Being a Trainee Air Traffic Controller #OurAmazingEveryday | Leo Moore

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Hear Leo talk about being a Trainee Air Traffic Controller in her #OurAmazingEveryday video ✈️

my name is Leah Norma I'm a trainee at Sand Gnats I'm in my first year of training so I've done my basic course and my protocols and I'm on hold for two months waiting to do an arrow dream course so I'm currently here in Manchester to pick up some experience watch the controller's live at work I had no idea that their career existed before I applied I was directing films for a few years and I was living in Japan teaching English and I just needed a change with career one that can offer stability and it's got a really good work-life balance and you're continually challenged there aren't many careers that you can just jump into and start straightaway you need like either a lot of experience or you need to have got a relevant degree I didn't have any experience with aviation for this so the first month or so you spend just learning theory I found that really interesting because it was all new and it was like I was enjoying the kind of game back into studying and stuff and then you start instead it's quite surprising like you can look back at the end of one week to the beginning of the week and just see how much you've improved it just enjoyed all of it and I think just feeling like you're gaining new skills putting those in practice is really funny when I tell people I'm currently doing well most people think it's pretty cool and I think some people don't know why it is it's also to explain it and then when I show pictures of like the radar screen and explain what I'm doing yeah people think it's pretty cool and that's questions about it I've got to see what the end goal will be and that is exciting so you just keep pushing yourself because you want to reach that level they want to be as good as people that you watching really looking forward starting their own course and my time here it has been amazing to you because everyone been so welcoming and I'm actually like seeing the whole picture now and so I understand what's going on I'm looking forward to just starting

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