our to Monaco kisi bases in your area hey I would suck they're about 3,000 see what I Carter alright so yeah I mean if this headache worked out pretty good 3 5 to 1 echo maintain VFR and a fly heading at 3 3 a foot okay three threes are stacked I think five five traffic one moving to twelve o'clock six gives the would be in see it right now that baby Larry takes I'm too full I stop to the web Anacortes for Sierra it's airberlin at 2:41 means it's 240 195 elevation maintained at 3,000 l3 it means it's live in 3000 feet long and then it's 20 to 25 you can see in the ark he's five five called traffic it's now no faculty right now however it's off your 11 o'clock a mouth about right pattern for runway one that's five dots are listening to five Scott – when I co traffic three o'clock six miles south west bound 3600 descending f-18 Pelican snagged I see him on here kind of an interesting day flying out here because you can see that's why I like talking it is controllers thing and they want you to talk to Stockton's when I go out the to research and remove radar service terminated squawk VFR frequency change burp I go that girls 5×5 I'm done and he said radar service terminated so again it's not because he doesn't like me like hey it's coming it he doesn't need to give me information about traffic anymore so now I five miles east of Anacortes Airport right well Anacortes Airport like you know Boeing Field at a control tower and ADIS told us about the winds work this airport doesn't have anything they have a wind Sun so they have a windsock and they have a common traffic advisory treatments sprinklin see that anyone landing at this airport is going to be listening to right it's a one to eight well so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna call on one to 85 and tell them and I'm five East and down the land Anacortes traffic's kayak 9 4 2 and echo 5 he's tip down in 2007-2008 inbound reason I give the helps you just he's so you know someone's outbound because he's heading this way you know he's heard that I'm a sky-high five miles so my goal so airport elevation here 241 feet so rounded off it'll get closer and put a pattern out you just have a thousand feet – I think some pattern helps we're out I'm going to get into traffic patterns and airspace entry requirements as well as communications for all towered and non-towered airports it's a different you know and again another thing too is I'll explain everything that's in the Ameren sermons information manual about what they want you to say it's a little bit different you know you read it you're like maybe I want to say a little bit more there's no hard fast rule as far as what you can against a there's some stuff they don't want you to say because it just it's kind of repetitive and I'll get into all that thing but now we're coming up over the top of the Anacortes Airport right here and I you know there's a little Sox so there's a circle down there there's a circle in the ground down there just off to the west side of the runway in the middle that it's a windsock you know I'm gonna look for that I'm also going to tell these guys have going over their head in 79 Anacortes traffic sky 7 westbound so I'm looking at and I'm also looking around for traffic you don't have to have a transponder and they have a radio Atlanta so that wind looks purty call looks like in favors 1/8 so when having a set of bro landing runway 1 8 traffic patterns to do right downwind but now what I'm doing is that his descending down I want to look behind me I don't see anybody there I don't see anybody on McAfee hitmarker doesn't mean that they're not gonna let down with the party to the barn and yeah my sister lives right there how do I know cuz I've done a lot of yard work okay so we're descending down the pattern out but enter on the right 45 downwind at 1200 feet all righty so making the turn Anacortes traffic's good that does 45 down 1/4 1/8 so one eats the runway we're landing on that's the 45 traffic's that's 45 currently on that sporting final currently three four now turning down one gentleman is a being the opposite direction of what you're landing what your life all right it's now and I slow it down no reason to keep going superfast or you're gonna land and 1,200 feet change slowing down first 10 degrees of flaps and the first traffics kayak to an echo straight downwind 180 so again self announcing to everybody I don't hear anybody out here but that doesn't mean that they're not out here again it's not a requirement to have a radio to land at an airport like this and again that's all part of it part of the video and communications is you know what are the requirements to get in and out airspace what are the requirements to fly their airspace different types all right and of course traffic's Cacturne echoes right bass one and all my lights are on clear on the left 20 degrees of flaps slowing down clear out there clear on vinyl thirty degrees of flaps and of course traffic static – echoes final one all right again I'm sure you've seen a million YouTube videos but that Pappy on the right side – red – white means you're on the glide path three red one white features a little bit low once you have the in runway environment you see or clear trees you can go below it and then that's a different video as well okay coming in and we're only 1/8 and one down all right decelerating straight ahead I don't like trying to turn off the runway one here still going fast and just leave all the flaps and stuff don't touch anything until you get off the runway Anacortes traffic sky khon opposed clear morning all right now get the flaps up landing lights off all that sort of thing the reason you want to touch the flaps I think I've said in another video it's you don't do it the triple seven you don't do anything till you get off the runway you know and the reason is is if you well the reason is these guys have done this is they reach over for the flap handle traffic track my final approach the guy hits the gear handle you know and retracts the gear and then yeah there you go now your landing gear just retracted and boom there goes your prop there goes your engine there goes everything else Tony I'm just gonna Park it here for a sec and yeah so that's basically just a flight from A to B and you know I'll get into the whole detail of how all these different air spaces work it's what I'm doing for the next five days so I hope you like the bin it's a cool video to put together I've wanted to do it for a long time so it's got to figure out what the prices I could sit if it's good 49.95 probably 3995 I like that number better cuz flying's expensive enough but you know if I'm gonna put 10 hours ago they really are so penny over the other thing too James Ketchel still over in the last scene is still over an empty Russia getting ready to head over this way so I'm just watching him James catch old subscribed to his YouTube channel he's a cool guy heading this way Ben man he's he's you know flying that gyrocopter around the world he's just worked about ready to head from Russia over today and Alaska that's one huge energy I'm sorry Ennio talk to you later see ya

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