Aviators – Neon Sonata (Halloween Song | Symphonic Synthwave)

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It’s spooky skeleton day! That means that it’s time for some spooky music to go with it, so I’ve made a second Halloween EP this year. “Howling at the Moon” is a 9-track release with tons of funky/spooky tunes! You can find Neon Sonata on the EP below:

You can find instrumentals and vocal stems here:

Neon Sonata is a Beethoven-inspired song about an outcast witch in the far future, desperately trying to revive her near-dead lover through means of cybernetics and forbidden dark magic. She can’t quite bring back the human being she once knew, so she continues crafting an abomination instead. Maybe more sad than spooky, but it’s a Halloween tune nonetheless!

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Dust in the hallway outlining the shape of you
Streams of light bridging the endless divide
Without a soul to keep part of you human
You cried out for death and the shadows replied

I am the line that’s still holding you
Spellbound to pull you through
Life’s breath will lure you to the light
Reanimate all my vivid dreams
Come true on neon streets
Hearts that weren’t meant to beat alive

Feels like the city stops dead in the wake of you
The resurrection of lights in this system of mine
Synthetic devil, my love turned insanity
Be my immortal, born of my mind

The soft glow of neon drowns out the moonlight
A dark looking future, but now you’re alive
Flesh held by metal bones
Less than the love I’ve known
Cursed to live on without drive
Living but empty
Reborn to forget me
Creation of mine
I’m turning back time
But I can’t bring our love back to life

24 thoughts on “Aviators – Neon Sonata (Halloween Song | Symphonic Synthwave)”

  1. This is probably one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever had the privilege of hearing! One of your best!! Can’t believe I’d been sleeping on this EP until recently it’s incredible. Keep it up aviators!

  2. I love this song so much im having my Alexa device play it to me when im going to bed, I sometimes imagin myself singing this song and I just drift away, guess you could say this song is like a lullaby for me and I just adore the song keep up the great music work Aviator your the best musician I ever know ^^ (I problably wont be noticed since I commented in 2019 but eh why the hell not I LOVE IT!!!)

  3. I am so confused. I just recently discovered Aviators for myself and was instantly hooked. I keep finding new songs and thinking, 'No, THIS is my favorite song.' and I thought this was some new band that I had missed. How is this not topping charts? This is like encountering Mozart busking in a subway station. How have we failed this much? Outrage.

  4. It’s an amazing job you did on the song. By far one of my favorites by you. (Along with Traveler’s Song and Sweet Dreams) Nice touch using Moonlight Sonata as the base of the song. Beethoven is my favorite composer.

  5. You guys are seriously the first people to ever make me buy a song on impulse I've listened to well over ten thousand songs and yet ye are the first, such an amazing group deserve all the fame ye get

  6. Such a beautiful song, I'd listen to it all day. I love the story behind the lyrics, fitting and kept at a pace that makes it feel like your walking through a neon city. Great work as always.

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