Customs UK (Bristol Airport) – Sweets.. Is that what you call them?

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These shows are so addictive to watch! In a sad way, its quite fascinating to see the length that these people go threw just to smuggle in narcotics. I can’t imagine what their lives were like before deciding to make this fateful decision. Of course I’ve heard of Dire Straits but wouldn’t it be much easier to just steal a car!?!

Its almost like these drug mules are waiting to get caught red handed. After 9/11, airport security around the world is super tight. Don’t they know that?!?!

As crazy as the drug world is, these kingpins aren’t that stupid. Only the mules are. One things for sure…If you plan on becoming a mule, NEVER think that you’re the only person on that flight with a suitcase full of drugs. Chances are, there’s 4 of them on that plane, who are just like you.

you often see customs officers standing around watching passengers getting their luggage off the carousel they're watching every passenger very closely for telltale suspicious behavior and if they've been alerted by suspicious contents inside your suitcase you'll have to be prepared to be pulled aside for questioning at Bristol Airport two passengers flying in from Malaga in Spain have been acting suspiciously and officers decide to pull them over oh they're both customs just come through please you are together only both feet away yeah how long weeks okay and we'd be traveled was to being away hide strong Spain just in that palace Kosta right you stayed in one place so yeah or around holidays just we have been stopped by customs like sparkly yourselves everything the cases belong to yourself also where certain things aren't allowed to be brought into UK drugs weapons obscene – oh the man tries to hide his mobile phone without the officer noticing but it doesn't work I could sir part of the chapter the man is agitated and it could be with some reason mr. Nemec I said sweets oh sweet we'll open it up you can see what's in there oh cool customs officers are used to hearing all kinds of stories but it's not often they catch someone lying as blatantly as this there's a Switzer back in Bristol the two passengers from Malaga have been caught out lying and have a bit of explaining to do there's a sweet sir it's cannabis it isn't it who will cannabis you're not sure you said you pack the case yourself here but they're in their knowledge but see this time right you're under arrest all right right PC you put you're both under arrest will travel together okay it's especially important in illegal drug control drugs all right now you do have to say anything but it may harm your defense withdraw measurement questioned something you later rely on in court right anything juicy maybe no evidence during the Sun as the officer soon discovers it wasn't just one package of sweets the man was carrying but for how much you go and total me now to search the woman's case and sure enough more packages of sweets this time it appears to be the more concentrated cannabis resin rather than the loose leaf cannabis is six resin canvas four factors of herbal cannabis not sure which the couple has been caught red-handed but before they're charged officers will have to carry out a strip search just to make sure they're not carrying any more sweets back at Bristol it's game over for the couple who've been stopped carrying several kilos of cannabis justly you know okay into a sea search person view profile to do the bike first we've done pay dirt obviously few main columns and I'm continue to rule and the same thing both passengers will be strip searched first up it's the woman who searched and yet more drugs are found on her the phone fat smaller on thing about her inner world on the female passenger they've found a quantity of most blue to be an admin substance or person you're sort of a mountain so something else to go through with what we found in the cases so far as the man goes in to be searched the woman is taken away to custody for further questioning the couple who attempted to smuggle a huge amount of hash and pot into the UK have been busted the only thing for officers to do now is confirm the size of the haul 2.68 two point six eight kilos of herbal cannabis and five point four kilos of resin is a sizable haul worth over $100,000 and it's an excellent seizure by the offices it has been adopted by a high-level team if you like within the department and they usually take on the large pieces so so we can see but it is a substantial amount he's not getting away from that a few days later the couple's son was also stopped by customs in the same airport and he too was carrying six kilos of cannabis the mother father and son are all awaiting trial and if found guilty could each face a sentence of several years in prison and you know what they say a family that smuggles together does time together you

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