"Blue Thunder" Giant Scale Helicopter

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Location: – Sarre Union ICARE AIRMEET 2012
Pilot: Eric Meaux (France)
Scale 1/4
Rotor: Standard from Heli-Factory – Diam. 2,6m (102″)
Turbine: Jet Cat SPT5H 7kW
Mechanic: Heli-Factory
Weight: 24kg
Kit from Heli Factory :

50 thoughts on “"Blue Thunder" Giant Scale Helicopter”

  1. Okay I'll be honest, this the best RC helicopter out there! I think it's manufactured in Germany I guess? Well I hope I can have one of these in my houses. Also if the movie makers today can remake Blue Thunder in 2017, it'll be better if they will use this RC helicopter for stunts and etc. Anyways I love it! 🙂

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