First flying "drone-taxi" takes off in Vienna

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Chinese manufacturer EHang holds the first public demonstration of its drone-taxi in Vienna, taking on journalists for the first time, trying to sell the idea to authorities and potential users.

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I think the big challenge is the infrastructure in the cities of course but it's also the regulations how do we built the vehicle how do we certify it and how do we coordinate those vehicles with the other air traffic management like civil aviation internal innovation so there are several advantages first of all it's autonomous so it's designed and made for ordinary people you know who this doesn't have a piloting license who have no idea how to fly that's the first thing the second thing it's it's extremely safe you

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  1. Bird strike, clip a wire, strut wiring failure and you flip. Best you fly looking for a place to put down. Lots of low wiring you can't see because there aren't regulations for this. High tension, high voltage lines yes because civilian aviation can come that low in instances. I'll walk thanks.

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