Bruce Peddle, VP Chorus Aviation – CNA Stories

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Bruce Peddle has a special talent for crafting international aircraft marketing strategies. As he tells it, his fast-track career success wouldn’t have happened without the indispensable hands-on knowledge and skills he received from his studies at College of the North Atlantic.

a lot of the dreams that I had as a child related to flying I was always impressed by Superman's abilities he could fly my name is Bruce pedal I'm originally from st. John's Newfoundland I'm the vice president of aircraft leasing at course aviation as a kid I remember lying in my bed looking up at planes hanging from the ceiling all of those airplanes which I built myself as models ear liners water bombers or anything that had wings and an engine and food my dad would take me to the airport and we go off the end of the runway and we watch your plane's land the noise size of the aircraft it was so inspiring I knew right away I wanted something to do with these wonderful machines this was going to be my life's work I landed my dream job at Bombardier traveling all over the world selling aircraft because I had a good understanding of airplanes fundamental to a successful career or two foundations one is a passion for what you want to do and second is knowledge I'm very much a practical hands-on person the CNA program was a perfect fit for me I saw the practical side of it working on aircraft aircraft theory so from that I could sit in a room with pilots with engineers with technicians and fully understand the conversation I pretty much know what needs to be done in an engine right down to the nuts and bolts the CNA program launched my career in aviation calling ground control I'm ready to go

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