Economy Class Review: AEGEAN AIRLINES – The world's best Regional Airline

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Is Aegean Airlines really the world’s best Regional Airline or not? I’ll put the airline to a test and give you a comprehensive review of their Economy Class product.

Aegean Airlines A320-200 Economy Class Review on A3865 from Prague Vaclav Havel Airport to Athens Airport.

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are a good morning from the Czech Republic park to be more specific my mom is actually from Czech Republic so I'd be flying to Greece today thanking vegan Airlines I don't know how to pronounce it properly but please enlighten me in the comments section below and yeah and I'll be only flying for two hours it's a short flight and I'll only be flying economy class so I'm gonna do the economy class review for the first time so yeah let me know what you think of it and whether you want me to do more economy class reviews which I'd love to do and yeah from Athens are gonna fly to Cairo and from Cairo to Dubai on Emirates first class and from Dubai to Beijing also on the 380 first Khan's Emirates which I'm very excited about it but now let's go and check in and give this beautiful flat carrier of Greece a nice review so let's go [Applause] so the flight was actually pretty pretty cheap so I only paid 100 euros from product to essence and it includes a baggage allowance of tandy kilograms they also part of style lines so which means I can get my points for my miles and smiles with Turkish Airlines which is pretty cool so if you don't have a status with your credit card or with an airline and you don't have lounge access because you travel on economy I can actually recommend this app here it's called lounge buddy and you can immediately access from your phone and then you can purchase lounge exit if you want to it's not bad if you want like some airports they don't have free Wi-Fi you want to eat something you want to have a snack or something like that so I find is that it's pretty convenient and I use it from time to time if I don't travel on business park is probably one of the coolest airports in Europe anyways you have free Wi-Fi great shops and facilities there and is really conveniently located so if you happen to live in East Germany and your next major airport is Berlin Munich or Frankfurt which is quite a way to travel you can just head to Prague and Prague has a great network it's connected with Emirates to be a Dubai and and Qatar and also if like straight flights to the United States and Canada so next time mr. Jeter flies maybe you should try to fly from frog [Applause] so my first impression of the cabin was it was very clean and it looked very organized and the airline is only operating Airbus a320s and 21 so so the product you get is probably all the same but I find a seat to be very comfortable so I for those two hours of flying from product items that hadn't had any problems I mean nothing it seems like they're maintaining their cabin quite frequently and this is not worn out like on other flights with Ryanair and easyJet of experience they have some magazines there there was a duty-free shop onboard and overall it's a pretty basic cabin with great cabin crew though they were really friendly helpful and with no attitude which you could get quite often on regional flights in Europe especially so when it comes to the entertainment you better be prepared because then there's no personal entertainment screen in front of you there is an overhead screen which is just showing the same video over and over again about main tourist destinations in Greece so and I mean you have those magazines which aren't dead and like entertaining so you better upload some movies or TV series to your phone or your iPad otherwise you will get quite bored so unlike many other airlines in Europe who just actually included in your fare and you will get a hot meal even sighs a really small portion but you get something warm to eat which is great you get on top of that you get a bag of crackers and a chocolate bar including soft rings and a coffee so I mean that really stood out and it's a great regional airline they've been awarded for the six to seven consecutive time as the best regional airline in the world and from those two flights I took its well-deserved and after the actual meal service they come around for a second time and they offer you hot drinks such as coffee and tea [Applause] yeah that's pretty much what you get it seems to be like a really solid airline regional airline in Europe which goes actually beyond the average service you get I mean these days you don't get much anymore on regional flights to the British Airways well you actually have to purchase food and stuff so yeah totally would find them again it's a great great airline and I'm glad I tried them so this is it this is like my first economy class review here on my channel so if you'd like to please give me a thumbs up subscribe to my channel there are a lot of videos coming these days and this year and yeah also follow me in Instagram you can find the link in description below and yeah give me some please back and I love to engage with my followers as well so please support me and thanks for watching the video I now hope that you zoom in the next time again for my upcoming videos thank you so much guys

39 thoughts on “Economy Class Review: AEGEAN AIRLINES – The world's best Regional Airline”

    Your title is wrong. “best regional economy class IN EUROPE.”
    I’m sorry, but in Asia and Africa I can expect a lot better service than this. But then Lufthansa looks like a pathetic excuse of an airline compared to the asian carriers. Simple airlines which are better than A3 include: CX, CI, ANA, JAL, TG, GA, SQ, MH (to be fair your experience was pretty shit compared to the norm) and EK.

  2. Aegean emerged as the sole Greek Airline after Olympic’s dismantle. Prior to this, people got frustrated by the way they were treated the previous years by Olympic who was monopolising in Greece, therefore everyone applauded the rise of the new carrier Aegean.

    The past years it is Aegean that has been monopolising in Greece and unfortunately they have started treating their customers with the same arrogance Olympic once did. I’m pretty sure that once a new player comes to the scene, Aegean will lose a lot of business because of that arrogance. Although it is regularly awarded as one of the best Regional Airlines, that is because their focus is on the in-flight quality of service which is indeed very good. On the other hand their prices have gone crazy high even for short distance flights and their Miles & Bonus scheme is a joke. From my experience, although I have accumulated a great deal of spending miles, it seems that I cannot spend any since in order to find free slots, I have to foresee a trip many-many months before and has to not be within one of their dozens of busy periods, making it pretty impossible to spend them. Even if you want to use the miles to fly 2-3 months ahead, you have to be willing to fly with other carriers and through another destination (transit), hence doubling your flight time and hassle. Furthermore, as I am a silver card holder, I am entitled to 2 upgrades per year from economy to business class. Same here, whenever I try to use these upgrades there never seem to be any available slots/seats. Then a year passes and these vouchers expire. Total BS.

  3. Hi Josh i think you should also do a Business Class review on Aegean on a route to Europe (London,Dublin etc) or MidEast and CIS,Russia..As a huge fan of your vids i''l be waiting your next review

  4. This is the worst airline ever !! i fly about 5 or 6 times a year internationally , the food quality is very bad, I refused to eat it. they lost my luggage it took 10 days of fighting with the customer service with no help until I started writing badly on Facebook, later on they recovered my luggage with missing items. and they refused to compensate me

  5. I love Aegean! I had the pleasure of flying with them from Athens to Paris back in 2015 when I was heading back to the US. I was traveling at that time with my 18 month old son. The flight crew was no nice! One flight attendant saw I had my hands full with the baby the stroller the carry on she actually helped me when we reached Paris by taking the carry on while I was pushing the stroller down to a certain checkpoint that she could not go past for security measures, and wished us a safe flight!!! I was so impressed with the excellent customer service I received!! This was going way beyond her job description . And they kept my son entertained through our flight by giving him complimentary little books to look at. Which was much more than I received from United Airlines heading back home. I will always fly Aegean while traveling in Europe!!

  6. Thank u so much for this video! Im flying to rhodos from norway on sunday with aegian airlines. And i have a bit of flight fear and havent Been on a plane in 3 years. Watching videos like these helps me out so thank you 😁

  7. Great video
    I just want to ask you something that bothers me concerning intra-europe flights . Do you really think that an IFE is necessary for a two-hour more or less flight ? People are so used to it that they find its absence unacceptable

  8. I'm so confused Josh….your name is British , you live in Prague, and you have a German passport?
    Your nephew is adorable!! He reminds me of my German great nephew Mats!

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