Chasing Sea Furys to Reno Air Races! Daily Vlog (almost) – day1

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Never seen so many warbirds prepped and launched that fast!
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THANKS to Elliot for inviting me on this one!
Check his channel for lots of cool stuff like this dead stick landing due to a catastrophic engine failure at 300+ knots and low altitude, from a previous year at Reno Air Races!

And big thanks Sanders Aeronautics for hosting me!


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I am a “weekend warrior” private pilot, I fly for fun with no intentions of going commercial. I have had my PPL for over 15 years, but still consider each flight a learning experience – I generally take detailed notes after each flight to remind myself what went well or what I could do to improve…. Having the GoPro cameras to record flights like this is invaluable. I find these self analysis videos very helpful in my constant quest to improve, and am happy to share. Feedback is invited; however, please keep it positive

Elliott's just working on his b-roll they're hiding behind me it's got a really awesome channel where he stored documents his life has a test pilot really cool to check out and he's invited me to join him here in Reno for the Air Races it's gonna be awesome [Applause] so I just woke up in an RV in Reno Nevada this is day two of being at the Reno Air Races I'm gonna try to do almost real-time vlogging I don't know how daily vloggers do it I won't be able that daily but I will get you guys up to date as much as I can a couple times during a week on what it's like to be part of this whole thing so we're camped out right here the field is right there it's like unit walk to the ramp yesterday we flew a whole bunch of aircraft here with Sanders aircraft they got four sea furies for the beach 18 and a great big TBM so currently Ellie and the rest of the crew have got back with trucks to get the trailers and all the supplies and so on they need to run all these aircraft here it's pretty amazing what a setup they've got I'm gonna be doing it at its suite based out of the room right here and yeah it's all happening man that 6:30 in the morning that starts yesterday was a pretty interesting day I sweat my butt off but we figured out that although we have power to this spot we did not have enough power to run the a/c up there so I needed a generator so I got that sorted out and then the night it was freezing so I turn on the furnace but it's brand new trailer furnace had some dust I guess so that's my solution to the smoke alarm going off at 3:00 in the morning that was super awesome but anyways I'm gonna leave that on there a little bit longer all the rest of dust burns off and I think I got this whole setup dialed in I've got a workstation in the room I'm gonna get back to editing and let's jump back in time and try to tell the story of what happened on day one getting on the aircraft here yeah see you later yeah yeah managed to make this dog consolidate into two bags so I can carry it and I forgot my phone on the plane that's the first time I've ever done that I got my phone back thank you guys those baggage came through I was gone made my piece I really made my piece I thought okay how can I do this without a phone it's gonna get hard right now Elliot but I already passed that sign we said I try to sneak in there like no man they like to tell me what we're doing here so we're doing the big mass exodus over to Reno so we have the Sanders are racing three airplanes plus the surveys of four points this year the goal was to get them all over there in one big mass exits the most badass thing about that is when you move these three airplanes which are all to Cedars you know I have six dudes that are stranded in Reno and you got to get them back so if you look around this hangar right now you see there's a big freaking empty space right there that's where the twin beach goes the twin Beach is already in Reno already ready to go so we're gonna get all these things up get them all slammin dam over there park them on the ramp and then get in the twin beaches waiting for us and twin Beach is going to be full coming back and then we're going to fill up that airplane and another airplane and we're gonna go back and take those over and we're to come back with a full twin beach again and then we're gonna spend all day Saturday driving trucks back and forth so I'm staying here with Sanders aircraft this is their kitchen that's in the hangar but check this out this is basically the hangar of dreams right here getting your seat ready nice that's what I'll be chillin yeah chops in there you want to tell me what was the deal with Saba not you're gonna race it but you know you can't win don't tell me about that so with something that is is a name that Dennis came up with in the joke is it's wasabi which is my race team combined with dreadknot which is totally flattering to that Dennis thought it was worth mixing my name with his totally rad the SX 300 is just a badass home-built airplane that there aren't many of them on the planet so I was stoked at the opportunity to fly Dennis's you know a year ago when I started working here Dennis is operating the tug right there that's the man the SX is relatively low energy compared to these guys so I think if we can get airborne ten minutes before them and just get up high then we'll have lots of smash to come in and get that first couple shots in the formation without dragging everybody back all right things are starting to happen here it's gonna happen fast they've got two airplanes on one tug what the hell is that there's such a well-oiled machine when they're doing this I just stay back I'm still the new guy as far as the scoot sir these guys have all been working together for what Denis assured me that he could keep the formation below 200 knots but I feel like you got a bunch of racers with their fangs out they've been waiting all year for this that might be a little difficult so things are happening so fast I don't know what to say I've never had to deal with this many airplanes at once watching guys work this fast so I'm moving faster than I probably were moving on a shoot all right so that just happened two airplanes on one tug twice the second time I got good shots I practiced on the first one Denis is flying this one just recently finished this airplane actually when Denis got it was broken in half so the entire fuselage is basically new but regardless this airplane is the one we have most camryn so we have one out here on the wing we have the gun camera that we installed last night we got a couple in the cockpit so that'll all be shooting Dennis real well so that first flight is gonna be these three sea furies and then my crown and his Mustang the SX is ready to rock so all I got to do is go over there and get in it and when we can roll so we're here we'll shoot whatever works so you guys get close and we're gonna take off we're gonna climb and about Auburn we're gonna lose you okay because we're gonna keep climbing got it yeah we're probably gonna go 14,000 or something and if you love a laugh at 10,000 or boogy you might beat us Sarah dennis has always sort of historically I think had a little secret interest in the sport class like should I say that out loud maybe I should keep that to myself but you cuz he's like a Warburg guy so like he can't be interested in sport class but every time he and I have cold beers he started to get wound up class for class I wish stoked about the opportunity to learn a new airplane I was stoked about to see how it would handle on the course and mostly the sport class I think of all the classes at Reno they have some fantastic formation procedures are very disciplined to put more airplanes up in a single day than any other class that's running at Reno they absolutely have to have their stuff together and that like brief fly debrief process they have down in a way that nobody else does so the opportunity to fly in that class again was something I really wanted to do but you know the last time I went on the course I was literally going a hundred miles an hour faster then I'll be going in the SX so it's a bit of a step back in speed but it's fantastic to be able to incorporate myself into the Sanders team to be able to bring someone like you got to try to study the problem of how we share this with people because I think a lot of people don't understand what we know is [Applause] all right so I'm editing and you just gave me hurry what's going down yeah so this is looking at the schedule this we always knew was going to be the toughest day of the week I'm just a schedule standpoint so basically the mass debrief mass in brief which is required for all racers just got out 15 minutes ago and I need to be out the airplane needs to be on the line in nine minutes or ten minutes are you serious so do you mean to come help him move it like well it is we just have to scribble I'm gonna stop editing for a second here and actually be part of Elliott's crew because I have the crew wristband so I'm supposed to be that split shot just doing it all it's so I'm heading to the ramp with an astronaut here okay so but in all seriousness what's this gonna be so this is technically hot laps mandated by the FAA 4G tolerancing the goal is you need three laps at speed to condition yourself with the G you can technically do it during your call session but it takes pressure off if you do it now the big thing is this is a good shakedown flight to make sure everything got loaded so you're just killing time until you're go there's like a 30 minute window from when it's supposed to be here till 1:00 were supposed to brief and it's specifically for this to like we should get out your hair and let you beat it uh no you're welcome to hang out let's go they actually build in the get in his own plan that's we were talking earlier about what's Brad about support class it's things like that like it was it's a class that was built by racers after racers had raced in other classes so I'm gonna end my episode here come back for part two but this is us right now on the ramp on Sunday Elliott is about to vote for his first flight and that will be up on his channel tonight so check that out so I've never seen two airplanes on one talk at a time before that was pretty cool you guys do that it's just another day the opportunity that's another day at the office well the two hangars are far apart if you're moving more airplanes you just figure it out time saver yeah time saver

31 thoughts on “Chasing Sea Furys to Reno Air Races! Daily Vlog (almost) – day1”

  1. Ahh, the Reno Air Races. I never get to Oshkosh due to scheduling but Reno? No problem. Thank you for another adventure. Look forward to your videos. Fly safe.

  2. I love what you are doing with your channel, and especially love any of your warbird coverage. My one area of advice or criticism would be maybe a little less of the constant quicker motion with the handheld or head-mounted cameras. I know you were kind of on the run with this one.
    Also I would beg you not to get too sucked into the trap that seems to be all the rage these days, of "quick cuts" and edits. I know you want your channel to be slick, but you are making videos for airplane lovers- we want to see the planes! (or the cockpit views) We don't need it to be like an MTV video- please!
    Thanks for what you are doing, and keep up the good work.

  3. I would so love to do things like this but unfortunately General Aviation here in Europe is just too expensive and over regulated so things like the Reno Air Races will never happen :’(
    I am lucky that I was able to complete my PPL while spending less than €20k xD

  4. Steve, we met your meet and greet at Sun N Fun in Lakeland Florida this year. I was at Reno last year but couldn't make it this year. You are the MAN !! Thanks for the vlogs of this year's event. Almost makes me feel like I am there. Can't wait to go back next year. You're doing an awesome job filming the way you do on the fly.

  5. One of your videos just appeared in my recommended randomly and since then I've been religiously watching your videos for the last month. I'm 25 and had no idea how bloody interested in flight I was until I watched one of your videos. As a child I wanted to fly fighter planes (back in 98' I assumed I'd still be in a spitfire) but as I grew older I realized we had graduated to jet fighters. Lost my interest for whatever reason but here I am… I can't get enough of your flight vlogs. Keep it up sir! I'm from NB, Canada

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