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Click on this link to find out how to pursue a Career in Hospitality Management After 12th, the salary, Courses, Job, Eligibility on ChetChat. To pursue a Career in Hospitality Management After 12th and have a career in hospitality management and a good hospitality management course. Strategy for how to pursue hospitality management after 12th, the hospitality management eligibility and a course in hospitality management course after 12th. Watch a a day in the life of the indian school of hospitality Gurgaon at the ish campus

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hey everyone this is chetna and welcome to chit chat one of the largest career and education shows and today I'm at the Indian School of Hospitality in Gurgaon and today I'm going to check out this institute for you and give you the feel of a life of a student and I SH so if you want to become a chef or you want to do a holistic undergraduate program in hospitality or you're looking to set up your own restaurant then you want to watch this video right till the end and there's another reason that you want to watch this video right till the end because we put a contest coming up they're going to be three questions I'm gonna ask you at different points in the video and you're gonna find the answers also in the video and the winner is gonna get a dinner for two at a luxury hotel in your city and let me take you right into I SH I'm here at the breakfast table taking you in to meet the academic director Rajiv Kobashi so here are you a morning are you so as you wanna see when I came in here I was expecting an academic institution and what I see is actually a seven star hotel which houses an institution so in that respect would you like to say something so we are a large operation we actually education is happening it's real-time learning so they are well prepared for the first internships so let's talk about the programs the students are interested in the three programs that you have jitney we have three programs you basically we do a four year degree in culinary arts we also do it for your hospitality degree and then we have a one-year intensive culinary arts program we focus for the one year program is to make the student ready from pretty much zero no background okay to pretty much what you would accomplish in three years in a technical culinary program the to four-year programs are typically degree programs you know and so we have a partnership with equal Italia Lausanne which offers a certification because it is their curriculum which we sort of are implementing at ISS but as well as there is a degree component I'm an Indian affiliated to do right let's talk about your for your hospitality undergraduate program our programs tend to morph into more of a management kind of a program there's a lot of entrepreneurship focus is marketing finance business design the course killing happens in the first year we call it a preparatory year so can I say it's like a BB program plus finishing school getting them ready for customer service oriented jobs across service industries you could use that analogy typically our emphasis would at least mirror 60% of a BB a traditional DBA program but it has a specific focus on entrepreneurship that aspect which is probably missing in the program so with the philosophy of experiential and hands-on real time learning and the way we are set up and we design and we deliver curriculum typically the student learns some kind of Kure in the classroom and then he goes and delivers it downstairs immediately because there is a infrastructure set up for that thank you so much and I need to rush about this bakery class waiting for me I need to get into my chef's dress yes you have change I'll do that right away thank you so much yeah but so chef how difficult is it to actually become a chef it's a lot of hard work maybe they have to be like and say that oh absolutely it's a lot of hard work a lot of long it's purely about passion and you said baking so peripatetic in nature I'm not able to the same thing every day this is amazing so I've got students and they're thinking of probably becoming a chef they're inspired by the master chef so whether this be on television they want to set up their own bakery so you don't need a very specific background assert that you need to be from sign so you need to be from commerce background you just need to be a tell 12 standard paths and then you can pursue this knowledge about finance knowledge about the town's knowledge about science so let's look at the pastry arts in Jen what are the kinds of careers that could look at one city workforce now now pastry happens to be a very huge in a diversified line with chocolate with sugar with petit fours with jellies with cookies and so much stuff so do you go on to become a chocolatier even born to become a sugar artist you can want to become these days those big fondant cakes are crazy you don't want to become a cake artist and eventually at the end of the day you can want to become a pastry chef for an entire brigade very exciting to learn this skill but the combination of the skill and the talent that they get in there so somebody who's looking to be an entrepreneur obviously this still makes a lot of difference because it eventually is going to be the backbone of the entire operation but at the same time the business aspect of the entire operation is equally important he should be able to mark in the food properly put on the relevant platforms and hence IH in a lot of its chemistries have incorporated a lot of modules wherein they're taught sales and marketing they thought food photography they thought about nutrition they thought about menu planning they are taught about the business aspect called culinary math I think the management so as I said it's an overall package wearing you just not talked about how to make a beautiful cake but at the same time how to sell a beautiful cake how to procure the right kind of ingredients when it gives you a healthy profit margin at the end of the day so it's contest time now there are three questions that will come up at any time during the video and the answers to the questions also you will find when the speakers are talking about the Institute and you're going to win a luxury dinner for two in a city of your choice anywhere in India now what do you have to do once you get all the three answers you need to send an email to the address given in the description box below give us your name your contact number and the city that you live in and good luck welcome to Isis training kitchen Thank You chef boy so what are you gonna be doing today we are doing a couple of things we have a Lebanese menu going on and we are also doing a French classic French menu are there two teams oh you just have to be very gentle when you're placing the actual and so chefs this is really a look TV but it wasn't it needed a degree of skill to it but tell me you worked at some of the most amazing restaurants around the world so what inspired you to come to is isit is the philosophy and the mind set in India I've worked at different schools and it's more of a 95 job where and you're just cooking from 9:00 to 1:00 and you're done for the day but here we are doing a lot of hands-on cooking students also cooking from day one and we do a lot of events and outbound dining event so there's a lot of practice which is there and it's more like an operation job so that's what inspired me and of course the kitchen setup I've got what I wanted in terms of equipment and everything my new they even some of the professional chefs are quite jealous of the setup we have you're yes so they even they kind of like always want to come and do demonstrations yeah so tell me chef you're this aspirational role model for some of our students watching the show what advice would you want to give them they want to become a chef what are some of the things they should keep in mind being passionate about food and cooking is one thing but working professionally as a chef as for demonic my advice would be to actually intern for three days and see for yourself and then sign up okay so we've had a busy morning we went into the bakery and then with lunchtime I was behind the live counter and it's time for a well-deserved lunch break so join me while I check chat with some students over lunch let's see you there how exciting the hospitality program yeah so actually water what did you do with something food-related and I actually also aspire to be a chef but I just want to keep my options open so I want to discover what the industry has to hold I do offer so I've always been interested in cooking and it's been my passion so that is exactly why I joined I said this was my dream course so tell me if there's a student who has no experience in culinary but is interested can they still join the program what do you think it is sort of intimidating they can join of course because you don't need to know everything before joining College so at the end of our semester there's actually two plus two program which enables the students of HMP to do two years here within two years of broaden switzerlan Oh at EHL okay so the person who tops our batch or the first two people get a full scholarship to go there you have two Julio's in Switzerland so that's I think a big deal and yeah I think all of us are yeah we aiming for it and there's also like a smaller scholarships which are like about 3035 percent of their fees so so that's a option again so on a parting note what is that one thing you would want to tell students that you wish somebody had told you before you join I would actually tell everyone that it's not as intimidating as it looks this our industry has long hours but and all this fancy equipment and like blades and all that they're not as difficult as they look and let's quickly go in a different class now we've gotta go let's question number one what are the three different courses that are currently being offered by the Indian School of Hospitality so we've had a morning full of activities in the bakery and in the food hall and it's time for some academics I'm taking you across to meet Neha the assistant dean of applied learning hey uh hi Jade my lovely meeting you I know me too and what a beautiful campus and I've had a great morning so tell me you're looking after applied learning yes so what exactly is applied learning in the context of as I say I believe that hospitality cannot be taught in just a classroom it's a philosophy or a culture that you need to imbibe in yourself and that's where applied learning really comes in having a lot of industry speakers to come and speak to them for example having a lot of student events or engagements with the industry constantly so they'll know where they're heading after the four years of their program right in fact talking about the after the four years of the program you have a unique internship model yes so would you share something about that with us we kind of realized that the biggest challenge in the industry today is that the talent that comes in is pretty much unprepared so the institutions role of course begins by at the admissions level to get the right kind of people you know who are really truly passionate about hospitality and can see a future for themselves and also to have the right kind of academics eventually the vision is that some of these companies should be able to see such value in our students that they end up getting placement offers way before they actually graduate graduate eventually yeah but that's fantastic because going back to the internships that we had yeah is you could just go to this company and do whatever they asked you to do absolutely and nobody in your Institute actually ever found out a what you did there and B if there is a connect at all with what you learned true in your academics so the fact that you're getting every student and in chip yeah and when they're going there you know you're checking all of this and sort of bringing looping it back into the academics I think it's phenomenal yeah so I like to call it the reverse philosophy so all the facilitators are actually qualified learner learning facilitators which is of qualifying program from EHL okay so a class probably will not really be an instruction driven class but would be more engaging in terms of the course questioning techniques that we have or a class would be completely dependent on role plays or different kinds of group activities so for example any customer front focusing industry or a service-based industry you could pick up transferable skills like critical thinking problem-solving being able to speak to people very confidently are things that are very very you know at the core of yeah we go done I can see handling stressful situations you've got a customer waiting and you know your dishes suddenly not turning out the way it should have so those are the kind of skills that are now required across industries now this is a great opportunity for students I have a class with dileep right away oh wow that's awesome I'm gonna head out right now for it yeah I think there's an assignment waiting for me thank you so much question number two which international Institute does the Indian School of Hospitality have a collaboration with so I just sneaked out of the lips earth glass which was very interesting and it was all about the internships that all of us are gonna go into quickly but I'm gonna take you to meet the co-founder of the Institute fellows Puri April of so gorgeously and your beautifully designed campus thank you so much so let's talk about the design and you you've had a big role to play in fact this Avenue behind us makes me feel like I'm in a street in Brussels or something tell us about your thoughts on this we created three very distinct design based areas okay to create your hospitality spaces which is anything that service like and that's what you'd see on the ground floor here where you have your Lobby and Welcome Center experience is your all-day dining which we call the food hall your fine dining spaces these are all your front-of-house areas that would be typical to any hospitality until you look at an airport lounge or hotel or some high-end banks you know that's how they put together okay the second space which you experienced earlier today was the kitchen spaces yes the training areas but they're designed in a very commercial running operating way it's almost mirroring your live environment but it still has that comfort of this space I can learn and make mistakes yeah the film space which is where we are right now is what we call the I such Avenue and the academic block this was where we brought in that whole New Age Google inspired W Hotels inspire kind of blend because a lot of new working environments are funky there are critical thinking there about thinking outside the box yeah and also I believe you're a big tech buff so tell us how you brought all of that into this campus as well so in the kitchens where you were today we have camera systems that can record anything and everything happening in those spaces for students to be able to go back to later and review what they've learned similarly we've put in a lot of beaming technologies through the campus so whether you're sitting in your food hall or in the classroom or in the lecture theatre you couldn't have industry experts sitting anywhere in the world beaming and speaking to you the whole idea behind this is that in today's day and age connectivity is pzs and if we can't utilize that in the education space to allow our students to broaden their horizons beyond the classroom but we're really not doing what we set out to the classroom in which you ended mr. Pugh is like is about to be transformed into a virtual classroom as well so students can access the lectures from anywhere in everywhere so technology for us would be an ongoing process fantastic you mentioned that some of the students were looking at becoming entrepreneurs and so what is your advice to them as they step out of the Institute the one piece of advice that I would say is key for anybody to invite is always say yes opportunities are scarce they're seldom sometimes something that may seem like something you'd pass pass over may just be the game changes that your life has been waiting for so say yes say yes to everything because okay everything you say yes to will lead to an experience fantastic I love this piece about say yes and then figure out how you're going to solve the problem always yeah but thank you so much for Lance for being with us I need to go across quickly and talk to the lip about his vision as well right away so classes are over and I'm doing after class participation with the founder mr. Dilip Cory so mr. freer what was your philosophy actually of setting up this institution clearly the philosophy was that how do you provide students and environment to learning which would mirror the environment they got to go and work in to create graduate profiles who can seamlessly enter industry so whether it's the quality of equipment in a kitchens or whether it's the quality of the technology we use here whether it's just an look feel of the ambience here so almost all of them are pretty clear that anybody who's they appear in another hotel school would never get to work with this quality of it that's true that's true also looking a bit beyond the hotels as I've realized spending my entire here that hospitality is a life skill when we looked at our curriculums as you know we are Ecole Italian Lausanne credited schools so our curriculums are very mirrored and mapped with what is started how it started Switzerland if you think about it hospitality exists in almost every customer centric yes yes you could be working for a bank yes you could be working for an airline you could be working in retail wherever this customer centricity you're expected to have an understanding in the foundation of hospitality so when you think of luxury think of working for doing it all when you think of the food industry think of working for Nestle think you're working for PepsiCo when you think of technology think of working for a make my trip Eco working for Zomato as we do now these are all technically different sectors different industries but all have a common thread of gospel yes did you look at the real estate sector you look at the events and entertainment industry you look at the fashion and lifestyle industry these are all new sunrise sectors which are the future yes so as we look at the statistics the largest numbers of young students finding jobs are in all of the industries that you just mentioned at Lausanne for example in Switzerland less than 30% of students graduating actually go into mainstream operations of hotels interesting 70% of them work with all kinds of industries like I said the luxury watch industry in Switzerland banks yes I mean credit Suez and UBS go in campus hire at your socks so from something as simple as how to walk how to talk how to look how to dress how to interact how to present how to build relationships how to communicate these are what I call life snacks they are skills which we are building in our students not for their first jobs but to last and then yes in fact in fact I go to the extent of saying that our own selection criteria for students for example we really couldn't care what your board results were you need a high school diploma right where we want to bring in students who have the passion the talent the attitude and we will help them develop the skills I think an education and hospitality just opens up the whole world for me question number three design-wise what are the three distinct spaces or zones within the is H building now your time starts right now if you have all the three answers quickly send us an email at the address given in the description box below the video and win yourself a luxury dinner for two at any city across india and keep watching the video because there may be an answer that's coming up after this as well [Applause] I've had a long day today full of tosses assignments and homework and we've worked really hard on an event that's coming up this evening it's a holy event and I'm all excited to go down for it so come join me for that now I'm back at my student accommodation which is run by coho and I'm gonna introduce you to sweetie who's the director of admissions who's going to tell us all about this exciting student living concept so sweetie this is so amazing this road looks like a street out of Europe yeah and I wish I could have lived there back when I was in college but tell me more about this space so where we stand is known as the signature Avenue signature Avenue is one of the most premium it's actually the most premium part of the eight hundred acre township of Attica India next this is a gated security which means that nobody can enter an exit without prior permission from the villa owner or the residents here it's only three kilometers diagonally from our campus we have three villas for the Moi's on that side and the willow behind us is for the girls apart from that everything is CCTV camera covered or we have a warden on YouTube just 24 hours there's something more that this part of the township brings which is a world community limit okay now the students have come so far from their families and they feel this is a home away from home there are restrictions on timings for what students can come and go another very important measure that Isis is taking is we have a whole fleet of cars and drivers which means that we do not allow the students to venture on the earth there's no hitchhiking nothing nothing the cars will pick the students up in the morning take them to the campus and bring them back in the evening you also have a career counselor who comes from a psychology background to be able to counsel students about their well-being and welfare at all times on campus super so pastoral support mental support security to me that is very crucial because I know some of the parents watching the show will probably think good gown my daughter nobody can and we have our own dedicated security guards right here outside the villas for the boys and the girls nobody can it and every villa has biometric system hey so I've had a really exciting exhausting enriching but fulfilling day today at Iset I hope you enjoyed as much as I did today and if you want to know anything more about the ISIS campus about admissions or enrolment all the details are given in the description box under the video and don't forget to subscribe to the

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