Aviators – Holy Ground (The Ascended) (Synthwave)

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As Halloween is growing near and the Dystopian Fiction uploads are almost over, it’s time for a cyberpunk synthwave concept piece. This song is a storyline setup for the album in a similar way that “Oblivion” set up the theme of Stargazers, and it’s definitely dripping with 80’s sci-fi inspiration. Specifically, this is a song about a holy war between cybernetic demigods and the subjects that they enslaved. It takes place in the post-apocalyptic Miami setting of the rest of Dystopian Fiction, and holds a theme of revolution and struggling to hold on to rights when they’re being aggressively taken away. The song also sets up the events of Building Better Worlds, sowing the seeds of an uprising and preparing to rebuild what was lost.

This song and my other recent uploads are part of Dystopian Fiction, which you can find right here:

Instrumentals and Vocals:

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Sickened by their equals
And disgusted by the signs
Burning down the records
Now they’re taking back our minds
So untouchable
They rose above it all
Livid in the moment
That division wasn’t law
Tracing in the footsteps
Of what twisted leaders saw
Our true superiors
We are inferior

Here we stand on holy ground
I have heard the thunderous sound
Of millions saying wake up, set us free
I am not the enemy
They have found the worst in me
Bleed it out and drown them in the sea

Sickened by departure
From their wicked way of life
Gods among us fight
To keep their thrones out of the strife
So they threw us out
Sowed the seeds of doubt
They made the noose the artist’s savior
And the thinker’s cold demise
Restless into cults
To tell the people pleasant lies
Our dystopian
Home we’re rotting in

We are building better worlds
For the future to endure
Kill their misdirection
So we keep our minds pure
Fight for all the dreamers’ love
Stargazers looking above
Fighting grave injustice
Knowing what we’re made of

Here we stand on holy ground
Joining in the thunderous sound
Of new resistance in this bleeding city

47 thoughts on “Aviators – Holy Ground (The Ascended) (Synthwave)”

  1. So yeah, I'll take 3 scifi book series to start out with and 2 scifi movies all based off your music and the vibes it gives. Oh, and a once every 10 years on a shooting star over the top scifi tv series.

  2. Dear baby Jesus, I'm late! I remember downloading Dystopian Fiction in… what was it, November? Yeah. This song and Fading Light are the songs that caught my attention. I especially love the string of references in the bridge, pretty much leading me down a river of feels. The chorus is *sick*, and the instrumental is absolutely amazeballs! Good one, Avi! I can PROMISE a cover!

  3. Ever had a song that you somehow feel connected to on a spiritual level? For me, it's this one. Wow. What a masterpiece. Definitely my favorite song from Dystopian Fiction. Though the entire album is also pretty amazing!

  4. I'm finally far enough to say that you, aviators, had made most of the songs I love and use as a inspiration for my story. This songs let my emotions explode while I make my story, and your voice fit so good to the main character. I love your songs and hope for more 🙂

  5. Hands down my favorite track off the album. It has those groovy drums reminiscent of old tracks like Losing Control, amazing synths, and memorable lyrics. Amazing job Avi!

  6. this is great but, Its hard to hear your voice its being drowned out by the music if the vocals volume was raised a bit it would be easier to hear your voice. but thats just my opinion.

  7. I kind of get the feeling this song is kind of the Opposite perspective of Oblivion, Where Oblivion is Aggressive, this feels more Defensive. the Conflict here also seems more Personal, while Oblivion seemed more broad.

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