Chief of Air Staff wishing the RAF a Merry Christmas

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The Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier and The Chief of the Air Staff’s Warrant Officer wish everyone in the RAF and their families a Merry Christmas!

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as a busy year draws to a close we can reflect back on a remarkable year for the Royal Air Force but it's also time to look forward to what 2019 and our next century has to offer this year the nation has joined the RAF in celebrating 100 remarkable years of defending the skies and projecting Britain's air power and influence around the world I would like to congratulate you all on the extraordinary levels of commitment you have made in making our centenary such a success across the whole of the United Kingdom and indeed worldwide we also reflect on the central role the RAF has continued to play in the security and prosperity of the nation and the dedication of all those committee to operations both at home and abroad this level of commitment and professionalism will for a number of you continue throughout the Christmas period which I can assure you is recognized at the highest levels it is also as important to thank all of your families who are equally as committed and dedicated to the work you do and provide the freedom for you to deliver looking forward to 2019 the RAF will continue to deliver the nation's air and space power sustaining our extensive operational commitments working with NATO and our international allies ready to support any contingency at home and abroad we will also look forward to growing our capabilities and our next-generation air force continued development of the typhoon and the f-35b lightning growing further are vital I star in our past capabilities sustaining our air mobility forces which are essential to every part of Defense's operations and expanding further our capabilities in space cyber and command the control we've also recognized in 2019 the achievements of the tornado force as it moves into retirement after 37 years of incredible service none of this happens without you and the individual and collective contribution you make to the Royal Air Force's success whether that's in the air or on the ground and across the whole force 2018 has been an incredible year we've celebrated our 100th anniversary in a way which has drawn universal acclaim in a way which our distinguished predecessors would judge entirely fitting in a way which future generations will reflect on with pride and we've done so whilst delivering extraordinary levels of operational commitment and success across the raf family we can be incredibly proud of what we have achieved together I offer you a muslin sear thank you and I wish you all very Merry Christmas Merry Christmas mr. president Merry Christmas sir

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  1. Well done to all members of the R.A.F. Having served just over 25 years with you, a quarter of your life, I understand the rigors of service life. All of you have a Merry Christmas and a peaceful (if possible) 2019.

  2. Thanks for protecting us from aliens, top lads and nice bombing runs u have been keeping the isis fighters quite have a good Christmas xoxoxooo

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