Box Success Story – Gatwick Airport

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We recently caught up with Michael Ibbitson, CIO of Gatwick Airport, to learn about his reasons for choosing Box. Here, Michael discusses how Box keeps 25,000+ staff at Gatwick Airport, one of London’s busiest airports, mobile.
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my name is Michael Everson I'm the chief information officer at Gatwick Airport we have two and a half thousand of our all employees and about 23,000 other people working at the airport only about a thousand of those people actually sit behind the desk so box for us is a tool that is usually useful for getting information and content to people's mobile devices like iPads and and smartphones and giving them access to content instantly from wherever they are in the airport we used it as a tool to overcome some security issues that were having where executives were starting to bring tablets and smartphones that were looking at ways of sharing content and they were just doing this on their own using consumer services and they started forwarding their emails straight out to to to their iPads and iPhones and what-have-you and we were losing control of our data so box was one of a1 tool that we used along with octor and things like email sharing to make sure that we could bring everybody back into the same secure environment and get some central control back

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