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Blippi takes flight in a firefighting helicopter while learning about this amazing machine for kids. The Blippi firefighting helicopter song is also in this educational video for toddlers. See inside the cockpit of this fire helicopter as well as join Blippi up in the air to dump some water and also use the hoist! Get ready to dance with Blippi with this and sign along song for kids about fire helicopters. If your child loved this educational Blippi video and Blippi song about machines for kids then be sure to subscribe at

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Special thanks to Los Angeles Fire Department Air Operations!

look at this this is a Fire Department helicopter toy whoo and today we're at the Los Angeles City Fire Department Air Operations and let me tell you I have a surprise for you [Applause] this is a real fire department helicopter I am so excited to learn about fire department copters are you ready let's go okay now let's check out the inside of the fire department helicopter come on we have to open up the door this yeah is the cab of the helicopter come in here whoa there's so many cool things in here first let me show you the cockpit whoa look up there there's so many cool instruments gadgets radios whoa okay for now I'll show you the cab mmm there's a lot of sit here see I'm gonna go to this one has a seatbelt I'm gonna put it on all right buckle up whoo you see I'm in this seat and there's another seat there's another seat let's count them one two three or yeah fine you're sitting on it buddy oh look at this look at this giant backpack there's a bunch of medical supplies in here whoa this is what they take down to the ground to help people whoa look at this light it's the color blue and it's shining on my face so these light lights are really dimmed so then from there you can use your MPGs your night-vision goggles and see at night so it doesn't blind you whoa this is a headset Wow you put it on your ears and then has a microphone right here but I have to plug it in first check this out get ready listen I'm talking through the microphone right now okay oh I'll show you more of that later but for now whoa it's a med deck I can pull it out it's nice and flat keeps the spine of the patients nice and flat okay gotta put it back in here Wow it was so cool seeing the inside of the cap of the helicopter whoa so many cool things Oh whoopee this is our hook for our rescue hoist Oh a hook on the rescue wait wait a second who are you I'm pilot Sharif what do you do well today on the hoist operator on our air ambulance at the LAFD Air Operations oh that's cool wait what's in your hand this is called the pendant it's what controls our hook we can lower a raise it with this controller here whoa this is the controller of the hoist Wow can you show me all of this I said interaction I sure can would you like to try our hot seat this is how we rescue people who really aren't hurt on the ground and a hot seat I wonder what a hot seat is well our hot seat looks like a jacket go ahead and put your helmet on okay and you already have safety glasses on so that looks I'm wearing a white helmet okay just like a jacket minute great a simple harness that allows us to bring you up into the helicopter safely without falling through okay so this is a harness that if I'm on the ground you hoist down or if someone heist down to come save me right that's right and I hope you put this on just like this okay I'll connect you to the hook once you get down on the ground okay and then we'll connect it all right bring you up okay I'm ready okay bring in well thank you so much for showing me that oh you're welcome all right it's nice to meet you blippi nice to meet you [Applause] you look at me ridin inside the cockpit while a tug tug the helicopter okay just to let you know helicopters are at airports and also airplanes are at airports and if there's ever a problem at an airport they have a big truck called a foam truck oh wait look there's a foam truck right over there do you see it – about trucks – they spray bulb and water out the front just in case if there's ever anything at the airport or the fire they show you it spraying water out of the current there's a trick are you ready for the second time all right here we go there's one turret to [Applause] now so now what they're gonna do there's so much water helicopter whoo looks like he's ready look at how high they are in the air where's he going no look at him dangling from the helicopter hello one of them is wearing the color blue and the other is wearing the color orange but my two favorite colors that's the hot seat okay voiced it all the way up into the sky in the helicopter shut the door oh now it's time to learn the exterior parts of the helicopter wow what a big machine oh hey here this is the cockpit this is where the pilot and the copilot sit so then they fly the helicopter and back here this is the cab yeah this is where all the passengers sit and this helicopter is so big that 14 people can be inside here 14 matters so many people Wow oh look at this this is a spotlight ready yeah also known as the night Sun this is used to shine so that anyone can everyone can see everything at night whoa so bright mmm and back here please this is a water tank and you fill it up right here grab the hose this fills up with water and then from there you fly over things then you pour water on things like fires so then you can save people wow what a cool machine let's see what else there is come on whoa look down there wait a second what's this doing here huh you know how some helicopters have landing skids this helicopter has wheels and tires Wow that is so interesting huh cool whoa wait a second you've seen this before right yeah this is a number yeah one two three the number three Wow oh let's open this up whoa check it out that's a carnal compartment it's pretty dark in there come on okay Los Angeles Fire Department huh they're pretty cool oh wow this is a horizontal stabilizer fin it keeps the helicopter stable haha it's so high up there and this it looks pretty big but in reality that's the smaller rotor but this one the main rotor come here it is so big you see it up there whoa this main rotor has five blades one two three four five good job Oh anyways I was just trying to touch it the exhaust hmm all the exhaust from the jet engine gets pushed out of there wait a second I just said jet engine yeah look oh that's the jet engine there's two of them on this helicopter one on this side and one on the other this is where it produces all of its power in one of the places that it uses its power is the transmission whoa that is so cool-looking up there oh hey look at this you see right here this is where you refuel the helicopter we won't mess with that okay let's see what else we have here check out my sweet dance moves okay anyways look at this this is the hoist whoa it goes down yeah about 300 feet roughly this is that is so much sin then it can save people by going thanks so much for learning about the exterior parts of the helicopter with me oh now it's time for the firefighting helicopter song it can fight forest fires from the sky it can stop those flames from getting too high it can save the trees save your home it can even save your lives a fire buddy fires from above the ground a firefighting helicopter on a mission to put those spires at lots of water when it lies lakes and rivers are its water supply trucks water from helicopter fight fires from above the ground finding helicopters on a mission to bug the spires out toward machines red and white or the fire fight team lion day and night it's a transport machines red and white for the fire day and night it's a fire from above firefighting helicopter on the mission to put the spires [Applause] some above the ground helicopter to put those fires out some morning about this Fire Department helicopter with you well sorry to say but this is the end of this video so I'm sure I'll see you around but hey if you want to watch more of my videos all you have to do is search for my name will you spell my name with me alright ready BL I BPI good job hey grownups I think it would be a great idea if you liked my Facebook page live show information behind-the-scenes special discounts even free giveaways see you there

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