Extended Look North report on RAF Scampton 5th Oct 2018

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Extended Look North report on the closure of RAF Scampton, and a update on the condition of David Stark..

it's been home to the red arrows for almost 20 years and employs hundreds of people but there are concerns that the closure of RAF skempton near Lincoln will leave behind a ghost town it was announced ago in July that the site will shut and be sold off in four years time Jessica Lane's report looks at the potential impact of closing the station on the whole local area building oil right here is the youth club now and behind it was our coffee shop and it's a huge asset to the community and it's something we desperately don't want to lose so over here is the heart of our community is two two shops with no public transport on a Sunday or nighttime and very limited during a day so those that can't drive without those shops and that we would be basically trapped on on the place people queued for weeks in 2002 to get hold of a home so defeat Ras Campton for a deposit of just 99 pounds and since then the MiG and civilians have lived side by side but now residents say they're worried about what might happen in the future we don't want another disastrous decommissioning what's happened in the rest of West Lindsey my concern is they just pull out and just leave us with nothing so we lose all our facilities we lose everything we lose the community basically there's a lot of people that aren't military around here as well that use the city so I can't see them shutting everything with the school in the nurseries we moved here because of the facilities really for children everything's here the family needs the shop if we went out of something my main concern is what would happen with the base once it is closed down one idea is that a residence group could run the shops as not for-profit businesses and the hangars which are listed by historic England could be open to the public the existing Dambusters collection remaining in hangar 1 and the firefighting museum returned to the base in hangar to the Ministry of Defense moved out of hemsworth Cliff 10 years ago and some here warn people in scam Dhin to make sure they're not left with a legacy of problems it needs to be monitored really carefully that it's done well and and and monitor who these pieces of land or buildings are being sold to and what are their ones with them one issue is potential contamination last year authorities removed soil containing mustard gas from the former RAF Widow spa I've seen documents which suggests that chemical weapons were routinely disposed of otário stations during and after the war nobody can say exactly where but it could mean problems for people wanting to develop the site here on that the Ministry of Defense told me it takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and will clean up any defence specific contaminants councils and residents are hoping to meet the MiG later this month to discuss all of these issues before the RAF leave for good in 2022 Jessica Lane BBC Look North at RAF Campton looking at the future of the red space and Bert's Campton and the red arrows pilot injured in a crash earlier this year is recuperating well and working with the team again the Squadron Leader says it's been an emotional year for the Reds as they helped mark the centenary of the raf and learned that their home base in Lincolnshire is too close well Sarah Walton caught up with the team as they finished their display season in Monaco the red arrows fifty-fourth display season will be remembered for long to come leading the celebrations of the RAF s 100th anniversary the highlight for me is was flying down the mile with her with a hundred other airplanes and that was particularly special I mean that is a once-in- it once-in-a-generation occasion I think and for the team's newest member it was one he got to share with the family are out there they're all in the park actually they were in High Park watching it and so they got to see it in the in the flesh which which was great but it was a season that started with tragedy a crash during training killed much-loved engineer corporal Jonathan Bayliss he's been remembered at displays through the summer with a special maneuver called circus named for the team of engineers that travel with the Reds but the pilot that was injured in that crash like lieutenant David stark has now returned to work yeah Starkey dave starck he's been back in the office he is recuperating amazingly well and it's really good for the guys to see him on the squadron so he is still well well within the Rheneas family and whilst he's not flying at the moment he is you know helping out with most of the planning for our season this year and there's been a real asset but more was to follow with the news the red arrows base in Lincolnshire will shut in 2022 yeah we were as shocked as anyone to hear the announcement this camp soon was closing and it you know it has been the home of the red arrows for such a long time now but we need to look at is our operating procedures and how we could transpose that to a new base the busy summer came to a close in Monaco and for four Reds it was their very last performance as they leave the team I'm done oh no it's it's happy and sad at the same time you know it's amazing memories to look back on but Mike's looking forward to a change of career have an amazing time in the military so I'm probably gonna be looking to leave continue to fly so well you never know if you're on holiday you might hear me holler from up front a mixture of emotions but I'll look that with very fond preparations for next season have already begun with the new pilots due to be announced in the coming weeks Sarah Walton BBC lacrosse Thank You Sara and last night across her she was looking at how the red arrows promote British business around the globe and some of you comments and thoughts after the program last night just a couple then Bill believes the best way that the red arrows can secure their future is to show how valuable they are by promoting UK business overseas including the legal arms sales that secured thousands of jobs and Wayne says that they have always been used as a way of advertising the British Armed Forces around the world if we didn't supply arms to other countries they would simply buy from another supplier thank you very much indeed for all of those

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