Female pilot becomes youngest captain of Colombian Airline

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It has been more than 100 years since Therese Peltier from France became the first woman to pilot an aircraft.

Since then, many women have entered the aviation industry, but overall, their numbers remain small compared to men. Women represent only about six percent of the total world pilot population.

In Colombia, one woman is not only breaking those gender barriers, but has also become the youngest captain at Colombia’s Avianca Airline.

amazon las palmas colombian lenay Lozano's says she was just 14 years old when she decided she wanted to be a commercial airline pilot her family supported her and by age 22 she had accumulated the 200 hours of flight school required to graduate as a pilot she fondly remembers the moment she completed her 15 hours of flying solo lessons as in dolar solo the feeling of flying solo is incomparable to anything else you only do it in flight school because when you start working at an airline you always have a co-pilot so it is simply unforgettable but becoming a pilot is far from the average career path for little girls in Colombia a country where gender stereotypes are common and beauty pageants outnumber those held just about anywhere else in the world Lozano the youngest of seven sisters says she inherited an independent streak from her mother who taught her by example not to succumb to a male-dominated society pero que eso que lo que moi has me in philosophy I thought being a pilot with something different that not every woman does and something that proved that we can definitely do any job I can throw away a noble and in November of 2015 Lozano accomplished what she set out to do she became Avianca airline's youngest pilot captain at age 27 I come circus comentarios la mayoría some positives I get certain comments the majority are positives others are negative people say seriously a woman is going to drive and I answer actually a woman is going to pilot this plane with one page according to the Colombian Association of Civil Aviation make up less than 4 percent of the country's total pilots Cadell kisi has a fun Tomas isn't the audio book oh I think there needs to be more incentive in schools when you see talks about different career opportunities and schools and universities you never really see this career option ok no because I wasn't sacred ok fun Lozano says it's important to show Colombian girls that they can reach beyond dreams of becoming a star through beauty pageants instead she encourages them to see that the sky's the limit Michelle Vegas CCTV Colombia

36 thoughts on “Female pilot becomes youngest captain of Colombian Airline”

  1. Hi Capt Liney Lozano
    You are a fabulous and so Gorgeous
    This is the second I’ve found a beautiful Pilots and also a Captain.
    If I have a girlfriend like you and I’ll be so very Proud.

  2. There is no way she has the experience needed to qualify as a Captain for a major US airline at age 27. Good luck to those passengers flying that Columbian airline. I wouldn’t.

  3. I guess we shouldn't really be so surprised in regards to her age, after all, most pilots during WW2 were even younger than her & they weren't just flying, they were ending life. But still i can't help but be so impressed. It's funny though cos every single female pilot i've watched on youtube are all spectacularly beautiful, all of them!!!

  4. The interview is in English and English is the language of aviation. Why then is she interviewing in Spanish? Makes me nervous that her ability to communicate with ATC (in English) is limited.

  5. Capt Liney Lozano, What would you do flying with passengers and a nuclear war starts. A nuclear attack will never be announced!!!. We are speaking of a commertial flight, not military. The cockpit is unable of detecting the first detonation and calculate its position.. Right now, all the pilots of the world must research if there are international regulations for the case of a nuclear war for civil aviation. The attacker will not warn.
    Capt Lozano, we have to do something, isn't it?, I am a retired cartographer and GPS Surveyor. Orlando.

  6. i don't know why everyone is making such a big of a deal because someone is a pilot? these days is more easy to pilot an airplane than drive a car. YOU just type in the destination and the plane takes you there. In a 10 hour flight the pilot barely does something, he or she just pushes some buttons what the traffic controler tells him

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