Brazil Flights Canceled Worldwide. "Here is Why…"

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43 thoughts on “Brazil Flights Canceled Worldwide. "Here is Why…"”

  1. Sorry Daniel, I had something to share with you about 2 weeks ago in connection with one of your videos. I sometimes lose my focus and stop listening to Jesus when He is showing me things. Many times I feel like running away and ignoring the reality of what is being revealed.

    I watched your video "Time in full bloom. Serpent ready to strike." Only a day or two after, did I watch a movie called "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – Sword Of Destiny". If you take the time to watch it, its on Netflix, you will see something in connection to what you were already being shown. Love you brothers/sisters, Jesus bless you all with endurance, love, and power through the coming storm…

  2. Brazil is being completely compromised by D.C. regarding Venezuela…Hello…no territory strength in the regions😎in the means of a COUp de twat!

  3. Fake news!! We're going to war there's a lot of countries that are against us at the moment what's the only reason they will stop flights?? MISSILES IN THE AIR DUH!! MARFOOGLE NEWS YOUTUBE CHANNEL LOT MORE INTERESTING THAN THIS GUY ALSO MIGHT BE WHERE HE IS GETTING SOME OF HIS INFORMATION BY WATCHING THAT CHANNEL AND EVERY OTHER BIG CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE AND THAT'S THAT!! 🙏

  4. What some kind of OUTBREAK that don't want people coming and going, bring able to tell the world what's going on and so it doesn't spread around the world.

  5. A month or two back bolsonaro may have become demonically possessed while doing a western wall ritual with Israelis.
    First pompeo no demonic possession occurs 2nd is bolsonaro as he's turning and walking away some secret door opens right in his vicinity. He looks of changed disposition thereafter and has coughs

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