Aviators – Howling at the Moon (Halloween Song | Synthpop)

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Following right on the heels of Neon Sonata, here’s another song to celebrate Halloween! “Howling at the Moon,” the title track of my latest EP, is a song about a werewolf who isn’t quite normal at night and can’t seem to avoid scaring people off. It’s a song about acceptance and the understanding that some “monsters” might be just as human as the rest of us.

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Art by ABluSkittle:


In the haunted shadows
We all show our teeth
Beneath a cursed exterior
Lies the same heartbeat

So we could fake it all ’till we make it
Or we could let our instincts show
You know I’m standing out in the moonlight
We’re getting caught up but we could let this go
Some are scared of the monsters
They’re gonna face their terrors soon
We’re gonna stay right here until midnight
And we’ll be howling, and we’ll be howling at the moon

With their pitchforks sharpened
Come the judging eyes
Don’t misunderstand me
Not all wild things bite

I’d love to live forever in darkness
I’m talking full eclipse of the sun
I could stay with you and enjoy the view
If you promise you won’t run
Though my teeth are sharp I’m a lover
And in the day we’re all the same
Everyone loves a fright so embrace the night
Don’t let your freak flag fly in vain
Let it go
There will be time for want and worry when we’re dead
You’re in control
And you’ll be safe now, you don’t have to have to hold your breath

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  1. God this is just the best fucking song you've ever made, every time I read the fucking description, I can't help but smile; "a song about acceptance and the understanding that some "monsters" might be just as human as the rest of us."
    Fuckin' saint

  2. Hey can I use your songs or music in my videos? I mean to make a Nightcore song or use your music/song for video editing I would send a link back to your channel. I even subscribed to your channel!! Thanks…

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