CTV News Story – New Aviation Training Center

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well the canterbury recovery may seem slow but in New Zealanders jetting forth with the new multi-million dollar Aviation Institute which opened in Christchurch today the city has been chosen is one of the best locations for training new recruits and as reporter Jared McCulloch explains the aviation world needs more pilots and engineers together we go to clear he's in an aviation institute firstly okay the recovery continues this time in aviation this new ain't million-dollar purpose-built center was constructed over two years designed to handle the growing number of students needed in the aviation industry and a large amount of that money has gone into this very spacious instead of the hangar c70 students come through every year it's 58 meters long by 42 meters wide very good space for students we've got the classroom facilities out the back people will actually do the training with regard to the theory and the knowledge then they put that into practice the classrooms allow for a focused learning environment using both computers and handwritten exercises throughout the training we need qualified and capable people you know we put a lot of money into training any new zealand and we have decided to build this facility down here in New Zealand's investment into the region sees around 1,700 people employed injecting 155 million dollars into the economy annually making the business one of the region's largest after Becca flee is quite we get a another facility that was affected by the earthquake was also coming to the end of the lease but we made a decision to make the investment in thrilled to be able to I've been clear today it may be a milestone for the company but it's a huge milestone for the city but it's not just the region benefiting from the new facility a global demand for highly skilled aviation personnel is growing rapidly especially on international routes Boeing and Airbus are put out data saying we needed a significant number of engineers and pilots going forward so fundamentally it says well we here no we need to make that investment the numbers are huge in its latest report boeing sears more than 1 million new aviation personnel are needed in the next 20 years over half of them are commercial pilots while the other is made up of technicians and engineers however New Zealand plays a part on a much smaller scale in New Zealand will need something like 15 to 20 engineers on an annual basis particularly down here in Christ juice but that could change as time goes on what we're also doing here is actually training other companies engineers as well as engineers for overseas it's obviously the earthquake proof but it's also future proof to be able to grow as well so in the long run if we want to we have a greater throughput of students through this facility then we've got the ability to obviously enemy's name floor as well and put more workshops it's one giant leap forward with the New Zealand aviation sector continuing to soar into the future Jared michalak ctv news

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