First Day of Studies For airBaltic Training Pilot Academy

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Congratulations to the first 12 students of airBalticTraining Pilot Academy – the only programme that offers high calibre pilot training, which will lead to employment as pilots at airBaltic in two years time. We are proud to create this unique opportunity for Latvians and our Baltic neighbours.

okay so this is a historic day today the first group of pilots started the pilot Academy the pilot Academy is something that we at our Baltic training and airBaltic have been thinking about for a long time and we're so happy and proud that today the first group has started the studies with the pilot Academy we're going to give local Latvian and also Estonian Lithuanian pilots the opportunity to become professionals in their chosen career and then have the opportunity to apply as pilots at air Baltic so the students that we saw here today are our future pilots our future captains we're proud to have them here we're proud that there's a huge team of people and air Baltic and air Baltic training that have put in a lot of work to get the program certified to get the aircraft order to have everything in place and finally you know the green light is is lit and the programme started this is only the beginning we will have more groups and each year we're going to be training tens and tens of pilots within three years we'll be training over a hundred pilots per year so this isn't a one-time event this is just the great historic start of a great program hello my name's Ron's and there we are the airBaltic pilot Academy I'm the student of the first group and this is a really big opportunity for me and for all all over the group so we are really excited and what can I say see you on board

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