Babies on a plane!

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This is how you pass the time while on a plane with a screaming baby. The baby was about 5 rows ahead of me and promptly threw up all over the place right after the video was shot.
*EDIT* Some folks have been asking if I made these noises. I did not. That’s all baby.

48 thoughts on “Babies on a plane!”

  1. I love how this guy made faces by imitating baby crying, in a comedy way. Although babies crying, very young children throwing a temper tantrum, and children clowning around, kicking seats, & bouncing around on a long flight, can drive you crazy, but sometimes you have to make the best of it any you can.

  2. Instead of just commenting here contact the airlines and suggest bratless flights and or sections. I can't do it alone and when they see the demand for it the airlines will have to do something. Air Asia has quiet zones and Malaysia bans infants in first class. The US carriers need to do something bc I have read so many comments on different videos about people would be willing to pay more for childfree flights

  3. About 10 years ago I was really little and I was worse than any other babies on planes. It was a 3 and a half hour flight and all I wanted to do on that flight was run up and down the aisle, so that's what I did. And whenever there was turbulence or someone was walking down the aisle my dad would pin me down on my seat and I would start screaming. This went on for the entire flight. Almost 200 people got really angry at us.

    So I was worse than anyone else.

  4. you're reading too far into this one. As a father, I still play this game when there's a crying baby on board (that isn't mine) The poor kid was sick and it was a short flight in New Zealand. We were having fun instead of being the type of people who make a big deal out of babies crying on planes. Have fun! relax!

  5. Or give human beings the ability to be compassionate to a new mother or father who has no ability to magically make the baby be quiet or they would do it. Other than a pacifier and I have heard those to not work before.

  6. Who said I was stopping people from having kids? I just think they are so damn annoying. I think people are masochists for having kids, they actually want to deal with a pain in the ass for about 25 years. I don't want to waste my time on something I know I will regret later on in life.

  7. sometimes babies cry because that's what they do, for nothing respectively speaking. it's part of the human development of their brain.
    now adults who cry over nothing, that's another story.

  8. adults who get upset over a crying baby are idiots. then they tell the mom to do something? when on a plane? what can they do? where can they go?
    suck it up and grow up.

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  10. The timing is so good, I thought you must have been doing the mime alongside a tape you knew well..but if not…heck, that is brilliant! every nuance, every ''whahahwwwwgh''….so funny!
    ✈ plus ☹ =✘

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