Aviators – Welcome to Paradise (Fallout Song)

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And here is the first single from my next album, “Stargazers.” Since I’m a massive Fallout fan, and I can’t wait for the new game’s release, I wrote this post-apocalyptic anthem to honor the series and its atmosphere. Welcome to paradise… For thieves and kings alike.


Where will you be when walls give way
When it’s crashing down, and falls away
A wishful thought won’t take you far
When hell on earth is where you are
Win or lose you pay the price someday

Welcome to paradise
For thieves and kings alike
The wasteland tolls
Our mortal souls tonight
Game on, it’s time to shine
Our lives are on the line
In ruins we strive
We’ll never thrive
Without the will to survive

It’s a brutal curse to call this home
Where the good men die and evil roams
A thousands lives claimed by this land
The passing cleanse, the fall of man
Do or die, we fight to survive

Where will you be when we rise again
When our enemies will meet their end
It’s a whisper turned a battle cry
We’re still here ‘cuz we refuse to die

36 thoughts on “Aviators – Welcome to Paradise (Fallout Song)”

  1. I love how he bases songs on video games and stuff, but even if you’ve never played the game it’s still such a cool song. Like I’ve never played fallout -but this song is so dope

  2. The atmosphere is amazing! One of the best songs I ever listened to; it is really inspirating, I will listen to this nonstop when I want to write something about darkness, hope, despair and apocalyptic things. Your voice fits perfectly to the dark atmosphere. Simply amazing!

  3. THIS. This is the mood I have been attempting to set for my fanfiction series involving FO4. Sure, there's plenty of hijinks that occur as attempts at silliness, but they're meant to lighten the mood I'm ultimately going for…I'm just trying to figure out how to properly write it all out…I really need the mood that this song conveys for my FO4 arc.

  4. YOU My friend have earned this to be on my post apocalyptic list of music to play during my Fallout trilogy
    Dude, I highly suggest you make more like these they are amazing!

  5. Hey, Aviators I'm animating a Fallout Parody Series and I was wondering if I could use your song as an intro for an animated series I'm making. I'll give you credit for the song in the intro and link to the original song.

  6. This song also kinda suits XCOM 2, where everything is presented as a paradise while the resistance has lost the will to fight without the commander. Especially since the song gets more and more intense about surviving.

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