Aviators – Waiting Games (Alternative Rock)

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The final song from A Song That Never Ends has come. This one’s a dark note to finish on, but I hope you all enjoy this goth-influenced sorrow song. “Waiting Games” is a lyrical unraveling into nihilism and a story of giving up in the hopes of finding something better. Along with Psychoactive, it’s one of the more unusual songs on the album, balancing the cheesy love songs with emotionally dark places.

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Wishing for faith
When faith isn’t real
Nothing is sound
And no lips are sealed
Spiraling down
The end that I crave
The holes left behind
Are filled by the brave

I don’t want to play these waiting games
All I need’s a chance to clear my name
Giving up is part of how we move along
No one’s going to miss me when I’m gone

Language of hate
Love is for sale
State controlled thought
We’re too scared to fail
Bricks laid by fear
Walls holding me in
Expenses of truth
Affordable sin

Mutual greed
Is all that we know
Justice is ignorance
And life is for show
I’m not a pawn
Of men on the hill
Nobody knows
The strength of my will
Nothing is real
Nothing is safe
I’m reaching for emptiness now
I know an escape
I see what’s beneath
Belong to the whispers, the only way out

25 thoughts on “Aviators – Waiting Games (Alternative Rock)”

  1. In gratitude to Aviators, from me.
    You Know, Tyler Shaw. I never understood why you were the star who dispelled all my stereotypes about music. I used to hate music because I didn't hear masterpieces. All these minor Russians rap, chanson, Russian rock. And other soulless music. I have never been a patriot to my country because I do not believe in its good intentions. But no matter how.
    Unfortunately, not only in Russia, but all over the world people are the same. It's been 2,000 years since humans ceased to be barbarians, but they still continue to be soulless machines without a soul. They commit the same sins, thus further ruining the hope of turning the balance into something rotting and something terrible. Just like in the novels of my favorite writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft. I would like to thank you for the fact that now I listen to the right music. I started listening to you with the song Mechanical instinct. And listened to everything that is recreated by you. Noticing your interests, I realized that we are rather different people, because I am a pessimist accustomed to the terrible, and as always ready to confront him and as a philosopher, and as an ominous monster. However, when I noticed these 2 songs – Waiting games and We are not machines. I finally felt why fate had thrown me here… We lose heart Swami on the same subject. Realizing that this world is illusory, and everything that happens, including the people around us – just an attempt to break us. I was once told that 7 out of 8 people are supposedly "soulless machines". But I believe there are 3 types of lies. Direct, indirect and statistics. Although these words have some truth. Humanity really only pretends to be kind, actually being a rubbish and filth. Thank you, Tyler. I began to listen not only to rock, but also to classics. The same of Beethoven at last… Yes and not only – all after all began after you with heavy rock. Blue stahli, Rob zombie, Starset, Bring me horizon, Celldweller, The Birthday Massacre , Neurotech, Mind Shredder, Linkin park, Red, Marilyn Manson, Zayde Wolf, Combichrist, Suicide silence, Miracle of sound, Fun Mode, Pavel Plamenev and others. Although this is what has allowed me to understand what I listened to before this often saundtreki some games just coming into them and enjoying it. Because of this, I began to love the classics – the same Chris Velasco or Olivier Deriviere. For all the time that you create your work, I am increasingly aware of how unfair humanity is. And it's not just about rock music. In our country there's a rapper, what for me perhaps almost the only one who makes music with a soul. From the heart he sings about the necessary and perhaps philosophical. And the question here is in including on games. His nickname is SGM. I'm really, very sorry that this horror affects and simple, may be mortal, but most importantly innocent. This is the fate of the prophet, who knew that God is no better than the devil. And time would have to change everything, to dispel the veil of the nightmare in and out of the stray dreams. Despite the different characters – we are with you, one of pain. Thank you for being there. I would personally like to meet with you, because it was you I started to be creative and I want to learn to sing and play the electric guitar.

  2. This song is still one of my most favourite songs by Aviators and it will always hold a special place in my heart. But I just saw the comments and was like "whaaat". I never even thought it was a song about suicide. Maybe I am wrong, then I want my dearest favourite singer to correct me if he wants to. I always imagined that this song is performed by a man who had already died, and now he is analysing life on Earth from the Afterlife realm, thus saying "All I need's a chance to clear my name", because he can't do it now, he'd already passed away. He can see all the flaws of reality now and even though at first he gets very sad, he accepts his new life and becomes a bit happier with it towards the end, leaving bad memories behind.

    I saved you for later when I discovered "No One will Save you now" the other night on a Dark deep dive. I just got made fun of for quietly crying a bit into my headphones at the beauty of the Stranger things song.
    But ARE YOU KIDDING ME with this sh*t son?! That f*ckng CHORD progression in the CHORUS. The shift to the major (G? On "Play"?)… I apparently made a noise like I'd been shot in the heart and creamed myself at the same time. It was so epic and unexpected my soul couldn't take it.
    You are a Dark angel and I'm feeling devout AF right now. Ima go head and listen to you in private now.

    Ps id legit sell a kidney to donate some haunting female vocals should you require them. It's ok I have two

  4. originally, this was probably my least favorite track in A Song That Never Ends, but it's really grown on me tbh. The chorus doesn't feel as out of place and jarring as it did the first time i heard it.

  5. Weirdly reminded me of the last episode of breaking bad. Speaking of which, Aviators ever thought of making a Breaking Bad song? Considering you did a Dexter one.

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