Flight Report – Thai Airways flight Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur with Halal Inflight Meals – Muslim Meal

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This is our Thai Airways Airline Flight Report of our flight from Bangkok´s Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) to Kuala Lumpur´s Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL) onboard a Thai Airways Boeing 777. As our flight was too Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia all the Thai Airways Inflight Meals where Halal – Muslim Meals. We chose two different inflight meals so that we could show some of the Thai Airways Halal Inflight foods . All our Thai Airways Inflight Meals were very good on this flight. Inflight Meals were both clearly marked that they were Halal. Our flight is with a Thai Airways Boeing 777. Watch more of our Airline Trip Reports here: This Thai Airways review (Flight Report) begins as we arrive at our Departure Gate at Bangkok´s Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK). This Thai Airways Tripreport includes the boarding walk of our Thai Airways Boeing 777 aircraft through the Business Class cabins down to our Economy Class Cabin. This Flight Review includes taxiing, takeoff, a look at the Thai Airways Boeing 777 Lavatories, Inflight Magazine, Inflight Duty Free Magazines, Inflight Entertainment System, Seat Tray, Seat Pockets, Thai Airways Economy Class Seats, Seat Coat Hanger, Thai Airways Inflight Meal (Halal Meal), Inflight Drinks and more. In this Thai Airways airline Trip Report we also include the approach towards Kuala Lumpur Airport, the landing and disembarkation of our aircraft. The video ends with us arriving at Kuala Lumpur.

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Wiki writes about Thai Airways, “Thai Airways (a trading name of Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI)) is the flag carrier airline of Thailand. Formed in 1988, the airline has its corporate headquarters in Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Chatuchak District, Bangkok, and primarily operates out of Suvarnabhumi Airport. THAI is a founding member of the Star Alliance…”

Wiki writes about Suvarnabhumi Airport , “Suvarnabhumi Airport , also known as (New) Bangkok International Airport, is one of two international airports serving Bangkok, Thailand…”

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already checked in when we come down yeah flies and that's our aircraft over there he's up for the month advocates nice seats that for ourselves right by the door it's okay to see too the aircraft from okay and still loading it with food we read it to say something smart well wait for it thank you nice warm there's a plane is called Suchitra tkv again I'm filming correctly I'm actually filming blind at the moment yeah nice-lookin seats thank you is Kevin's and we are right at the back of the aircraft again this one sorry captain in job Kevin buddy-cop okay yeah okay the backseats or other good choice space here those two well here we are welcome to another to annex flight – from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur has had to do the toilet quick look at these orchids here it's very beautiful decorating their toilets amazing three quick toilet always two on the graph we have tissue paper and plastic mirror it's me there loves everybody going my flying jersey [Applause] look because the lock the light goes on but the cigarette as we know smokey remember and some nice toilet wipes let's do this button and then this is just a very quick to as usual the toilet before we depart boarding is still underway as 844 a.m. and we're supposed to be living at 9:05 a.m. Oh in-flight entertainment system well have a look at that very quickly once we'd get underway and the flag gets underway it's on a short flight around two hours appears that we are fully boarded already they already closed in the overhead lockers on the cabin not about throwing something falls over next to us I still loaded some luggage down there some of this brand better come too this is a Boeing triple7 300 er since this is such a short flight I'll show you the safety cards and some of the magazine tour it you know before we begin protects you car that's been used cabin crew they just offered murder a blanket which he exhibited I don't think I need a blanket with this quite warm the cabin already here we have that safety card for that Boeing triple7 we all know what this is Cygnus Bay otherwise known as the buff Fang these two go hand-in-hand preferably to two bags oh it's nice to know you have it in your seat in front of you but that you need it but if you should need it it's nice that it's a here we have one of our duty free magazines Sporto top two duty-free magazines on both Tyus minds those are pretty used just going to skim through it really pretty torn them edges and hardly can be paged what is this a little bit looking like sort of upscale upmarket duty-free Goods you get the idea from their pitches as a jewelry that was that two different magazine let's move on to the next one but we move to the next magazine has just have a look at this Boeing 747 ready for departure now for a quick look at the other tire West duty-free magazine it's called traveler just like our general named traveller it's actually spoke the same way and this is what it looks like quickly skimmed it through I'm doing on my lap time put the tray down at the moment they you have intuitive records pulled away a little bit Mars watches as watch designs made his jewelry more watches more ladies jewelry my jewelry looks pretty expensive to me even though it's duty-free must be real quality goods cosmetics a lot of cosmetics and that was basically the end of that duty-free magazine now it's time for the in-flight magazine taya wasn't like magazine which is called Sawadee and this is the July edition 2017 with His Royal Highness King of Thailand on the cover of this month's magazine let's have a look at it I'll skim through the magazine very quickly also just to give an idea what it looks like and see if there's some information about there an entertainment system a fleet Bangkok Airport a lot of articles as always say with lovely pictures the nice magazine but with the in flight system like this I think one spends more time watching that and reading the magazine and the old days one would have read this from end to end looks like some luggage has just been taken off the aircraft here comes our Boeing triple7 next to us have someone that's called maybe somebody cancelled the order for that cargo more of it coming off next up let's have a quick look at the headset provided for the in flattened entertainment system you also receive a pillow which Manor will show us no that's Iowa's logo in the corner and see this is not a totally for pain today five plus nine we're supposed to leave it's not much seems to be having an F play guess I'm on my own as usual so unreactive it's been a long flat but we've been talking about whether we'll go to the gym to stretch out and afterwards follow up with his women this moment my thoughts start to go towards a nap from the bed it sounded good to start with but let's see time is now around 30 minutes past 9:00 we were supposed to leave at five past nine not quite sure why we delayed but I have been seeing some luggage being taken off the aircraft that luggage is just sitting down there I think they're bringing on board again did you read it people and a positive development of mobile important for the moment turn for the safety video it's a primary concern nice to see that there was a head sign language for deaf passengers people looks like that luggage guys have done their thing 150-yard Airways Boeing triple7 and they goes up angle therewith and push better just begun the inflation system fail inflatables like that course ahead China buying Drupal 7 there goes one time but I don't like the National that won't give me what not was meant only fine one hour and go fund me kuribon came in ready and that 747 we get hurt a 380 to retire as right in triple seven I cannot aircraft taking off at the same time correct Islands in the Apple I 7:30 it's like a man Christmas yep they have fronts by triple7 like we made last summer what to penalize for the birds and bees organelles if a Pacific there's not another wing was that sleeping there think we've seen that before stop there we have an entire episode 350 you can recognize from the currently wingtips Joe an airline that is don't say something maybe Shanghai and see that we get home and we got a bigger screen one major Atlantic airlines Nippon cargo airlines if they had let's go whatever take a look a better look front end where China Airlines Cargo and I come before that process I think that beautiful table there we go bouncy run away and rotate a great table we go Bangkok city we go into the clouds yeah slightly thank you lift little bit bouncy as we go through the club and we come out towards the coastline a theorize be able to tell that other ships tell that climbing out this a very brief look at the Atlantic salmon system on this aircraft then you will see the choice entertainment information kids on board services window on Thailand cetera consists mainly of movies television programs TV there's music there's games and as a u.s. people you get that church-owned USB to the system always to briefly look at their new releases as a huge selection of little bit of this well it's a timing system control down here this is the whole button on that a lot easier for the to understand what clicks supposed to the sunscreen use this feature luck when we fly this the maps the detective map we can see exactly where we are at any given time during the flight I don't really use the water so you think now what tells you where we are this sounds like from Bangkok mountain where's that home what'd they get oh but they get – the main threads was in the other Travel Guide that's information about traveling in Thailand about tires a lot of information about time tell us tells you about that what we're going to be arrived again that tells you about if you are getting another flight this file that tells you what Kate 30 minutes before you to the help but it's entertainment especially a collection of all the movies TV program music and games that our children have just collected what section TZ for the children to navigate what they want to see that it's child-friendly turbulence at the moment what the meal we got to be happy it's again to see what we're gonna have to eat on this flight this is the first servant there's a big meal chicken thigh with chicken flavored rice and black mushroom stirfry durian to a mystical thought tamarind sauce Steve attire worn by Leah rice stir-fried I think I could have the deep-fried I can see this aircraft is duty-free catalogue see what the duty-free items are sky chat will have a look at brought on Wi-Fi equipment or some other phones can be you it's a telephone in itself canastas diapers and all about it works I believe it's a credit card for under stove works or whether you must use your own front I'm not quite sure that means you can see that was just a joke so we could agree the seat numbers telling people seem to see obviously not going to do that demonstrate to some charts up your mobile phone there's a u.s. people I can it allows you to connect your iPhone and bright device whatever you have they come through a little 12 this flat entertainment system have a quick look at letter this robot joystick gate man very easy to use very self-explanatory is to take away also just pulled away Rico's and he's defected away again just push it it the seeds of pouches cheerful magazines you can see there's quite a lot of magazines here have the headsets towed away outer space this little slit down here is actually for the headset to back it away and this could be for a as to see a growth hang on front of the chairs opposed to the side of the table that normally looks like models already ready for a meal that tres folded out the two-part train just have a look at mine the latch and folded on the table two parts very convenient here's a cup holder it's very convenient if you're just having a snack some chips and a drink excuse me you won't have to have the whole table folded out say that it I'm tired we're too tired that's our up this trip reports gonna be okay tired I must say my time one power just received a meal and looking delicious Samara present some food for us should we start with the salad bring that closer so the viewers can have a good look looks like a prawn salad for the Apple it's just apple and it's us looking really good – away a nice-looking pudding okay on this flag we have plastic cutlery so a better quality plastic cutlery solid enough we got a dessert bottle of water and a main dish also we're at the chicken curry oh that's okay lovely Wow it's looking really lovely they go in for a closer look hoping it doesn't steam up the lint it's a lovely looking inside chicken Gary that napoo t-shirt isn't that it closing it looks lovely hope it tastes as good as it looks I think I'm going to eat everything water bottle all right something as desert chicken skin on a door I don't like to get you out what you'll say so we have a look at my food order if you put with I've got everything the same as model except the main dish I chose the prawn oh that looks really good too Wow it's not bronze there rice Peyronie's well I told you to take it it's really delicious definitely be careful with the chili on this one I'm with my life lips badly in our last life and the other crews during the meal going to be adroitness any second from now how's your meal who said that was chicken skin well that's how do you enjoy Tunisia I don't think I was Western has enjoyed chickens did so much you can just pull it off and I can say my meal is lovely and they didn't say what the Bronx must be at least 10 francais and it's in some kind of a sweet-and-sour sauce it what about the rice really durable that's looking good let me look into it bringing in a little bit closer to the lens it's a cake but let me just hold it there for a few seconds okay delicious I'll wait to taste it let's see where we are area there's proof right it's either coastline that below us just finished the meal it was really good I had everything said some of the prawns with matter also I was really generous because that was so good I couldn't just have them for myself that wouldn't be fair Morrow had the chicken she was a Soviet whatever look if she finished it or not finish it that finish your dessert either after dessert and she left the letters behind you enjoy your meal where that folk you meet you we're full I'm tired too as a Coast client out there those bitches though man there's a narrow strip of land and sea on both sides of it become a descent relation and effective translation avatar his doctor or in the last review is that looks like the airport is just below us then we have the airport look at that long fire belt that seems a bit if yes for sure what a gentleman lady turning away and lovely bouncing to my horizons oh it's on the jords airport you can see it now it's very green country looks like palm trees to go our plan promise me the jungle that's what on the floor and it's a cannot touchdown Malaysia 9380 over there I'm gonna change windows non-japanese Ilya Wow but what I thought not ladies and gentlemen ambitious over the Mauritius is a long way of ever not a job that way we right now the gate you and we are up and now people can stand here it already [Applause] with God seat thank you business class thank you very much bye-bye so back in Kuala Lumpur this time we're going out the airport I can't conclude last year so now we must find their rivals area yeah you

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  2. Because this was a shorter video i expected it to be not so good but how wrong was I. I think you guys don't realise how good you actually are. I have a suggestion, what about a longer video incorporating the airport, the flight, your arrival and then the holiday. Big job but worth it. Great job guys and we need you more than ever now Game of thrones has ended 🙁

  3. Maxi/Maro'athon today! 😜. Loving all vids! The orchids in the lavatory was a lovely touch, other airlines should take note. Your meals looked great too! Esp the battered prawns! 😍. Nice to have a near empty plane, wonder what the baggage hold up was though?? Wondered if a passenger didn't turn up so had to offload a bag? 🤔. Great vid though guys xxxx

  4. Hello Maxi and Maro! Always impressed with your wonderful flight and travel reports. Hope all is well, and wishing you both a great week ahead. Ron

  5. Very very enjoyable as I really love the connecting flights as you see all different types of aircraft etc . Thai seem a very decent airline which I know you enjoy the service. Superb as always cheers from a very warm London 👍 ps I hate chicken skin and would have chose the prawn as the main . An it looked fantastic

  6. Another excellent review from my favourite duo. I was really quite surprised to hear Maro at the boarding area say "it's cold here!". My experience when using BKK is that practically the whole terminal is kept much too warm, no matter if its day or night. Anyhow, keep up the good work you two!

  7. Hi from Cape Town , South Africa. My family thoroughly enjoy your trips and information on planes and places and also the good natured banter between the two of you. You guys enjoy what you doing and it comes through. Enjoy ..enjoy…enjoy. It inspires all of us to do the same someday and your vids keeps the dream alive.

  8. I really love your videos as you expand our knowledge of people and their various cultures. I always look forward to these videos! By the way, who edits these videos and does Maro know you film her when she sleeps and also there must be other uses for those air sickness bags!!! Poor Maro.🤗

  9. Hi there peoples , so nice to watch your excellent report again ! Question ? Do you find it difficult to book the two seats together instead of the three together ? I imagine they would be in strong demand,I did manage to snare one on a return Air AsiaX to Sydney once from KL but didn't initially request it,I was very happy though.I have to say I love the Thai décor and colour scheme ! it is so easy on the eye,just beautiful. I try and try but I cannot fall asleep on a plane,I wish I could !,what a talent Maro Lol.Enjoyed the report once more guys,my favourite YT channel cheers from Daveo

  10. Hello Maxi and Maro.How are you guys?It's been a pleasure watching this new flight experience in a Thai's 777.Thai is one of my top favourite airlines and it's always a pleasure watching a report for their magnificent products and planes.Nice to seeing you again.Cheers

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