Flight Training Cost 2018

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THE question that I get asked the most, what does flight training cost???

There are integrated flight schools, flight academies, throughout the country that will take you from zero to hero (student pilot, to multi engine commercial pilot). These have flat rates for their curriculums and they can range anywhere from $55000 to $80000 dollars.

You could also go to a college that has a flight training program, but the numbers will be different, and that’s outside the scope of this flight cost breakdown.

The numbers will be general numbers as of July 2018 and I’m basing these estimates off cost of airplanes and instructor average cost here in south florida. The costs might be different for the area that you are located in so these are ball park numbers.
we’ll use the following numbers for average cost of a training:

aircraft (cessna 172) $150
Flight instructor $60

In this video I will be breaking it down for when you do flight training in a pay as you go fashion.

I really hope that this helps to give you an insight into the cost of flight training. I definitely think it is worth it

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today I'll be talking about maybe the single most asked question or maybe the most important question that I have been asked how much does fly training cost on make sure the pole seconds you'll bump off make sure all the way out so we primed the engine alright the beacon light is on glare you think they heard me that might have heard you hi everyone and welcome to my channel my name is Nancy I'm a pilot and a flight instructor and on my channel you'll find flight blogs like the one over here also are linked in the description below hopefully inspire you to go fly and see if I tips and tricks like this video to help you to fly good and not suck if you're new here and this sounds good to you please consider subscribing don't forget to ring the notification bells so that you know when I upload new videos so the question that I get asked the most is how much does flight training actually cost that question isn't answered all that easily but in this video I will break it all down you're gonna have to bear with me because it's a lot of numbers and it's gonna take a while but if you hold on till the end of the video also give you a few tips how to get that cost of flight training down so I'm gonna have to break it down in 6 stages in the first stage I'll talk about part 141 first is part sixty one and stage two I'll be talking about the Private Pilot car in stage three I'm going to talk about the instrument rating cottage four I'll be talking about the commercial rating and in stage 5 the commercial rating multi-engine cost and then last but not least in stage six how do we mitigate those costs let me start by saying that you can do flight training in a variety of different ways and one of the ways is to go to a integrated flight school or maybe a flight Academy in which they offer zero to hero course basically taking you from zero flight hours to commercial multi-engine rated pilot and maybe even up to your ATP I'm breaking the numbers down up to your commercial multi-engine license and i found after a quick google search that some of these integrated flight schools or flight academies the prices range from about 50,000 to 80,000 dollars but what I'll be talking about today is to pay for your flight training as you go at your local flight school I have to take some average numbers in order to do some calculations so I'm gonna take for the average cost of a aircraft and we're thinking about something in that along the lines of a 172 it'll be about one hundred and twenty two hundred and ninety dollars and for the sake of argument we're gonna take an average 150 dollars for the aircraft as for the flight instructor prices range from 40 to 70 dollars and for my examples I'm going to use $60 assignment to the part 41 41 verses part 61 different the FAA the Federal Aviation Administration has rules that are prescribed for all the aviation activities in the country and those are called Federal Aviation regulation the FAR's and every far is divided into sections and those are called parts now for part 61 describes the requirements for a certification of pilots under this part you can train with a CFI that doesn't have to be related with a flight school it can be either with a flying club or ru and she can have their own aircraft and teach you out of that training on their part 61 will be more flexible when you train on their part 41 which prescribes their requirements for an FAA certified flight school blood school that you go to has an FAA approved syllabus you have to train her that syllabus and you're not supposed to deviate from so the rules are a little bit more straight and why is it important to know the difference between 141 and 61 because there exists different training minimums for these two parts yet in the end you'll get the same certification or rating let's start with the Private Pilot we're part 141 you're gonna have to do 30 35 hours of dual and 5 hours of solo when we calculate it out with our example of a hundred and fifty dollar aircraft and $60 instructor this comes down to seven thousand and fifty dollars so that doesn't include ground school this includes you doing your ground school yourself in a part 141 course that's basically what you're gonna have to do you will have a self-study course per their curriculum for part 61 you're gonna need to fly 40 hours in total and 20 hours is gonna have to be with an instructor so now that comes down to $7,200 assuming that you do your ground studying by yourself now if we want to look at a more realistic scenario and what the national averages of flight training you'll only looking at about 60 hours of flight training of which 30 hours is gonna be duel with an instructor and in those 30 instructing hours I'm counting 10 hours of Groton school so if you do the calculation for that you'll end up with ten thousand five hundred dollars so you see that if you do it part 141 it would be a little bit cheaper and if you do it part sixty one that would be added cost to this training that you're gonna have to pay as well and mostly when you look at the prices of flight schools online they don't put those added cost including in the price that they offer for a package so make sure that you add these costs to your calculations when you're determining your budget so for added cost I want to count four books about 350 bucks you're gonna have to do your knowledge test which the written test is gonna be about 160 bucks a medical 150 headset maybe 400 a designated pilot examiner I've heard of prices ranging from 300 to 700 dollars so for my calculations I'm taking a number of 500 dollars we're going to assume that you fly the airplane for an hour and a half during that exam waiting to 225 dollars so the added costs for your private pilot in total will be seventeen hundred and eighty-five dollars and when you add those added costs to the flight training cause that we talked about earlier you'll get the following numbers eight thousand eight hundred fifty dollars for part 141 nine thousand dollars part 61 and twelve thousand three hundred dollars if you do part sixty one and assuming that you'll take a little bit longer moving on with the instrument rating and here you'll see the big difference between part 141 and part 61 for part 141 you're gonna do a thirty-five hours of dual equating to seven thousand three hundred and fifty dollars again ground study by yourself and for part sixty one you're gonna need 50 hours of PSC cross-country time and that's where the Edit cost is gonna come in and then 40 hours of simulated instrument time of which 15 hours need to be with an instructor and that comes down to fourteen thousand four hundred dollars which is a lot more than what you would have for part one forty-one and if we look at what an average flight training student would do so not just the bare minimum it would come down to about $16,500 for that instrument rating again to do your instrument rating you're gonna have some added costs and this time we're talking books and fog rolls again a knowledge test a designated pilot examiner an hour and a half of flight time totaling to about one thousand thirty five dollars and here we're assuming that you still have your headset your medical is still gonna be valid so a few of those initial costs you don't have to pay again so one thousand thirty-five dollars add it to the cost that we just discussed which get you to a total for your instrument rating for part one forty-one 8,385 dollars for part sixty one the minimum cost being fifteen thousand four hundred and thirty-five dollars and if you're an average flight student taking a little bit longer it will be seventeen thousand five hundred and thirty five out dollars alright hope your head is not spinning yet so let's continue with the commercial rating so commercial for part one forty one you're gonna need fifty five hours of dual and sixty five hours of solo time and that will equate to twenty one thousand three hundred dollars again assuming self-study for your ground school for part sixty one you're gonna need two hundred and fifty hours of total time but one hundred and thirty hours that you already flew for your private and your instrument is gonna count towards that in addition you're gonna need 20 hours of dual time and if we calculate that amount out you'll get nineteen thousand two hundred dollars so that's actually a little bit less than if you were to do it part one forty one if we're talking part sixty one and your had taken a little bit more time for your private and instrument meaning a little bit more flight time you'll have to complete less flight time in this phase of your study average flight training student in this guys will actually pay a little bit less we'll come down to about eighteen thousand three hundred dollars in your commercial phase again you're gonna have to pay some added cost books knowledge designated pilot examiner an hour-and-a-half of flight time for your exam totalling to nine hundred and eighty-five dollars alright so we're gonna add those nine hundred and eighty five dollars to the cost that we previously discussed and then we come to our commercial airplane single-engine total of twenty two thousand two hundred and eighty five dollars in the part one forty one phase part 61k a twenty thousand one hundred and eighty-five and for the average white student nineteen thousand two hundred and eighty-five dollars so now you have your commercial airplane single-engine land and instrument rating you want to add on your commercial multi-engine rating now for the commercial multi-engine rating there's actually no our requirement but most part one forty one flight schools tell you that they want about ten to fifteen hours of flight time so let's just count ten hours the aircraft or multi engine is normally gonna be a little bit more expensive than that of a single-engine so for our calculations we're gonna take an amount of three hundred bucks the instructor is still sixty dollars so for part one forty one 10 hours of dual is gonna give you thirty six hundred dollars now for part sixty one like I said there really is no flight hour requirement the only requirement there is is that you have to have flown with the flight instructor for three hours in the prior sixty days to your exam let's come three hours is the bare minimum of flight instruction that you need in order to be eligible for your check ride so let's just make that the amount for part sixty one so it's gonna be three hours of dual with an airplane of three hundred dollars and an instructor of sixty dollars making it one thousand and eighty dollar but again that's the minimum cost so let's do a little bit more realistic and say that it's gonna be about five hours of flight time in three hours of round time and that will equate to nineteen hundred and eighty dollars again thinking about the added cost an examiner about five hundred bucks an hour and a half of the airplane which in this case is going to be four hundred and fifty dollars so now you have nine hundred and fifty dollars of added costs we add that up to the cost that we already discussed and then you'll get four thousand five hundred and fifty dollars for part one forty one commercial airplane multi-engine add-on for a part 61 it's gonna be 2030 part 61 for the average student two thousand nine hundred and thirty dollars so you'll see that you're the stage that you do your airplane multi engine add-on it is a lot more cost effective to impart sixty one versus part one forty one now here is a final cost overview in this total cost overview you see the entire picture to get to your commercial multi-engine rating for part one forty one it will be a minimum of forty four thousand and seventy dollars for part sixty one get to a total of about forty six thousand six hundred and fifty dollars minimum and then we're thinking about what a little bit like the national average would be is fifty two thousand and fifty dollars an hour for the important part how to cut those cost first I might say buy your own plane if you buy your own plane you don't have to rent a plane and you will cut the cost down significantly you don't have to fly it 172 you can fly a smaller aircraft icon abhi aircraft let's say a Cessna 150 or a Cessna 152 that will significantly cut the cost or an equivalent of that during your commercial stage for part sixty one you need accumulate 250 hours now those 250 hours don't all need to be in a powered airplane only a hundred of those need to be in a powered airplane so you could potentially do the rest of it in a glider it's a lot cheaper when you're building hours or when you're doing your instrument you might be able to share the cost of an airplane with another student that's also building hours you could be a safety pilot for each other and both log the hours you could potentially use a simulator and the last point that I want to make is be consistent in your flight training so if you show up every week maybe twice a week then you'll retain the information better make sure you really buckle down and study to retain that information and be able to get to your check ride in a timely matter and that is all that I got for you I really hope that this video was helpful but for the next video just to get you inspired to actually spend all that money on your rating I will upload a flight blog in my opinion it's totally worth it like this video if you liked it comments are always welcome subscribe to my channel if you haven't already written a notification bell if that's something that you would like to do from her photos and videos of my own conventional piloff life you will find on facebook and on instagram handles in the description below and thank you so much for watching you have a great rest of your day see ya

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  1. I haven't read all the comments, but am I the only one to see the errors in math? Based on the example, part 141 costs $8100, not $7050. Also, the part 61 student cost is $10800, not $10500. I guess math isn't a requirement to fly.

  2. Skimming through the part 61 regulations recently I saw that only 100 hours of the 230 (+20 in dual instruction) must be PIC.
    Does that mean that the entire or a big part of the remaining 130 hours could be done as a safety pilot? that would be a great way of cutting down time building time..

    Thanks for everything and keep up the good work 🙂

  3. I have completed my education upto 12th in a south Asian country.Can I now do this Training at this cost without getting myself admitted in any university for a Aviation degree.
    And what will be the cost of Training in Australia?

  4. Nancy thank you again for another fantastic video! Can you also break down the costs for getting the sport pilot certificate versus the recreational pilot cert, compared to the Private Pilot certificate? 🛩

  5. I already have SEL… I just want my instrument rating. <— yeah… like that's where I would stop lol Actually… right now, I'd just like to get a BFR… that would be spiffy. I'm leaning toward buying a used C182. I can find an instructor (only two) in the area that I live but aircraft are hard to come by and my instructor won't let me hold my arms out and make airplane sounds… actually, he probably would but he won't let me log it. I checked out a new 206 but it has too many zeros in the price. Who knew zeros were worth so much :o)

  6. Nice video, thank you! Was looking for that info for a while. For those who’d like to make a pilot career would be also good to add a CFI training cost, as many pilots building hours as flight instructors. If you’d be able to make this little add on, that’d be great!

  7. Hi Nancy, Another path to a Private Pilot License is via gliders. Here’s the requirement off the http://www.ssa.org site:
    Are at least 16 years of age; and
    Have logged at least 10 hours of flight time in a glider and that flight time must include at least 20 total glider flights, and
    Have 2 hours of solo flight time in a glider, and
    Have passed the FAA written examination; and
    Have passed the flight exam with a FAA Examiner.

    Realistically I’d estimate it would cost about $3,500 to qualify for a glider private pilot license. I am a member of the North Florida Soaring Society. Our independent instructors charge about $30 per ride and glider rentals are about $18 for a 6 minute pattern tow to about $48 for a tow to 3000’. Dependent on skill and conditions a tow to 3000’ can yield an hour plus ride.

  8. Hi Nancy. Very insightful. Thanks for taking the time to do the analysis.
    For the Part 141 Flight Academy costs, a significant added cost for potential students would be room and board, since most students have to take residency up close to the school. This is something which is not a factor with Part 61 schools.

  9. Hallelujah, finally someone get answers for us!!! Thank you Nancy
    Usually we don't get numbers, we got words like "lot" "little bit more" "expensive" and so on… For uc sake how much is that, nobody tell us if you making your school in Serbia meke 60 000$ and go for it, in Spain is 80 000$ and Norway must be 120 000$. How hard can be to tell exact number. I googled like one whole hour and make a call to flight school here in Serbia and man on phone tell me 40 000€ if I'm reasonably smart and intended, and if I don't need english lessons (learning couple words here and there is free 😁)

  10. Good vid, the numbers can be intimidating but it’s best to go in to this with yer eyes open.

    I bought my own planes by way of joining a flying club. Saved a lot of money indeed both in terms of the hourly rate and in the club we’re billed off tach time which can be 70% of hobbs. Another bonus: One of the CFII club members was a captain of the 747, and he gave free instrument training as his way to give back, so there are wild opportunities out there.

    My most expensive rating was ASES. Took me 24 hours at $250 an hour, well beyond the 6 hours advertised. The delay was all my… trouble in getting consistent. But I’d do it again cause it’s been such a boon to my pilotage. So while the training went long, it was so worth it!

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