Cabin Crew/Air hostess Jobs-Which international Airlines Hire INDIANS ? Mamta Sachdeva

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hi guys this is me mum Festiva once again with all of you or a scotch or video cut topic hey it's gonna be a little bit different lot signing off would say a push they have my sake please up here but I a que con concierge had the de Quito Indian national school a they had Indian nationals in Hamada MATLAB hecho look Indian passport holders head con con GLI a Joan Co opportunities they think see I am NOT a pro I'm not a professional in that Joby research customer information are Tilly gathered by who best of my ability I might be right I might be wrong somewhere as well I'm not saying hundred percent but I've done my homework well that's all I can say to make our job kupatana Valley who kick on CSE Airlines Hey Joe Hammond Ian Scott John said he had one Kereopa con carne Keely contract basis baby ho sakta hair up gosh I didn't watch over KB baharon a parsec I had young couch logo khabees couch Airlines khabees show hello India maybe that Sogeti Miri best of knowledge Hammett was super Kuchiki basic skill but aqua G sub X plane Carnegie koshish career though Chinese subsequently Honshu Lucarelli just Regency men who Middle East me Middle East you a United Arab Emirates a Moscow bolt ahem mahaki Joe Airlines head was chaos bus carriage and keep GCC countries Quito Airlines hair unsub airlines may most probably Indians holy Agatha had to make unsub airlines in nan joha up clipper death you Etihad Airways Emirates Airline Gulf Airways a core airline head just gonna you say have met was airline Konami he'll exactly for some reason whose airline maybe Indian School chance Milt ahead you can check on Google which I like I'm talking about Q Airways object kar sakthe Oman Air Royal Jordanian Air Arabia flight by Lufthansa is sorry it it was just written the list it's not from GCC sorry escape bad I think JCC Quito you here my incision company already nama COO but Adi I have Kumari region Quito airline said yes opinions go chance date they have muskie lava India may so many kucik militia colleagues actually generally mahabad join kiya capice India me to look India say he operated Cardinal a king who conquered in a German airlines me yes with share me after him e tomu nederlandse naam via Kopitar DT equals Mahan Lufthansa ek Swiss Air or miracle I'll see ye though our lines I just gave re members showed him Indians go chance milta here they can catch obese hello India rest ahead whiskey in lava miracle see Brazil skeevy Belgium Airlines gotta be HECO check but I have to be sure about that before I talk to you guys yeah unda be base could check your penalize khabees behave of india me rock the equity would definitely even go cheaper part ahead other ethnic and risk a logo collating I don't go to benefit seventy Connecticut in your birthday hair like in a girl for influence in the oscillating hair or india mein kabhi Stockton I don't agree combination Tucker sound salary package Ohio multi-ethnic country value key comparison una cosa stubborn that has with the ei crease and retire whose Kalama Singapore airline cambogia but I have Indian School Athena but I think you have to live in Singapore Air China me lately helican you have to live in China or whose ke Lama kucik Airlines had India ki JK Manama clearly naturally Indian Airlines in yellow vocally there so India major airlines have desi up till anomaly a we bought sorry logo quick India makan see a line service Cohiba that so I'm gonna be that for you spider tag where jet a base Air India Air India Express air astara or indigo J Ecotec popular Airlines I India key is king rama VI think shorty Morty airlines hand your body to mystique Airlines I am NOT saying their names so yeah the information Joe Mary pass T so many OpCo but I have Middle East in Geneva Airlines have mostly was sub lady hey Indian School was Caleb a Lufthansa Swiss her hair for sure lady hey air China Singapore Airlines and I think Brussels give me Airlines had Julie be here two years of him now coming to American Airlines or a Canada or Vasari airline very low Kuna Indians cookie they prefer having their own people didn't keep us up Nava hockey you have to residency who permanent residency ho yeah passport hope to only go in later though John PBGC rank you openly kahu care play Nationals Cohiba chance it they just have ENIAC Airlines most merciful Ecotec the only Indians can apply so same cheese a go-go bar sake like a notch at all that would enjoy buying it same cheese Hamada yes Tojo India ki ladki lrk huh Bobby is he directed I mean he seemed at your Airlines a boost me up like courses they have except a dirty CK pass to your country capacitor of course on second your area so op definitely hunky airlines Kelly eligible hoja Jesse I got man London me remove a haka passcode much in UK commands item a UK key to national airlines have whose majors at the who young American who the man America may conquer something who can make Canada Caviezel Alou I mean permanent residence emotional gyro Moochie Air Canada has Kelly so here sorry kucik chizetti Joe information Mary pass may a collector pay up subtly marital Keokuk una is co-ops of kissa check yes I do I hope okay Apple is to DC video a healthy hoagie agar aapke paas me echoing information here is really related to don't be shy we are one family if I make a mistake correct me if you have any suggestions or comments you can put that under the video I got a boo-boo chick she say but that has room agenda he but I has shared that with me I would love to know cake on CSE airlines me a graphical friends here generally cuillère line join me here would give me a procedure her Chinese and all that so it's good to learn from each other it's good to know things right so check the math Electrify up KJ up nearly after Lee so many OpCo Abhishek RDI so anyway guys take care bye you