Boeing 747 Almost Shot Down by Two Fighter Jets | Korean Air Flight 85

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On September 11, 2001, Korean Air Flight 85 was en route to Anchorage, Alaska when the pilot in command’s ACARS message reply included the letters “HJK”, a prompt interpreted as a distress signal. Find out what happened next.

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25 thoughts on “Boeing 747 Almost Shot Down by Two Fighter Jets | Korean Air Flight 85”

  1. Um… I may be wrong… but if I were told to "signal" a hijacking and I was NOT being hijacked… wouldn't I call the controller and ask him WTF is going on? … maybe HJK in Korean means happy hour?

  2. I love your videos but again I'm a little confused. The narration says that two F-15's were scrambled from Elmendorf Air Force base, but the video seems to contradict that. The two planes shown were F-14 Tomcats from the US Navy, not F-15's from the US Air Force.

  3. This is the equivalent of saying bomb on a plane accidentally.. “so what about the hijacking in New York? What is goin on”, “ahh! They said hijacking! Call norad!”

  4. The computer graphics of this series are top notch. . .however, the fighter jets depicted are actually US Navy Tomcats instead of Air Force F-15's. . .clearly an error. . .

  5. They probably thought they were passing a message along to other planes what was happening, as for them being diverted I remember when our border crossings were bumper to bumper, terrified people stranded……lots of ppl and businesses went to help bringing food, water etc Not really something to be taken lightly imo….

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