Aviators – Spirit Of Chaos

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Welp, this week’s Toastbeard entry is a Discord song! Yeah, I know I make alot of those. Sue me. This song was one of those random out-of-nowhere inspirations, so it’s a little… Well, you’ll hear for yourself. It’s “chaos”, one might say. πŸ˜‰



This song can be found on my album “The Adventure”:


Vocals Only Stem:

Nothing will prepare you for
The chaos I will bring upon you
You can try to run and hide
But you can’t escape the things that I’ll do
Don’t even try to run away
It’s my world you live in now
Now watch everything you know fade
As I turn your life upside-down

I’m the spirit of chaos
The image of evil, don’t deny
I’m gonna turn your world around and then I’ll watch you cry
Don’t fight it
Just look at the chaos rising everywhere
Game over
I’m plunging your world into everlasting despair

I’m building my empire today
On the land you all once called home
I’ll strike fear in all of your hearts
As I watch cities burn from my throne
Looking back will only
Remind you of the order you once knew
Get used to the way things are now
Your world is under my rule

It’s all over now
Don’t try to put me down
It’s better off this way
Chaos is rising and
You and your little friends
Won’t stop me today
Don’t resist me ‘cuz
You’re not strong enough
To break me down
Don’t try
To deny
I’m the king from here on out

24 thoughts on “Aviators – Spirit Of Chaos”

  1. oh friends in now the truth πŒ‹πŒπŒ πŒ‹πŒ‰πŒ„ πŒ€πŒ“πŒ„πŒ‰πŒπŒ‰πŒ€ πŒπŒπŒ€ πŒπŒπŒ“πŒƒπŒ‰πŒ‚πŒ€

  2. Eveyone saying how this remindes them of [insert tv or book character]

    And then theres me

    It makes me think of dicatorota like Stalin or Hitler. Same with under the surface. I just invision ww2. Thats proborly cause im obssesed with the topic tho

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