#DigitalAircraft Aviation Aerospace Business Case Studies

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do you or your company have a great product yet you struggle to get your message out how would you like to generate 10 20 or even 30 or more new high-value leads or clients every single month on demand with predictability if you're looking to accelerate the growth of your business keep watching this video you will not be disappointed look I have case studies where I've generated millions of dollars in business revenues new webinars and leads 5,000 new customers social media exposure 50 million in new revenue 70 million in new revenue 2 million in new revenue 30 million in real estate value 30 million in annual reoccurring operations value and 15 million in retail business value all of these generated using my system we need to think big and we need to create success over 40 years in aviation I have enthusiastically sought to understand successful businesses over this career I've started 24 new businesses large and small and it's with this foundation that I've learned to understand what makes a business successful how to grow a business I have relentlessly sought to help others to be successful in business and what factors it is that makes those businesses successful from this I've developed a system to help businesses in the conversion of new clients and securing new revenue my background has been working with over 200 companies I've traveled a million miles in four hundred eighty thousand miles in just the last year to observe aviation operations worldwide I've worked as an internet marketer and lead generator I have over 17,000 plus LinkedIn connections tens of thousands of connections in this 35-year career in aviation in business all of this is experience that I've used to help businesses to be successful in the aviation industry I've also worked with some of the best in the industry to refine and to grow skills for years most recently I worked directly with Grant Cardone he's a real estate investor with 1.2 billion in value he's a family man in a businessman he's a forbes number one marketing influencer top 10 influential CEOs in a number one business influencer I've also worked with Tai Lopez investor partner and advisor to over 20 million dollars in businesses over 20 multi-million dollar businesses in his business mentorship program he was also voted the number one social media influencer in Entrepreneur Magazine hey here's a quick little video that we shot together when I was at his house in Beverly Hills Chris where are you your dad's here hey Chris he didn't bring you along man we're just talking some business we got some books this is one of my mini libraries we got the cars out there next time tell your dad to bring you along all right okay sounds good it was a great time and we had a good time working together at his place okay I have some key case studies for you in this case study I agreed to work with a company called empower MX a SAS based aviation maintenance software company to increase their revenues the company's been in operation for almost 20 years and the growth had stalled out I was brought on board to help grow the company over three years I brought the pipeline from zero to over a thousand active clients in the pipeline this included closing contracts valued at over 30 million dollars this positioned the company to secure new investment revenue funding of five million dollars in 2018 here's a direct quote from the company controller this company has never been in better financial condition in the entire time I've been here next one of my clients was an aviation IT blockchain start-up one of the clients was Stefan fuller the founder and CEO of a wings started working with me when they wanted to increase their presence on social media we work together and accomplished a major marketing campaign on linkedin and email to secure new leads as potential high-value clients it's just six weeks we were able to secure 34 new potential clients as a result of the process next an e-commerce new business startup another case study was this ecommerce new business startup startup ecommerce and network marketing called light shine in this case I helped her create one hundred and seven to two thousand dollars in sales in the first eight months after inception in this process we secured 5,000 new customers and created a social media marketing following of 4,500 persons okay because right now I'm looking for a few more in my dream businesses to work with where I can help them to get the massive kind of results that I've shared with you that's why for a limited time I'd like to work with you in a marketing strategy session if you meet the criteria so with that being said please understand that this window of opportunity won't be available for long and what I've found is for those who have the ability to make decisions and act quickly they're the ones that are most likely to get results and so they end up being my best clients and we work together for years and we crush it hey thanks for giving me your time on this presentation fair winds and following seas to you now go ahead and apply

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