depth perception fail with aviation rates

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Hoping I get a decent variety of jobs in the aviation field that don’t require “normal depth perception”. Let me know if you got any thoughts, thanks!

hey what's going on guys I just spit on my table got a quick video for you guys quick quick quick it won't be as long just going to talk about the aviation field the aviation jobs and depth perception really quick got some questions first I want to give a shout out to Eric Jenkins either cool or eat Jenks as it is on YouTube follow him on instagram either cool e underscore the cool I think I think I got it right yeah what's up man I see you I see you you crossed all the way up and feeling I'm down here California it's cool how we can connect brother yeah so shout-out to you man shoutout to let's see Janelle P Janelle PICU thanks for thanks for this helpful website I can go to to check out the aviation jobs because I've checked out some other jobs too or some other sites that kind of gave me some different info and that's kind of what made me want to make this video to John to you and team a girl team would girl yeah I think I'm pronouncing that right shout out to you and you I think you're leaving to boot camp in July so good luck with that Yolo AB F shout-out to you man I think you're taking the test a few days Tuesday I think right yeah yeah good luck with that man and yeah Jamal Brice I see you man yes okay so anyways I'm making this video just to okay so I feel my I failed my depth perception when I went down to maps and I want to work in the aviation field I want to work with gents or work with all that and I noticed that a lot of the job qualifications you got to have good depth perception or don't want that perception which I feel yes the only reason why I failed was because that guy was rushing me I don't know he it was it was just like I don't know just what I've got a quick and I had no clue what the fuck he was trying to tell me so yeah I failed that but I guess what I'm asking is is it gonna limit a lot of my jobs in the aviation field if I don't have if I failed my depth perception you know so I know now that I looked at it even if I wanted to become an aviation bowsman may be h AV e maybe if whatever that I I don't think I can not because you have to have normal depth perception other jobs I looked at ad aviation machinist me I don't think you to have good depth perception for that so that'll help out but I noticed these two websites well Janelle P sent me this this website was it was like C and RC Navy dot mil slash publications died HTM something like that and it gave me all these jobs all these all these Aviation rates that I could choose from and it really goes into detail gives you the qualified qualifications and interests opportunities what they do you know all this stuff what school you go to and I noticed a lot of these jobs on this website said that you had to have good depth perception normal hearing and normal color and depth perception are required for a s I'll just reading some random one and then I noticed on another website about calm so my phone that in these and these tests that they're showing me here you don't have to have a good depth perception basically what I'm trying to say is that two different sites show that one area of okay so two different size one side says that yet a lot of the jobs need good depth perception the other side says that it's basically showing that you there's no qualification for a tenth reception good depth reception so I'm a little confused on that so I guess what I'm trying is if you guys want to comment down below what are my chances of getting a good job are like enough jobs in the aviation field what are my chances of yeah getting you know giving enough job I don't know one of my chances of getting enough job opportunities in the aviation field yeah I guess yeah so um let me know because now I'm a little nervous I'm like you know and I don't want to be an air traffic controller I don't think you have to score I have a good depth perception on that so I just comment below let me know shit forgetting something well if I do then I don't know yeah so yeah I was just checking out these jobs and a shit man I hope I get you know some good yeah so some good jobs maybe a few I don't want to do something else oh well yeah okay all right thank us take it easy and just let me know I

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  1. Hey man I just went to meps yesterday and I failed my depth perception to and I hate to say it but if you fail your depth perception you do t qualify for any aviation’s jobs anymore.But you take a depth perception in boot camp so if you pass it then you will qualify for aviation jobs again

  2. Haha I know… I actually talked to my recruiter today, I'm going down to meps tomorrow to pick my job! He also told me not to get my hopes up for any aviation job… (not cool). We will see though.. I'm looking up other jobs now. Wish me luck 🙂

  3. And I hope it doesn't limit it horribly. Maybe they will give you another depth test for like a second opinion or maybe you can request one when you go back to meps since you felt like he rushed you

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