Federal Aviation Administration on Aviation Maintenance

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Visit FAA website for more details www.faa.gov/mechanics/ or get more information with an FAA approved A&P school at the Aviation Institute of Maintenance at www.fixjets.com

ever wonder what it's like to be an aviator well this is an exciting age in the aviation industry in fact it's the perfect time to give you an inside look at many of the awesome opportunities available in the field of aviation maintenance setting you on your own flight path toward this amazing career right now is one of the best times to get involved with this industry the opportunities are endless right now there is a career path that you can come right out of high school and in a fairly short amount of time join the workforce making a very good salary working for companies that will provide you a career I think aviation and especially a geisha maintenance is one of those that you can make a good living and have a good life we feel it's always a good time to reach out and get involved in aviation there's so many different aspects of it and there's so many things that you can learn and when you start learning an aviation you don't stop learning until you retire you've heard of economy up and downs but you know aviation is always there we just love airplanes we love to watch them fly we love to fix them we love to clean them we just love airplanes and that's what aviators are all about aviators just listen to the word aviators it makes the hair raise up on your arms aviators it sounds like pioneers so how do you get started in aviation maintenance the Federal Aviation Administration has launched a program to connect you students interested in aviation maintenance with local facilities through internships and job shadow programs the FAA is also spreading the word about these sweet career opportunities by reaching out to future aviators at air shows like kid venture in Oshkosh Wisconsin what we've done this past year in the aircraft maintenance division is we've initiated a goal it's all about outreach to the younger generation my name is Tyler wgv being here at Kidd venture is an amazing experience for me recently I've been very involved in reaching out into our local community and speaking with children of all ages and what we're finding is there's such a lack of awareness of aviation as a career opportunity or career path we have a hangar where we do two venues one is an operation side which is all the pilot aspects for kids and the other is maintenance side which does all the maintenance aspects for kids it's all hands-on we're building a small experimental airplane in the hangar we have several power plants reciprocating engines where the kids actually hands-on take cylinders off take Pistons off split the crankcase and then they put it all back together again just reaching out into the community we've seen an amazing interest growth in interest I want to build my own airplane then fly them we're a design airplane I want to be a mechanical engineer for aviation once you get bit by the aviation bug the airplane bug your bit for life and it's just something that you love you love to do you love to do it every single day you stop and watch airplanes fly I love aviation I recommend it to everybody we're very engaged with local high schools and we're constantly bringing kids through this facility shadowing our technicians that just love working with them and we figure if we can get a few kids coming through once they get around the aircraft and get bit by the bug then we got a hopeful life employment in aviation is projected to grow by at least six percent by 2020 add to that the increased amount of retirees and the opportunities in the field of aviation are in the stratosphere every day new and more modern aircraft are being built these new planes have state-of-the-art electronics in the cockpit that rivals some of the best video games on the market there's a wide range of interests everything from a mechanical side you know if you look at an airplane behind you it's got physical aspects to it landing gear and wings and so forth engines that if you you know kind of a hands-on type of person there's that aspect aviation maintenance but there's also in today's airplanes the electronics part of it is just just exploding the airplanes today are all run by computers our maintenance folks use a laptop as much as I use a wrench today we work on all different systems on the aircraft you know from changing the tire to diagnosing a complex navigational database issue or flight management system if you look in an aircraft now in the cockpit it's no more steam gauges there's nothing in there other than short of CRTs that look like the best video games built you walk in with cockpit it's like it's like a spaceship it's just really advanced and it's it's getting more advanced that's one of the things that kept me interested all the years it's just a challenge of something new finding new issues and problems and finding solutions to those problems is a really a good feeling that most of us say in peace harbor that's what we want to do is feel good about fixing something the next step towards jumping into a career in aviation maintenance is to get your ANP certificate or airframe and powerplant certification it's just an 18-month course 1900 hours and after completing A&P school you'll receive a graduation certificate take that to your local flight standards district office and get permission to take your written practical and oral tests to become a certified a and P technician then boom you're well on your way to a high-flying career in the cutting edge world of aviation there's amazing opportunity for anyone who goes into this business now we have seen over the past few years an enormous amount of folks retiring from the industry and we're now we're needing to backfill that and there's an incredible shortage of license a and PS and with that we're willing to take on anyone I mean if you come to us with an AFP license we'll train you will walk you through will grow you will make you an aviator and part of the family 35 years this year worked my way up through the ranks no regrets at all it's been a wonderful career I've made a good living my families enjoyed lots of things I've gotten a travel as well I got a job with UT flight 32 years ago and I've been here ever since if you're a hands-on person and you want to be towing aircraft on the ramp moving fuelling prepping them putting them in maintenance corners and then opening them up inspecting them signing them off and seeing them leave this is a good career for you you feel proud that you made that aircraft fly that it came in with a problem that the pilot was concerned about and you fixed it I love it it's a challenging so it's almost like getting paid to have fun my very first job out of a in peacefull I was working at an FBO pumping fuel and today I'm the general manager of an international aircraft manufacturer ability this is absolutely not a gender job at all anybody can do it there are no limitations any age race size everybody has something that they can contribute in May 2010 the average salary of an aircraft mechanic and service technician was fifty three thousand four hundred and twenty dollars and the average salary of an avionics technician was fifty two thousand three hundred and twenty dollars skilled labor needs to be put back on the radar screen as a cool career choice and you know education can be something other than going to a four-year college I've seen a lot of college kids come out of college or four years education and not be able to get jobs where there's markets that are screaming for technical trades plumbers carpenters while there's electricians we just not fill in those trades any more because that one feels that the only way to get there so for your education that's not necessarily true in this day and age after your young person you've got to think out a little ahead you know and we've seen a lot in the papers day about people going to college graduating with $100,000 in student debt and not having a job that has any forecast I've ever pain that off and I think you really have to have a serious conversation yourself and think ahead of how am I going to how am I going to support myself what am I going to find that I can enjoy but at the same time support myself and have a good life today in America we need to really focus on skill sets that we can keep here in America so many folks go on to college and graduate with bachelor's and master's degree which is wonderful but then they're trying to find a job and they don't have the basic skill sets they need that they won't learn until they obtain that job this way you're learning those basic skill sets while you're continuing your college education and it's a win-win and it definitely speeds up your education so if you want to go to school for two years and get right into the workplace and the jobs pay well with benefits and you have a career ahead of you and you can tell people that I'm an aviator we're a family of aviators that's what makes it so success this is the new age of skilled technicians good paying jobs with great benefits a strong sense of security and rewarding lifestyles are ready and waiting for those of you ready to become an aviator the sky's the limit this industry will always be here it will continue the grow in fact that's growing right now at a rate that we can't keep up with it it's very important really just to take a few moments to search and come up with that answer for you what you want to do the wonderful thing about aviation is there's so many avenues that there's incredibly cutting edge technology or you can go back to the grassroots of building airplanes I mean the sky's the limit it's a profession that has exacting standards and no room for error and I think that helps solidify that that bond that goes between us but it's also fun we have an objective here of making it a good place to work if it's more of a family than it is a job it's been for me an opportunity to travel throughout the United States throughout the world the options are endless you can continue to be a mechanic you can work for the airlines you can work for the fixed base operators or you can expand and get into management if you want a career in a career that you can have for 30 years or longer this is a great career to get into it's fun it's exciting it's a fascinating career and I wouldn't exchange any of it it is what you make of it and the doors to continue to open come join us and by all means becoming a MP it's a good living and I think you'll enjoy it for a lifetime I record any young person just to explore the possibility because it's it's endless the opportunities are endless if you'd like more information about how you can be an aviator contact your local aviation space and education program manager at WWF AOV ford slash education do it now and your career will be ready for takeoff the Federal Aviation Administration hoping students take off with a great career in aviation

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  1. Just want to say one thing to a response at 1:191:23. What he said is true, but the aviation industry was decimated during that time and decimated hard the last time the economy was it in 2008. No body was hiring unless if it was a temp position and they only wanted veteran A&P mechanics not brand new graduates. I know it cause I lived thru those times.

  2. Aviation institute of maintenance is not a accredited school. if you graduate you only get a equivalent associate certificate. if you don't graduate at one of those schools, then you'll have to start all the way over at another school.

  3. Hello! My name is Dmitry, I'm from Russia. At the beginning of 2016 I will get a Green Card. In Russia, I have 25 years working in various positions for maintenance and repair of aircraft and helicopters in military aviation. Please let me know, if I can claim a position aviation maintenance technician in the USA? What can I do? Thank you.

  4. If you're thinking about doing this in the Navy run the other way now. Your time in A school is going to be hell on earth. The rest of the sailors will be on the other side of the base having a good time while you're stuck with the Marines on lock down because they're too dumb to follow fucking rules. They train Marine and Navy AZ's together to save money.

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