Aviators – Eye of the Storm (Overwatch Song | Orchestral Rock)

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At last, here’s a song about a game that’s taken over 500 intense hours of my life. Overwatch is by far my favorite FPS game (sorry TF2), and I’ve been inspired by the lovable characters and complex settings in the game. This song is one of hopefully many Overwatch tributes to come! Eye of the Storm is a song about two heroes’ unlikely love in the battlefield, and the reliance on co-operation and determination together to beat the odds.

Background art by the ever-talented Xiaoyu Wang.

This song and my other recent uploads are part of Dystopian Fiction, which you can find right here:

Instrumentals and Vocals:

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When the thunder starts to roar
When we’re under fire
I would like to think you’d hold
On when the stakes get higher
Hold your breath until it clears
We’ll learn to conquer our own fears
Six to together six to fall
Tearing down these walls

The world needs heroes
So leave nothing up to fate
We will raise our guns for justice
Now humanity awaits
When the battle’s on
We’ve just begun
And it’s for this life we’re born
In the darkest skies
It’s you and I
And you’re shelter to keep me warm
In the eye of the storm

In a whirl of dust and sadness
You would hear my weakest call
And I’ve had your bound protection
When my back’s against the wall
So keep the faith don’t give up yet
We’re far too close to forget
Storm winds brewing in the night
Just out of sight

There’s a tension I can feel it
Getting stronger every day
Fear the worst, but keep on hoping
For the cause we’re here to stay
I need you to keep my heart still beating
I need you to keep my spirit strong
In this storm we’re in the midst together
So we’ll try to keep fighting on

33 thoughts on “Aviators – Eye of the Storm (Overwatch Song | Orchestral Rock)”

  1. I'm reminded of a King of the Hill episode, whereas a tornado hits a place of residence, and the options left for decency are a cactus pot plant, and the Texas flag; the obvious choice of an American citizen would be the cactus plant, especially if they served in the American Army.

    Gotta question for y'all; which would you choose in the eye of a storm?

  2. What if this song is actually about someone, who is addicted to video games like Overwatch. There are some lines in the song, you could interpret a little different. The "eye of the storm" could for example represent the rush of the addiction for the adrenaline in the game. The unlikely couple could be the player and the game. "Getting stronger every day." "You're the shelter, that keeps me warm." That's pretty obvious, isn't it?

  3. Looks at recent (in a relative sense) uploads.
    1 Month Ago: "Follow You Down"
    1 Week Ago: "Eye of the Storm"
    Looks at lyrics: "And you're shelter to keep me warm In the eye of the storm."

    I wonder what Tyler's been listening to HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
    ilotunmi confirrn

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