FAA criteria to hire air traffic controllers irrelevant?

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‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ exclusive: The FAA seems to believe that having diverse air traffic controllers is more important than having good ones and seems unwiling to defend its hiring practices. #Tucker

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49 thoughts on “FAA criteria to hire air traffic controllers irrelevant?”

  1. It's really hard to become an air traffic controller, and the pay is great, and this is because: it's a very difficult & stressful job, and literally thousands of people's lives are in your hands every day you work. And now we can see how bizarre and anti-meritocratic 'diversity' is: because they knock the requirements down based on how someone looks or their sexual identity. This is not a job you can 'coast through', and hundreds of people can easily die if the wrong person is hired for the job. Thanks, Obama!

  2. Thank God that dumbass Obama isn't in charge anymore and no he wasn't our president he was a racist piece of shit that didn't do anything but tear this country apart that was his whole plan like to know who the dumbass people were that voted for that piece of shit

  3. Liberals, next time you have open heart surgery or Brain surgery ask that the surgeons only requirement be they are the race of your choice. No other qualifications or training is needed

  4. Good grief! What's next…diversity over education and qualification for Doctors, Surgeons and Specialists? We are fucking finished under this ridiculous, leftist way of thinking. Welcome all to the Mad Hatter's tea party! This is pure, unadulterated insanity!

  5. The scale & importance of this "diversity over merit" revelation cannot be understated, and if Tucker goes far enough to bring it to the fore – he could be rewarded with a well-deserved Pulitzer Prize.

  6. What did he do positive for this country? Everything he laid his Greedy Racist Communist anti-America paws on, he heavily Regulated in the most negative way possible. He stood for Everything that America does Not. His scuzzy wife too. If this doesn’t scream how little shi** he cares about Americans, idk what is

  7. I hope Tucker can bring this issue to President Trump so he can have someone looking into it. However, everyone should write to your Congressman to stop this insanity!

  8. Hmmm…I'm thinking about becoming a brain surgeon but admit that I'm not quite smart enough to get through all the training required.
    But wait! If I demand that the standards be lowered……..

  9. I drive unless it is more than 1200 miles. Or an ocean is involved. No need for the Gestapo searches and not being able to take what I want with me. Fees and dbag smelly people. No thanks.

  10. I am an air traffic controller who went through one of the application processes that included the biographical questionnaire. It had literally zero questions pertaining to race or anything that would identify a minority. It was essentially a personality filter intended to find individuals who had the proper mindset to handle the demands of ATC. While I agree the metrics used were not necessarily the most accurate, this clip misrepresents the BioQ's intent (probably intentionally to generate public mistrust of the FAA and to gain support for the idea of privatization). Furthermore, I have a bachelor's degree in the sciences and previous ATC experience and I was in about only 15% (if I remember correctly, the percentage was LOW) that weren't disqualified based on the results. Please take this segment with a huge grain of salt.

    Edit: I encourage anyone sincerely interested in this to ask some questions. I'd be happy to respond.

  11. DIE-versity is beginning to live up to its promise: buildings that collapse, teachers who can't teach, a surgeon who dances, sings and films her operations on hidden camera…and air traffic controllers who can't direct air traffic. I feel SAFER already !

  12. Isn't it more important that the person vectoring the plane in is diverse, not competent?
    And would you still feel that way if YOU or your family were in that plane? Thank you Obama!

  13. Why am l surprised there is a Black Air Traffic Controllers Association ? And who could have POSSIBLY foreseen a problem arising from the existence of such a group ? We're all, every race, less safe because this madness.

  14. I am a graduate of CCBC, at one point it was the best school to go to for air traffic control. I moved away from my home to attend this school at the age of 19. This changed happened right in the middle of my schooling. I chose to finish my schooling even tho many dropped out and have been dealing with this for years. My degree is useless in any other field other than ATC. I don't even make enough money to go back to school. Because of this change my life was turned over on its head. I'm left here with only a slim chance of a job and student loan debts.

  15. How many planes have crashed? You still go through training and everyone goes through the same training. Black people wash out, white people wash out. Stop being racist.

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