Captain "Sully" Sullenberger blasts Boeing and FAA in op-ed

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Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger criticized both Boeing and FAA over the 737 Max 8 in an op-ed published Wednesday. CBS News transportation correspondent Kris Van Cleve spoke about it on CBSN.

41 thoughts on “Captain "Sully" Sullenberger blasts Boeing and FAA in op-ed”

  1. too many computers and automated systems in today's plane , yet they don't prevent planes from crashing .
    people who support planes without pilots are wrong , a faulty computer or a computer reading erroneous data from faulty sensors will led the plane to a disaster .

  2. SMART CONSUMERS FLY BOEING the safest aircraft in the industry by far , with over 7000 safe flight per day by SKILLED PILOTS . So, SMART CONSUMER know the facts and that it made little difference the type of plane the BAD PILOT crashed. The BAD PILOT chose the BEST AIRPLANE in the world BOEING , but he failed to read the flight manual on his new equipment , his second in command was a trainee who was being trained by a fly by the seat of your pants , hot shot who was so smart he didn't think he had to read the flight manual before take off . Would you have gotten on an Airbus with this particular kid-pilot in charge of your life?

  3. Worst pilot in the world crashes the BEST PLANE IN THE WORLD BOEING , THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE . Buy BOEING stock now before the NTSB report confirms PILOT ERROR 100% No other aircraft in the world even comes close to BOEING quality , because it's MADE in AMERICA by the BEST WORKERS in the WORLD-AMERICANS . Poor stupid pilot didn't read the flight manual on his new equipment and killed all those poor Muslim souls , who are now safe with الله

  4. There was a time that people believed in Boeing. We stood behind the greatest remaining American airline manufacturer. Now that trust appears to have been betrayed. Once we believed in United Airlines as well. What is happening to our aviation industry?????

  5. The worst part is that they will not fix the real problem and probably the FAA which is cozy with Boeing will say that the aircraft is fine. There will be probably some political arrangements. Politicians from Washington State are probably working to protect Boeing instead of protecting the people.

  6. Wasn't there a fault with earlier "737" marks that caused the (large) rudder to suddenly go hard over, resisting the efforts of the pilot(s) as the plane dived into the ground. There was a hydraulic-systems 'weakness' that made the rudder liable to jam (e.g. through a piece of grit in the fluid-reservoir that served an actuator in the tail.

  7. This great personality/ pilot speaks publicly rarely..when he does it's the absolute factual truth..the manufacturer neither informed customers or pilots.. neither put in the regards this stupid and fatal system..that overrode the pilots commands and the result is for all to see.. just imagine what the relative's of all these innocent passengers of lion air and Ethiopian airlines are going through right more and more shameful truths come out…

  8. In 1964 Boeing had four crashes of the new 727, there were major changes from the 707 and they did not train the pilots. If you don’t learn from history you are doomed to repeat it.

  9. Basic Flying Rules:
    1. Try to stay in the middle of the air.
    2. Do not go near the edges of it.
    3. The edges of the air can be recognized by the appearance of ground, buildings, sea, trees and interstellar space. It is much more difficult to fly there…

  10. Euphemism to say that certificate was gifted and FAA did nothing to check any 737's new systems, nor tested with FAA pilots its validation. Jail is awaiting for them after FBI investigation

  11. This is going to have huge ramifications for Boeing and the U.S. aerospace industry going forward. Boeing's last airplane, the 787, was grounded for several months due to a battery issue that was occurring hundreds of times more frequently than the testing said it would have. Clearly Boeing made a big mistake there and fortunately no lives were lost. But two Boeing aircraft models have been introduced then subsequently grounded due to major issues that were not discovered during the testing and certification phase, a phase that is clearly not being properly monitored by the FAA. 

    Here is where the ramifications will play out, Boeing has been in discussions for nearly a decade to develop a new medium range airliner, to compete with the A321NEO/LR and fill the gap left by the end of the Boeing 757 line. This is a small but valuable market. Boeing has been hesitant to go through the expense of developing a new model, but in recent months talk has growing of Boeing actually moving forward with a new "797". But given the issues with the 787, and now the 737MAX crashes, and the revelation that the FAA is not really overseeing the design, testing, and certification, the development costs for a new aircraft will sky rocket. The rest of the world is no longer trusting the FAA to properly oversee the certification of Boeing aircraft. You can bet other authorities, such as EASA (Europe) and the CAAC (China) will demand much greater scrutiny of any future Boeing aircraft's design, testing and certification process, which will substantially increase the cost of the aircraft.

  12. But with any accusation, made we should first accept it is an accident.
    1. Then ask ourselves how many such planes have been flying without incidents and accidents?
    2. Had the pilots of the ill fated planes flown such models of planes before? Was their experience adequate both for the Captain and First officer?
    3. The MCAS system does it just take control without prior mistake by a pilot?
    4. The training to handle mishap of such a plane, is the responsibility of Boeing or Airlines?

  13. loot crate economy and downloadable content now in your airplanes ge wiz who coulda seen thats a really bad idea and shoulda been never legal to begin with… how about minimum safety instead of more you pay more you live…

  14. No safety, no profits. No matter how much Boeing updates the software, no one will fly that structurally flawed planes. Scrap entire MAX planes. You greedy scumbags.

  15. The FAA not having enough people to properly do it's job is by design thanks in large part to corporate lobbyists and the fraudulent con artists in Congress for going along with it. It's designed to give them an excuse to allow the industry to "self police" which is just plain stupid.

  16. A fact.

    USA is the most corrupted nation in the world. Private corporations spent billions of dollars every year to lobby – (a polite replacement word for "corrupt") US congress and senate and other gov agencies.

    But because all this is legal under US law. USA never appear high in corruption rankings. Officially USA is the most open, good honest and transparent country in the world.

  17. Opting for nationalistic approach and committing professional dishonesty is what the regulatory authority has done in this case by helping Boeing stay ahead of Airbus. This is precisely not the job of a regulator. But too bad for Airbus that it is not American. FAA has shot itself in the foot very seriously. I wish Boeing suffers some deep money losses over this criminal negligence and FAA is overhauled.

  18. Sully , get ready for an ugly tweet from the coward , draft dodging, Banktrumping, sexual pervert Molesting Dog in The White House. He will punch you with his TWEET .
    Another failure by Fat Donny Chump s Administration.

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