Call from Flight 11 | National Geographic

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Flight attendant Betty Ong sounds the alarm about AA Flight 11 being hijacked by terrorists.
9/11: Voices from the Air:
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Call from Flight 11 | National Geographic

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32 thoughts on “Call from Flight 11 | National Geographic”

  1. How unnerving!
    You've got the scumbag terrorists
    telling everyone to stay calm and then you've got ground control saying stay calm. THAT'S when you don't stay calm and you fight as hard as you can.
    R.I.P. to those poor innocent people.

  2. My dad was a detective for NYPD around this time and was caught on camera helping people, he survived but his friends and entire team did not , rip to those who have fallen 9/11 my heart is with you. We left NY but NY will forever be with me

  3. It wasn’t there faults they were always trained If you’re hijacked just remain calm and they’ll return to the airport… Sweeney the other flight attendant knew something was up when they were flying too low, it was too late by then… The reason 93 fought back was they were talking to their families and they told them about the towers and pentagon they knew it was a suicide mission..

  4. Anything besides REBEKAH ROTH is propaganda. These calls are to be interpreted by one who knows— and that is an EXPERIENCED STEWARDESS. see Rebekah Roth, she's on her 5th book on 9/11

  5. I have a teacher whos wife is a flight attendant and on 9/11 she was about to go on the same plane but her water broke cuz she was pragent so if it wasn't for her son she would have died that day

  6. All flight attendant supposed to use flight hijack protocol when the aircraft is been hijacked and dial a special number all flight attendants have, and learn as part of their training, Betty Ong failed to do any of this plus you couldn’t use a phone from up there?!

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