Far Cry 5 – DESTROYING THE "YES" SIGN IN A PLANE (Far Cry 5 Free Roam) #5

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yes that's exactly what we're on the hunt for all right let's try to take it down what we have I don't know oh there we go got a few shots on him why not just crash into it Yeah right on this guy's ass ish well I did not expect him to just jump out and do that and my feet are stuck yo peaches you okay you just wanna have a little nap I mean that's fine if you want I don't think you can really help me much anyway we'll play with you another time peaches okay yeah cool sleep well lazy shit hey guys and welcome back to some more Far Cry 5 free roam today I found a plain shop over there but the only thing is we can't actually get into it they said we've got to go in from the roof there was a little note on the side and I don't actually know how to get on the roof there's no zip lines over to it or anything however I'm thinking if we climbed that wingsuit off it land on the roof we should be good maybe I don't know but we're gonna give it a go I think we've got a grapple of this am i right this is what beaches can't really help peaches is pretty useless and doesn't have hands so yep here we go this is gonna work and we get to climb a cool Tower even though Bieber's up said they wouldn't be putting towers in this game Oh baby all right I see the entrance on this place is there anything to do up here other than fire my pistol No okay let's hope for the best wingsuit and yes mate here we go parachute oh fuck yeah that didn't work oh that's not good get out of the car Oh why are you shifting across to the other side like you're gonna be able to do it mate it's not how it works yes boys I've done it that's sorry Oh what is that a dead pigeon why is there a dead pigeon on the roof Wow literally it's just a pigeon damn son yes mate this is this oh this this is a cult plane uh-huh peaches you stuck outside huh sucks to be you doesn't it only cool people get to come in here ah this opened the door Oh may I have found a secret place we could also buy planes now I thought it was just the sea planes that we could find but wait this is mine Oh mate we're gonna have some fun with this we are gonna rip apart some people's faces oh yeah but first let's check out the shop so the shop has I have a 13 grand by the way so you know okay just looking at what planes are available better be some cool I mean can they even have cool the ones I own that now that's arguably the best one other than that guess if you want to be a bit more worried that's d cool this one 9 grand Oh it's exactly the same as the one I have so I'm paying nine grand for a different camera when that camera was already pretty this is this is a difficult decision you know what I don't want to be a big sore thumb looking red plane in the sky I want to be a cool guy in my army plane ah this is painful that was horrible oh well let's see what it can do oh I love that you can freakin buy vehicles in this game money it's soaked okay this is gonna be hideous the plot okay that's another one let's go oh I'm ready for takeoff you know what I shouldn't have paid for this plane because you can't even look at the exterior of it wouldn't you flying around so this is pointless why did I do this oh well we need to find some enemies okay so there's a bum of you so we can shoot people oh just drop bombs on them how big is the explosion Oh what's the bump okay we got people down here for the flame through it anybody there's just a lot going on oh we better pull up we need to okay whoop that is expert flying just a case you've never seen it before about getting a shot not today oh fuck yeah look at my legs but what happened peaches come save me okay I'm gonna head over to the Fang sense because that's the place that I've already liberated when I got to play this game early I'm gonna liberate it this time with a plane so you know switch now this is gonna be fun all really bad we probably will just get a shot down oK we've slowed down a little bit let's send in the first bombs here we go how many bombs can we fire oh I don't know if it's gonna be easy oh you've gotta pay for a more refills don't you okay we've got Rockets as well so let's see if they could do anything that's it that's it make them feel it oh we're out of ammo again brilliant oh pilferer okay I don't know if I've killed anybody yet I don't think out I got to see a single person don't know where they are oh okay I'm gonna make a swoop and run from this side this time I think that might do it I've spent like what to brand already over refilling my ammo why not do it again okay go in for the bullets straight away I know they're here somewhere on this side it's on that roof there that's a tree I thought we can take off again but that didn't work we just can you get me this son this is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be we are literally on the water right now folks whoo I'm pretty impressed wish I could see how low I am oh dear I think we went in the water prison wait can we go this is probably gonna be a bad way in that we touch you definitely can't touch the water which is pretty sick this one behind us oh I think we got a plane coming after us you know yeah we do right dogfight boys okay I need to get high up into the air and then I can drop down behind them and where is he oh okay let's not do that I can't see a thing the controls are really everywhere everything oh no my engines gone oh no my engines have gone Oh what what right so dogfighting is is definitely gonna be an acquired skill you're not just gonna oh maybe you will pick it up immediately but I didn't we're gonna keep flying around until we find some more people to take out anybody in here wow that's but why is there a massive oh it's a Colt deer that's interested yeah you can't blow that up I don't think now I can't even check behind me whoa we are very high up right now I wanted to see how like what's over these mountain ridges if he just kills me I'm gonna be in oh god this games future this game is massive I thought I'd be dead by now but holy hell we're gonna land up on top of that mountain if you can know yeah just cut your engine out wax silly good I lined it no underneath it hold on okay that's not bad is it really oh shit oh no we're good bilenda to the tree I'm gonna take it off shit go this way nope so the point what is happening okay nice nice I'm out I'm out of hit go that's it oh shoot well maybe we can get it back if we need it for now I'm just stuck up on top of this mountain really I didn't plan for that oh ho ho hello does this game to live it yes it does we're gonna try and destroy that yes sign with this plane hopefully that's still here please still be here yeah as long as we can take off with it and then fly out swear that yes sign is without crashing and dying or whatever I'll mess up probably let's repair it get fixed get fixed No hey hey stop falling down man it just keeps going I have to climb back up now wingsuit and see if I can fly around find the little grapple pointer to get me up oh there's a guy there why the hell is there a guy there on top of the mountain did you crash your plane to pitch it well it's a treatment no I don't have to go spawn in another plane now on sir and here we go I don't know why one if you've lined here but just fellow we could go back up the mountain hopefully my planes still there probably not well we've scaled back up the mountain this is quite pretty oh there is animals appear well there are animals affair I should say all right peaches go get that one climate bring him back oh my god he's good man pistol in one shot yeah you see that preaches that's how you do it I mean you're running after him fighting nonsense where's the one that you killed there it is thank you sir and where's your brother no way father all right there we go now where's my plane well come back and get it I promised let's go get ourselves a new one whoo okay wingsuit in right through the yes son this is gonna be challenging holy Sh if I die first I want to go through the eat okay okay oh fuck it just drips or drops if he's dripping that's a bit horrible you'd probably get that checked out but he just dropped down come on okay new plane I'm gonna go for the red one I know it's been nine grand on my one but we'll forget about that one for a second just want to try something new there we go gimme gimme hello your chrome beauty all right peaches it'd be so cool if you could set features in the gun cannon obviously not to shoot but you know just you could turn around and see is cute Oh her cute little face sorry just being like oh there it is that was pretty cool to the yes side yeah so there's like it there's a height you can reach when you're flying and your propels will just stop but then you can pretty much just go this level so that's cool you also if you try to go outside of the bap where it doesn't want you to it the same thing will happen okay there's the yes so let's pop a few shots off at it or rockets I'm in some machine gunning it I don't even know if we could just randomly destroy or if it has to be a mission but I'm giving it my best rockets into the air here we go refill ammo you serious man no time for that get dead here's a little kid all right here we go care about your story missions oh dear this is gonna be a few runs I think refill the ammo delightful machineguns just refill automatically which is nice this is a story major but I don't care there's no story to this over there me being a badass okay upside-down shouts upset okay no maybe not that's it yes it's so I know that's a crash we good okay it's okay it's okay everything was nearly fine we can just push it over but yeah oh now it's in a tree okay let's tree not even destroy trees in this okay no no no no don't you dare stop this is probably gonna win really badly okay peaches wish me luck you might want to get out of here for this it's probably gonna wake you up we reverse we can oh let's just try and take up no Oh God and this is it this yeah that's how we do that all right let's finish this off machine gun there yeah only a little bit left I think just to bottom up the side all right two little pieces two pieces there we go and destroy the yes side of the plane that's how we do that right that's not flight for actually you're welcome you are welcome okay now we're on the hunt yes that's exactly what we're on the hunt for all right let's try to take it down with what we have I don't know oh there we go got a few shots on him why not just crash into it we all right on this guy's ass each well I did not expect him to just jump out and do that and my feet are stuck again I've got my sides I'm not letting him get away this time get out of there is he good or is he down I'm not seeing him I think we took him out you know no no no we didn't know we didn't know hello this is so difficult there is ice got the other way first person flying is not easy okay he's showing me now he's got the drop on me he's right behind me I'm guessing there is sir can you stop being so erratically before oh my god this I'm sorry if this is making you feel sick I apologize let's be in front of it yes he's that goodness here we go get back in now come on good Tony a man got if it's see that's it oh he's going down see you a second I'm out bullets and that is how you to that may this could have should be quite fun they just need to make us as a few more cult members flying around the sky this kind of bear of the moment you have to fly around for a good five bidded for your private away I killed an innocent civilian sorry sorry oh yes silo destroyed sorry just have to try it oh my god come at me ah suck it job you gotta come after me with your little crybaby eyes bring it man got another one right in my sights now crashed again not great a whole host a submit is it a plane what the fuck what killed me okay maybe if we land no no no no no no you die you know what I like this plain and old but it's I keep dying really badly and then okay did not mean to just jump out but apparently that stops the plane it's still early go meet what happened here hey brother are you good why is he going now disintegrate his body no are you glowing or something underneath you glowing cow what happened here okay we're gonna kamikaze this thing and out we get please parachute that's it I think it fell short yeah that felt good if you're aiming your plane is something in you jump out it will not reach I'm telling you now just from experience hello this Aperta magazine oh my gosh that is some powerful metal beaches go on it attack how the hell holds a lot of fire hold on peaches you might want to get away oh no he didn't get away in time peaches you're silly get open come on let's if we need to do oh damn sorry was like as I blow up your silo thing what are you doing what do you what's this lady doing you just carrying a bat around with you help yeah I'm ready to kill some cows beat some cows up Oh Oh God what's happening I heard a scream screams never good lady I mean sir was it you did you scream that loud no come on move that gun I will end your life nice job and falls in thank you notice anything else to me good oh hey cow Hey hi buddy how did that not kill him Oh killing man I will not let this guy get away not today too much is escaping me including him now apparently he's getting away how is it still alive how is that a thing everyone come on it come on let's go let's go team I see you running at me sir I see it it's cute but a headshot I've got a bear a bear is shooting at this oh he got out because it's about to blow up or not nope yeah no it did no your this guys coming after him I told you oh no that wasn't headshot like I told you Fred sit down and stay down or I'll come after your family you kill your children your wife your mum dad everybody guys I think we did pretty well to blow up the yes sign we took down a plane maybe two in the air but dogfighting is quite tricky they released the only downside so I think is that when you're actually flying around you don't actually get enough planes coming after you it's a dogfight with I figured you get more when you apply them but I see you as far as I can see you get more when you're wandering around on the ground which is kind of annoying but it's fun it's fun I enjoyed it I just kind of anointed myself i spending nine grand on the plane but we'll get past it you know it's all good guys oh say why is all the aerial stuff coming out now I mean it's sense but guys thank you so much for watching this video if you want to see more Far Cry 5 all you have to do is support this episode hit that like button leave a comment down below let me know what you want to see next and if I like it I'll do it anyway guys if you to the channel subscribe over the Nook thank you for watching goodbye did I get the pilot no forget him now no oh shit bye

48 thoughts on “Far Cry 5 – DESTROYING THE "YES" SIGN IN A PLANE (Far Cry 5 Free Roam) #5”

  1. Got me some Absolut, and I am taking a shot every time William here describes something as "sick", blames his piss poor shooting on the game, or pointlessly murders a civilian. I should be blind drunk in 6 minutes. (I like these vids, don't get me wrong)

  2. The planes are so broken in this games literally if you slow down your plane before you hit something it does little to nothing to the plane and using that tactic you can land anywhere

  3. Never knew the YES sign could be destroyed. I flew there and my guns didnt do anything. COuld be cos I used a copter. At the base of the Sign there's an RPG and a bunvh of Ammo. I should have tried using them. Now I'm going back

  4. Hey dude someone told me this morning if you do not go to hopes end when you have John's area all the way to where you go to the church the area becomes a warzone with more planes….not sure yet if its true but gonna hopefully try it

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