Early morning Plane Spotting at London Luton Airport | 02-01-19

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Hello all, well this is my first ever spotting trip of 2019, and unfortunately it will go down as one of my saddest ever trips that I’ve done. We had arrived just after 8am, just as daylight had broke and for 90 minutes I was having so much fun, the lighting was great, and there were some decent movements due in around 10am, of which I was excited to see. Unfortunately, around half past 9, we had a phone call from my nan to say that my Grandad, of whom had been in hospital for 3 weeks with Cancer had passed away. So rightfully I decided i had to leave, it was devastating news, and especially to receive when I was at one of my favourite places. There isn’t too much variety in this video as I had hoped, there was an El Al 737, Blue Air 737 special livery and a TUI 757 due in but I couldn’t stay after receiving that news, we had to leave immediately. I want to thank everyone on Twitter for the condolences, it has been lovely during this difficult time for me, anyway I’m sorry for the short video, and I hope you will like it

The lighting as I mentioned was brilliant, a lovely Winter’s morning with temperatures sitting just above 0 degrees! There were a few interesting movements about, a Private Lineage 1000 belonging to Al Habtoor group, as well as a TUI Belgium 737. Other movements included the usual Easyjet A319’s and A320’s, Wizz Air A320’s and A321’s, a few Ryanair 737’s and a Blue Air 737

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33 thoughts on “Early morning Plane Spotting at London Luton Airport | 02-01-19”

  1. Fantastic footage from London buddy, really great job. I see we share a passion for Aviation I also run a small Aviation channel on YouTube it will be my pleasure if U have time to check it out! I hope one day to do some spotting in London. Big like from Alpha SiX!!

  2. First of all my sincere condolences to the death of your beloved grandfather, dear Casey.
    I wish you and your family a lot of strength in this difficult time.

    Here you can see the typical easyJet and Wizzair – Show in LTN.
    But i like the interesting Embraer Lineage 100.
    What a great catch!

    Thx & best regards from Germany.

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