Aviators – Impossible (Zootopia Song | Pop Rock)

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So, if you haven’t gone to the theater to see Zootopia yet, I really really recommend you see it. It’s not only an amazing and beautiful movie, but it has really amazing characters. And, well, anyone who has been following me for a while knows what happens when I watch something with really great characters. Music.

This is a song from Nick’s perspective, inspired by the events of the movie and the general attitude it seems to represent. It’s a song about having the courage to do what you’ve never done before.

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We found a reason to climb higher
Breaking the mold just to inspire
With all of our stars in line
Knowing there’s no time to waste
It’s the fire inside
The instinct, the drive
Now hold on, we’re breaking new ground
No one stands to lose
So I want to choose
To embrace the hope that we’ve found
And suddenly I don’t feel so alone
‘Cause this is home

I want to take the step that seems too far
Then we’ll get the chance to find out who we are
If it rains, it pours, but we keep pressing through
Nothing feels impossible with you
Two dreamers in hot pursuit
When we set our sights it’s absolute
And I feel like we could make it all the way
Nothing feels impossible today

Breaking the rules to set them straight
Running our minds in figure eights
I know we are just the same
‘Cause we’ll never tame our hearts
And I promise you
When we’ve got no clue
I will do whatever it takes
Just to cheer you on
When the days go wrong
When we learn by making mistakes
We move on and we start again
With help from friends

Like the lights that give this city life
You’re a glimpse of hope in miles of strife
When the problems feel much bigger than before
It’s been worth it if we’re having fun
‘Cause my speed dial says you’re number one
I don’t want to stand alone anymore

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  1. Lol wtf is with the recommendations on the side of this video? its literally nothing but weird ass childrens channels with creepy neon yellow tumbnails. weird stuff like '___ and _ boo boo doctor playtime fun"


  2. This is my favorite song you done. I have to be careful sometimes because this will make me cry when I listen to it. I have such high hopes for my life. I hope to be a published author and a recognized artist. I am going to a technical school to become an electrician. That is so I can self publish my books. I listen to this song when ever I need a reminder. It does it every time. Your an awesome musician Aviators!

  3. I fully imagine the beginning of Zootopia 2. Various shots on the city, on the population, and especially on Nick and Judy. As he walks in the city, he holds his hands, hugs himself. It is clear that they will be together in Zootopia 2. And that would be good for this music. Scenes where you can see how happy they are, and this music would play. I think it would be a nice opening song for Zootopia 2.

  4. +Aviators Hey I was wondering if I could use this song to make a video for my twin sister? Our birthday had just passed and I wanted to make her a video as a gift. We both really love Zootopia, Judy is her favorite while Nick is mine. Since this song is from Nick's perspective it's even more fitting, I believe. I will give full credit of the song to you and put the link of this video in the description and so on, I will not take any credit, it will belong solely to you. I am not using it for any commercial industry or any of the sort, it is only for fun and I want to make something meaningful for her, but I understand that you worked really hard on this song and so would like your permission, and you will earn full credit of the song. I also understand if you do not wish to have it used for anything and will respect your decision.

  5. This song is absolutely amazing and beautiful it's the best song I've ever heard just like try everything. It feels like the songs saying keep trying and trying and eventually you will reach your goals and never give up no matter what

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